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202: Beyond intensity (with Stuart McMillan) High intensity training can have a massive training effect, but at a certain point intensity alone is not what drives adaptation. You have to be more creative. Stuart McMillan has confronted this issue first hand in working with post-collegiate sprinters at Altis and joins the podcast this week to discuss how he searches for adaptation and his thoughts on many more topics. For more information on this topic, read the complete show notes at: » Support the show: join HMMR PLUS to get full access to our coaching resources. More notes: This month’s site theme is the speed. We kicked off the month with a new member video on total speed with Vern Gambetta, plus lots of podcast episodes and articles. Join HMMR Plus so that you don’t miss out and get full archive and resource library here on HMMR Media. You can follow McMillan on Twitter (@StuartMcMillan1) and Instagram (@fingermash). You can learn more from McMillan at Altis and their various in-person and digital education platforms. His personal blog also contains some great content over the years, including his coaches guide to strength development (which I also contributed a piece for). We referenced the recent GAINcast
A Destiny Together, Matt Gees (UCB News) and Ps. Stuart McMillan (Uniting Church), 18 Mar 2014 There's plenty of talk on radio, but with 20twenty you'll find Life, Culture & Current events from a Biblical perspective. Interviews, stories and insight you definately won't hear in the mainstream media. This feed contains selected content from 20twenty, heard every weekday morning. See for more detailsHelp Vision to keep 'Connecting Faith to Life': for privacy information.
Royal Commission Indigenous Youth Detention Darwin - Rev. Stuart McMillan (UCA) - 29 Jul 2016 Weand're talking about a Christian response to this weekand's announcement of a Royal Commission into Indigenous youth detention in the Northern Territory.Help Vision to keep 'Connecting Faith to Life': for privacy information.
Episode 12: Stuart McMillan International Olympic Coach and CEO of ALTIS It was my great pleasure to have one of the most prolific Olympic coaches in history on my podcast, Stuart McMillan. Coach and I started our discussion on the importance of the rare centrist. We talked about his early mentors and even his own athletes as teachers. Coach McMillan explained the importance of developing a relationship where the athletes become more a part of the process in their training and advocates in high-performance sport. He and I then chatted on aspects of ALTIS that seem to separate them from others. We spend a lot of time discussing their trackside therapy. Stu then educates the audience on the importance of integrated experts throughout all levels of sports performance and the successes of the UK model in the build-up to the Olympics.&nbsp;
We moved our conversation to the future of amateur sport and its survival hinging upon people like Paul Doyle. I then asked him his thoughts about unique ways to build commerce in track and field like gambling. Coach went on to lay out the challenge of everyone being a part of the change to improve the sport and how especially important stakeholders who want to reform things must step up if they want the sport to improve. We finish our conversation with ALTIS's recent initiatives to provide opportunities to people of color and woman coaches.&nbsp;
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Stuart McMillan In this Episode, Dan and Stuart chat about: The quest to determine determine if the benefits of organic is actual science or ill informed consumer interest.How environmentally friendly is Organic?The Three stereotypes about organic farmersThe Future of Organic Farming, what will farming look like in 3 years?The research behind polycrops and beneficial predatory insectsThe lifecycle of an organic farm. Can you produce conventional and organic duringdifferent seasons?What can conventional farmers learn from the organic industry?What happens if everyone went organic? The Economics from producer to consumerEssential Service and food waste in COVID-19, hunger, and price gougingWhy Motley Crue put a requirement for Brown M&amp;M’s in their event ridersReferenced Articles
Stuart McMillan a Reconditioning Zoom Lab Experience In this episode 128, we invited CEO of ALTIS Stuart McMillan to chat in the Reconditioning community about the genesis and ideology of Performance Therapy.&nbsp; Kindred spirits, Reconditioning and Performance Therapy are living representations of integrated practice models that promote, support and encourage healthy interaction and a mechanism for performance practitioners to work together to the benefit of the athlete and client. It's a powerful conversation, have a listen today!
Episode 12: Web Performance Optimisation with Stuart McMillan In our 12th episode, we're joined by Stuart McMillan, who is the Head of Multi-Channel at Tiso Group and the former Head of eCommerce at Schuh. Stuart talks us through the importance of performance optimisation, general best practices to follow, how performance can be measured, creating an optimisation culture and much more.
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