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Art on the Air Presents Stuart Miller On this week's episode of Art on the Air we're pleased to present our Field Note with Stuart Miller! Stuart is the Director of the City of Savannah Department of Cultural Resources, and heads the team that runs the Cultural Arts Center.
He was hired in February 2020, and a month later the pandemic hit, so it's been quite a year-plus for the city's top art official. Tune in and learn all about what they've been up to while they were closed, and what plans they have as the center reopens!
Art off the Air | Stuart Miller Art off the Air is a companion piece to the radio program &ldquo;Art on the Air&rdquo; hosted by Rob Hessler and Gretchen Hilmers. The column can also be found at
The show airs Wednesdays from 3-4pm on WRUU 107.5 FM Savannah and at
Sally Phillips, Ben Miller, Stuart Broad, Shappi Khorsandi This week on the show we welcome friends from the world of television, film, music and literature.The brilliant acting duo of Sally Phillips & Ben Miller lifts the lid on their brilliant new drama/comedy "Off The Rails".Former cricketer Stuart Broad chats the ongoing 'The Hundreds' tournament on Sky Sports.The hilarious Shaparak Khorsandi spills the beans on her upcoming 27 date tour 'It Was The 90s'.And comedian and broadcaster Ellie Taylor turns the pages on her hysterical new book ' My Child and Other Mistakes: How to Ruin Your Life in the Best Way Possible'.Plus Dr Jeff Rediger, Dr Greg Williams and Scott Quinnell.You can catch Chris and the team live weekdays 6:30am-10am on Virgin Radio UK.Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to hear the highlights every week. Sally Phillips & Ben Miller - 00:40Stuart Broad - 07:39Shaparak Khorsandi - 13:43Ellie Taylor - 21:02Dr Jeff Rediger - 28:26Dr Greg Williams - 35:31Scott Quinnell - 42:02 &#10; See for privacy and opt-out information.
A Community Well-served ft. Stuart Miller Stuart Miller has been serving the Halton District School Board for the 37 years. Stuart began as a secondary school teacher in 1984 and, as time went on, moved into more formal leadership roles: department head, school administrator, superintendent and, currently, Director of the Halton District School Board.In July, 2021, Stuart Miller retires from his current role and we took the opportunity to sit down and look back on a career in education. Some great advice for new teachers, for new leaders and for anyone who wishes to make a difference in the profession.
Evangelism Master Class, Stuart Miller (Train to Proclaim), 02 Jul 2014 If the Great Commission for Christians is to go into all the world with the Gospel - then the chances of doing that successfully are pretty grim if we donand't know how to actually articulate that gospel ourselves. We talk to Stuart Miller from the organisation Train to Proclaim, whoand's aiming to reverse that trend.Help Vision to keep 'Connecting Faith to Life': for privacy information.
Chuck Miller Stuart McRobert Hardgainer Brawn Natural Bodybuilding Powerlifting Chuck Miller interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 33) - 9 January 17

Tonight our guest is Chuck Miller. I have known Chuck for almost 20 years. He lived in the DC area when I was there and had several workouts at my gym, Whelan Strength Training. I’ve seen his strength first hand. He attended several of my Capital CITY STRENGTH Clinics too. Chuck was the first trainee at WST to shoulder the 250 pound Atomic Athletic Granite Stone.

Chuck has competed as a powerlifter for many years and has totalled “Raw Elite” in two weight classes! Chuck had a 600 pound squat, a 380 Bench Press, and a 620 Deadlift in the 220 pound weight class. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has written dozens of articles for Hardgainer, Milo and others.

Chuck is going to be talking to us tonight about his great new book written about the training principles of Stuart McRobert:


It’s an in depth interview with Stuart. Stuart is the author of BRAWN and many other GREAT training books as well as the publisher of HARDGAINER Magazine, one of the best training magazines EVER, … if not, THE best. I’m proud to have been a regular writer for HARDGAINER … from 1994 to 2004. I strongly endorse all of Stuarts products at I had Stuart on the show a few years ago too. We had a great interview … its on Episode # 21.

