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Taylor Rees: Documentary Director & Photojournalist Taylor Freesolo Rees (@taylorfreesolo) has journeyed the Earth in a pursuit to tell meaningful stories. As a documentary director and photojournalist — as well as an activist and adventurer — Rees has captured ongoing environmental and humanitarian issues through personal and emotional stories. She joins us to talk about what it means to pursue visual storytelling professionally, how she discovered her own creative independence, and what it takes to find the joy in documenting stories.
Planet Service Announcement S02 E04 Taylor Rees Taylor &ldquo;freesolo&rdquo; Rees is a filmmaker, photographer, environmentalist, adventurer and all-around inspiring human. When not at home with husband Renan Ozturk and their sassy adventure dog Baloo in Park City, Utah, Taylor can be found doing things like documenting Nepalese natives who as they scale sheer cliffs in search of toxic honey, climbing with Jared Leto, dodging malaria in Myanmar, or following four young men on their attempt to walk across Iceland, a trek that ended in a search and rescue mission that made international headlines.
Roam From Home Ep. 20 with Shirley Whitaker and Taylor Rees Dr. Shirley Whittaker and Taylor Rees: Ashes to Ashes
Warning: There are graphic descriptions of lynchings and hate crime violence in this episode.
Apology: We had some audio issues with Dr. Whittaker’s connection and throughout the interview, there are slight disruptions that are distracting. In the era of social distancing, we accept these production flaws as the price of creating content; however, we apologize for the lower quality.
In this episode of the ROAM Podcast CJ and Cory have a conversation with Dr. Shirley Jackson Whittaker and filmmaker Taylor Rees about their film Ashes to Ashes. Directed by Taylor and inspired and created by the artist and medical doctor Whittaker, this film is a must-see. The episode’s conversation is important, emotional, and poignant. It’s about American History. It’s about deep trauma and the reality and brutality of lynching. We talk about the importance of acknowledgment when it comes to this long chapter of American History.
Ashes to Ashes [] is the film created and inspired by Dr. Shirley Jackson Whittaker and directed by Taylor Rees. We spend much of the conversation talking about the film’s subject matter. This film is a must-see. It is an expertly crafted emotional body blow. It is eye-opening. It is powerful. It is important. Ashes to Ashes showcases the undeniable history of violence against Black Americans in a beautifully crafted documentation of the tragic reality and history of lynchings in America. The main character, the 74-year-old artist Winfred Rembert, was himself a victim of a lynching 1960s. The events leading to this brutal act of violence and the lifetime of trauma that resulted is brought to life by the filmmakers in an expert way.
Dr. Whittaker, inspired by the African proverb, “Speak my name and I live forever, decided speaking aloud the names of the victims of lynching, most of whom did not receive proper services or funerals because of violent racial prejudice, held a service in 2016 to honor those who died at the hands of these vicious hate crimes. The film documents this heart-wrenching service with delicate and powerful elegance.
It is impossible to make it through the film without being moved emotionally.
Email for letters to Mr. Winfred Rembert:
The Film: Ashes to Ashes
Taylor Rees
Dr. Shirley Jackson Whittaker
Winfred Rembert&nbsp;
Ashes2Ashes Website (
Taylor Rees - Environmental & Humanitarian Filmmaking Taylor Rees is a filmmaker, photojournalist, Sony Artisan and avid explorer. She’s driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and tell the stories beneath the surface. She infuses her passion for adventure into her work around environmental and humanitarian issues, bringing new perspectives and deeper public understanding to the complexities of climate change, conservation, indigenous rights, environmental justice and extractive industries. She's shot and directed pieces for clients including National Geographic, The North Face and the United Nations. In this episode Taylor shares insights on the making-of a number of her recent films, including From Kurils With Love. Her short documentary film Ashes to Ashes became Oscar qualified after winning 18 film festival awards on its circuit. She is currently working on a feature documentary about the impacts of green technology and lithium mining in the Atacama desert of northern Chile. We discuss the importance of co-creating narratives with the people and communities who are the subjects or may be impacted by her films. Find out what the role of director actually entails and hear stories from expeditions all over the world. This is We Are Photographers with Taylor Rees and this is her story.Connect with Taylor Rees: | IG @taylorfreesoloAt CreativeLive we believe there is a creator in all of us. If you’re looking to get fresh perspectives, inspiration or skills to boost your hobbies, business or life head over to and check out The Creator Pass, our subscription that gives you anytime on demand access to over 1500 classes taught by the world’s top creators and entrepreneurs.Connect with your CreativeLive community: | IG @creativelive | TW @creativelive | YT @creativelive | FB @creativeliveConnect with your host Kenna Klosterman: IG @kennaklosterman | TW @kennakphotoSubscribe, rate & review We Are Photographers wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! We’d love to hear from you.
Taylor Rees: Seeking the Deeper meaning and giving "voice" to Indigenous peoples in her Films Taylor Rees, is a filmmaker and photojournalist. She is driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and tell the stories beneath the surface. Her work in environmental and humanitarian issues brings new perspectives and deeper public understanding to challenging topics such as climate change, indigenous food systems, land use and water. For example, Indigenous people and their cultures have been the subject of many films, television programs, and documentaries. For Indigenous people, the experience has been mixed. The film-making process can be exploitative. Films can unwittingly exploit Indigenous communities and Indigenous knowledge with little or no consultation with Indigenous people, and without any benefits to Indigenous communities. She seeks to give them a "voice."
Trance Sanctuary Podcast 091 with Will Rees & Adam Taylor Ahead of his set at Trance Sanctuary presents Kearnage, Will Rees joins us on guest mix duties as well as rising talent Adam Taylor. Of course, we have our usual features as well, where Alan Banks selects his big 3 tunes of the month, our Artist Spotlight and Up and Coming Tune of the Month.

