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Books! They sit on your shelf, on your desk, on your nightstand and you are supposed to read them. Sometimes you do and sometimes you hate them. These podcasts will help you find that next good book to read or reaffirm your love for Harry Potter. Books! They sit on your shelf, on your desk, on your nightstand and you are supposed to read them. Sometimes you do and sometimes you hate them. These podcasts will help you find that next good book to read or reaffirm your love for Harry Potter. << Show Less
Audio from the Top 10 Books Podcasts Intro Books! They sit on your shelf, on your desk, on your nightstand and you are supposed to read them. Sometimes you do and sometimes you hate them. These podcasts will help you find that next good book to read or reaffirm your love for Harry Potter.
Audio of Beauty and the Beast: Prisoners This is not the Beauty and the Beast you've heard. It's not even the story the one you've heard is based on. That one is a super-pared-down version of an 18th century French novella. The original contains way too much description about fairy politics and power structures, 18th century Pandora, and an idea for a "Downton Abbey" reboot...with monkeys. The creature of the week is Papa Bois, from Trinidad and Tobago. He will show you why regular exercise and a balanced diet of strangers lost in the forest will keep you healthy well into old age. Our super-awesome sponsor: Loot Crate (don't forget the code Legends) The other awesome sponsor: Casper. All that in the ad was true. These things are amazing. Find the show on iTunes The discussion post with all the fun links Music: "March" by Kai Engel "Train" by Sergey Cheremisinov "Usless Confusion" by much, "Comet Trails" by Moon "She Does Her Best (feat. Small Colin)" by Six Umbrellas "Falling into You" by Little Glass Men "Captain Socrates" by Nihilore "Everest" by Scott Holmes "Stay 17" by Peter Rudenko "Todas las promesas" by Gumbel "Space(Outro)" by Andy G. Cohen "Breeeze" by Jelsonic "Dizzy Spells - Instrumental" by Josh Woodward "Midnight Undercover" by Jelsonic "Seasong" by Jelsonic
Maile Meloy Reads Laurie Colwin Maile Meloy reads Laurie Colwin's "Mr. Parker" and discusses it with The New Yorker's fiction editor, Deborah Treisman. "Mr. Parker" was published in the April 14, 1973, issue of The New Yorker and can be found in "Passion and Affect." Maile Meloy's novels include "Liars and Saints" and "A Family Daughter."
Best Of: Novelist Rumaan Alam / 'My Octopus Teacher' Filmmaker Rumaan Alam's novel, 'Leave the World Behind,' centers on two families — one Black and one white — who are sharing a vacation home during a mysterious disaster. It explores issues of race and class, fear, and how we respond to crisis.Ken Tucker reviews a new deluxe edition of Prince's masterpiece 'Sign O' The Times.' Craig Foster spent a year diving — without oxygen or a wetsuit — into the frigid sea near Cape Town, South Africa. One octopus began coming out of her den to hunt or explore while Foster watched. He documents their unlikely friendship in 'My Octopus Teacher,' now on Netflix.
Talking About the 10 Best Books of 2020 On a special episode of the podcast, taped live, editors from The New York Times Book Review discuss this year's outstanding fiction and nonfiction.
#488: Your Most Controversial Harry Potter Opinions In  celebration of Halloween, we're hosting our next Quizzitch Live this Saturday, October 31 at 3 p.m. ET! We hope to see you there!
Chris Hansen takes on Tom Riddle! Watch it on our social media channels later this week.
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We review the brand-new, beautifully illustrated MinaLima edition of Sorcerer's Stone. How does it compare to the Jim Kay Illustrated Series?
We discuss how having worked on the Harry Potter films brings a whole new perspective to this illustrated edition
Pop-ups galore: Dumbledore's watch, Hogsmeade, The Fat Lady Portrait and more!
Main Discussion: The Most Controversial Opinions in the Harry Potter series
What are the Harry Potter opinions that you think would get you in trouble? That would have people flinging an Unforgivable Curse at you? That would cause Umbridge to write a new decree about you? 
Is Hermione a terrible person?
Are people who’ve only watched the movies and haven’t read the books "real" fans?
Could the chapters that aren’t about Harry be the best parts of the series?
Was the attack on The Burrow a good addition to the Half-Blood Prince movie?
Were the Marauders,  while intelligent and witty, actually total a**holes?
Was Remus Lupin horrible for not writing to Harry in Year 1?
Quizzitch: What is Harry wearing during his first dream in Gryffindor Tower?
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#292: Wizards Unite! A whole episode about the game! THE GAME! THE NEW WIZARD GAME! John, Frak, and Melissa detail the new game from Niantic and all their experiences with it. Also, check out Extraneous, where we are giving the His Dark Materials books the deep-diving PotterCast treatment!
Ep 251: I love books and books love me back Today’s guest is a self-proclaimed “book glutton” who reads in between everyday moments at home, at work, and even while she’s walking. Grettel Castro is a biostatistician living in Miami, Florida. She emigrated to the United States from Cuba at the age of 14, but her voracious appetite for reading started much earlier. Readers, I’m sure many of you will relate to Grettel’s story of falling in love with books as a young reader, as well as her current mixed feelings on big literary award-winning novels. Grettel loves backlist books, or as she says, older novels that have “simmered” for a while, and has mixed feelings on which books take home the big literary awards... so today, in addition to getting tips on reading with an open novel in my hands, I’m recommending three great books with literary staying power. Visit the podcast website at to see the full list of titles we discussed, an episode transcript, and more.You can snoop on Grettel's reading life on Instagram @6wordsbookreviewsWe're going back to Book School! This season we’re learning to read better, together—excessively nerdy and super enjoyable classes that will help you go deeper with your books, brighten your book talk, and have more fun in your reading life!Book School is part of the Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club, so you’ll get to pair what you’re learning with the books we’re reading and the authors we’re chatting with this fall. Book school is under way so join now.Thanks to today's sponsors:Over 850,000 families have trusted Legacy Box to digitally preserve their past. Their team digitizes everything by hand and sends back perfectly preserved digital copies on a thumb drive—ready to watch, share, and enjoy whenever you want, without ever needing to pull boxes out of the basement again. WSIRN listeners get an incredible 40% OFF your first order at!Even though back-to-school looks different this season, fall is still a great time to learn a new skill or do a deep dive in a topic that interests you. Start your free trial today to gain access to their entire library at!Bombas socks do more than keep your feet cozy. They help give back to the most vulnerable members of our community. For every pair of socks you buy Bombas gives a pair of socks to someone in need. Right now you can get twenty percent off your first purchase.