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Off the Platform Episode 11 - Thomas Lilley This episode we&apos;ve got Australian Super Coach ......Thomas Lilley!Join Greg & Jackson &quot;Teacup&quot; Minge as they chat with Thomas about his early years, becoming a powerlifting coach, his coach development programme (shameless plug) and opening a PTC (now Zero Weakness) gym on the Gold coast, then Brisbane, and now in Mackay (pronounced Makai for all us Kiwis)....and he&apos;s not stopping there!  Thomas is opening a 3rd gym in 2021!From travelling around the world with his lifters to spending time with some of the most iconic names in the powerlifting world.....see if you find this little nugget in the video version of the podcast, this is not an episode to be missed!Thomas also tells us some corny stuff about why he loves coaching ....which turns out to be not so corny, he does indeed love coaching anyone who puts 100% in. Guest content packed episode isn&apos;t to be missed! Audio Podcast available on all major platforms (Links available on the website) also available on FB & YouTube Theme: Anybody by OCHO Thanks to our sponsors! @wolfpack.powerliftingSupport the show (
EP 37 Thomas Lilley In this podcast, Tyler and Lachie sit down with owner and head coach of ZeroW, Thomas Lilley.
Episode 20 - Thomas Lilley - Zero Excuses when it comes to training Join me, Dan Lowry with special guest Thomas Lilley as we discuss how he got into the fitness industry, Power Lifting and Zero Excuses.
075 - Thomas Lilley on Online Coaching Thomas Lilley joins Alex for his second Weakly Weights episode, this time talking all things online coaching. Who does online coaching suit? Can anyone be coached online? What are some of the challenges we face as online coaches? Tune in to find out!
Why strength training is so beneficial for women with Thomas Lilley I actually trained with Thomas twice a week for 12 months, and I enjoyed it so much! He’s such an expert when it comes to powerlifting. We also sold our NuStrength gym to Thomas and we were so happy it found a good home!!One of the things I love about Thomas is he is so passionate about his craft and he has a methodology that just works. I saw so many improvements with my squat and deadlift technique while working with him.In this podcast episode, we sat down and had a little chat about:➡️Sustainable transformation and why getting stronger is part of that➡️Why technique is so important➡️Misconceptions about lifting weights (including the idea that it will make you ‘bulky’)➡️Why it’s not easy to get ‘big’ or to ‘bulk’ up➡️Why eating enough is so important for building muscle➡️The greatness of the squat➡️ And more!Lifting is such an empowering feeling! I bloody love it. If you’re new to weightlifting or want to hear more about Thomas’s 15+ years of experience with powerlifting, then you'll love this podcast as much as I did.LINKSFollow Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldFollow Thomas Lilly @tombro7
Episode #16 Thomas lilley from zerow talks with us about technique of the squat, bench and deadlift Episode #16 is with Thomas Lilley , from zerow.&nbsp;
Thomas is arguably one of the best powerlifting coaches in the nation. He has a high calibre of strong athletes, who continue to make progress through working with him.&nbsp;
Thomas is known for his very in-depth understanding of technique and his exceptional ability to teach this knowledge.&nbsp;
In this episode , we pick Thomas&rsquo; brain about the technique of the squat, bench and deadlift and common technical breakdowns seen in these lifts.&nbsp;
Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to share this episode and subscribe if you enjoy itSee for privacy information.
Ep 65 ft. Thomas Lilley (Zero Weakness) - The intricacies of powerlifting, from novice to elite This week's special featured guest is powerlifting coach and gym owner Thomas Lilley! THIS WEEK'S TOPICS: 1. The subjectiveness of the industr 8:09 2. How PL & BB can mix and match 18:55 3. Getting into powerlifting isn't scary 31:20 4. The standards of strength in PL 43:43 Available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube & all your favourite podcasting apps. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment.
Managing strength without a gym with Thomas Lilley The Flex Success Podcast episode #25 - Managing strength without a gym with Thomas Lilley
We are joined by one of Australias most sort after Powerlifting coaches, and owner of Zero Weakness, Thomas Lilley. In a casual chat, we discuss how powerlifters can potentially benefit from this phase of at home training and isolation and Thomas briefly discusses the 3 fundamental factors of biomechanical strength that we all possess.
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#164- Thomas Lilley- Powerlifting Coach Thomas Lilley is the owner of Zerow Weakness. He owns 2 gyms and train/mentors many of Australia’s top powerlifters including the first man in history to squat 1000lbs and deadlift 1000lb in the same competition. In this episode we dive into his background as a community nutritionist, some cueing advice and what it’s like to open a gym with no clients. Twitch: Instagram: @hyperformancepodcast Email:
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