Adam Taylor Guest Mix
1. Adam Taylor & Jan Johnston - Bouncing Between Memories
2. Adam Taylor - Lost In Paradise
3. Adam Tayor - ID
4. Adam Taylor - Into The Storm (Emotional Piano Mix)
5. Adam Taylor - Firmament
6. Adam Taylor & Claire Willis - Holding Light
7. Adam Taylor - Paradisiacal
8. Gareth Weston, Amos & Riot Night with Susie Ledge - Anywhere With You
9. Ferry Tayle & Clara Yates - Find Your Paradise
10. Aly & Fila with Plumb - Somebody Loves You
11. Bryan Kearney & Deirdre McLaughlin - Open My Mind (Sean Tyas Remix)
12. Sean Tyas vs James Kitcher & Adam Taylor - Mantra

Up and Coming Tune of the Month
Kenny Palmer - Over To You

Artist Spotlight
Lewis Duggleby & Jennifer Rene - Whispering Words

Alan Banks Big 3
3. Amos & Riot Night + Matt Noland - Lomond
2. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Phoenix Flying
1. Above & Beyond - Sun In Your Eyes (Daniel Kandi Remix)

Will Rees Guest Mix
1. Ugur Project - Hypnoses
2. Coast 2 Coast - Home (Marteen De Jong Remix)
3. Xijaro & Pitch Meets Jtwo0 - Out Of This World
4. Paul Denton & Will Rees - Fluidity
5. Cold Blue - Bliss (Will Rees Remix)
6. Nikolauss & John O’ Callaghan - Blaithin
7. Slyone & Jurrane - Everything To Me
8. Metta & Glyde - Visualize
9. Will Rees & Rhys Elliott - Infinite
10. Craig Connelly Feat. Tara Louise - What Are You Waiting For (Will Rees Remix)
11. David Nimmo - What Goes Up Must Come Down
12. Shugz & Reece Foster - Repetance
13. Beatman & Ludmilla - Sivam (Greg Downey Remix)

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Taylor Freesolo Rees Taylor Rees is a photojournalist and film producer who focuses on environmental and humanitarian issues. Using narrative voice and scientific rigor, Rees brings new perspectives and deeper public understanding to challenging topics such as climate change, energy and water.
Interview with Team Members of PMI Utah Franchise (Kalysta Olvera, Ellie Ramos, Krissy Taylor, Kassie Marcelis, and Julie Rees) In this episode, we interview five members of the PMI Utah team - Kalysta Olvera (bookkeeper for residential), Ellie Ramos (virtual assistant over vacation and residential properties), Krissy Taylor (maintenance coordinator), Kassie Marcelis (residential Coordinator), and Julie Rees (HOA management). They share their experiences with PMI Utah and how they have been able to collect 99% of all of the rents through the coronavirus pandemic. They also share their roles and the value of virtual assistants in doing the day-to-day work of property management.
24: Christian Taylor-Wilkinson, Interim CEO of Altona Energy talks about their REE mining projects in Eastern & Central Africa. Christian Taylor-Wilkinson, Interim CEO of Altona Energy #ANR talks about their multi-asset portfolio of REE mining projects in Eastern & Central Africa.Altona is a mining exploration company focused on the evaluation, development and extraction of Rare Earth Element (REE) metals. The Company was admitted to trading on AIM on 10 March 2005 and was subsequently admitted to Aquis Stock.Vox Markets is revolutionising the way companies engage with shareholders and the stock market at large. By aggregating IR and digital content onto one secure and compliant platform, Vox Markets has established itself as the go-to resource for the investment community.

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