To order Chucks GREAT NEW BOOK… INSIDE THE MIND OF AN IRON ICON … or to contact Chuck, … Please visit Chucks website at … “Train with”. Chuck buddy, its great to have you on the show and welcome to Natural Strength Night.

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#011 The George and Dragon community pub in Hudswell - an interview with the landlord Stuart Miller Welcome to the Inside Yorkshire Podcast, a podcast full of stories and tales from the people of Yorkshire. On today&rsquo;s episode, Susan sits down with Stuart Miller, the landlord of the George and Dragon pub. The pub is community-owned and has won a good deal of awards, as well as national publicity and attention. Stuart and the employees and volunteers who keep the pub and connected shop running are full of passion and community spirit.
Key Takeaways:

The George and Dragon is the first community-owned pub in Yorkshire

After the original pub closed down in 2008 and no one was buying the property, the villagers decided to band together and buy the pub themselves.
It opened in 2010, along with a connected shop staffed entirely by volunteers that also includes a small library service.

The pub has enjoyed great success as it has grown.

The Geroge and Dragon won National Pub of the Year in the first year they qualified, and have also won Yorkshire Pub of the Year for three years in a row.
The pub has been listed in The Guardian&rsquo;s, &ldquo;50 Best Places for a Sunday Lunch.&rdquo;
Prince Charles has also paid a visit to the pub.

Stuart emphasizes a focus on quality and community connection.

He&rsquo;s very picky about choosing high-quality beers and having a well-curated selection. He&rsquo;s also working on creating his own microbrewery.
It&rsquo;s also important that the staff know the beers well so that they can help explain the different types to customers and steer them towards a beer they&rsquo;ll enjoy.
The pub has hosted the village&rsquo;s Beer Cider and Cheese Festival for several years now.
People who are interested can still invest in the pub and buy shares although there is a bit of a waiting list now after all of the publicity it has received.&nbsp;

Best Moments:

&ldquo;The villagers got together and decided that it was a shame that the heart of the village wasn&rsquo;t there anymore...and they got together and decided they wanted to buy it as a community.&rdquo;
&ldquo;Yes, I think that is one of the blessings of living around here, the community spirit.&rdquo;
&ldquo;You need to be visible, especially to the community, so we want to be able to have a very welcoming sort of taproom where people can just pop in and try the beers.&rdquo;

Valuable Resources:
About the Host:
Susan has been living in Yorkshire for over 30 years. She is passionate about the county she has adopted as her home and she never ceases to be amazed at the wealth of talent &lsquo;Inside Yorkshire&rsquo; and the tales that people have to tell.
About the Guest:
This week we talk to Stuart Miller, the landlord at the George and Dragon pub. This pub has achieved notoriety for all the right reasons. It is the first community-owned pub and has attracted a lot of publicity as a result. Stuart explains how the pub was reopened in 2010 after funding was raised by locals to form an IPS Cooperative, for the benefit of the community.
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Disafterdark Series 2, Episode 18 - The Stuart Miller Shout Out Show. Welcome back to the Mouses Head and thank you for the download.
Today, being the evening of a bank holiday weekend much drink has been consumed and we can only apologise in advance for our behaviour.
Todays guest is Derek Burgan, and Craig makes another appearance and talks a bit more this time.
We talk some news, we fail at coming up with our six top coasters and we forget to put Derek to the test on DisafterMind, so he will have to come back.
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Guests: Rabbi Steven Burg and Professor Stuart Miller The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Rabbi Steve Burg joins me to discuss everything from Alicia Keyes to family programs they have available between school and camp.
Also: Dr Steven Miller - UConn's Professor of Hebrew, History and Judaic Studies - joins the program to discuss the most unlikely of discoveries made in Old Chesterfield, CT.
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