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Top 21 Business & Tech Podcasts Of 2021

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Listen to the best podcasts in the world of business and technology. Hear all about the latest business news, tech developments, and industry news from some of the most popular creators from 2021. Enjoy some of the largest podcasts in the genre and discover your new favorite. Continue Reading >> Listen to the best podcasts in the world of business and technology. Hear all about the latest business news, tech developments, and industry news from some of the most popular creators from 2021. Enjoy some of the largest podcasts in the genre and discover your new favorite. << Show Less

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Planet Money's Supply Chain Holiday Extravaganza Planet Money's Supply Chain Holiday Extravaganza Did the supply chain wreck your holiday shopping? Planet Money comes to the rescue. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
I Scrambled the Baby Steps and Am Prepared To Be Yelled At (Hour 3) Debt, Business, Relationships As heard on this episode:  Churchill Mortgage:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:
Tate's Bake Shop: Kathleen King (2019) Kathleen King was 11 years old when she started baking cookies to sell at her family's farm stand on Long Island. After college, she opened a small bake shop, and eventually started selling her cookies to gourmet grocery stores in Manhattan. But after twenty years of running a small business, she wanted more time for herself. She brought in two partners to grow sales, but the partnership was a disaster—and after bitter lawsuits, Kathleen was forced to start over from scratch. 18 years later, Tate's Bake Shop—the second cookie brand that she built out of the crumbs of the first—sold for $500 million.
Cliff notes: THE STOCKS THAT DRIVE THE MARKET In this Cliff Notes we talked about the stocks that drive the market. #stocks #investing #investment Link to full episode: for Stock Club Sale: http://www.ianinvest.comEYL University: https://www.eyluniversity.comMarket Mondays Houston Live Show & Workshop: Learn more about your ad-choices at
#763 What Is Going On With Bitcoin This Week? w/ Dylan LeClair Dylan LeClair is the Senior Market Analyst at UTXO Management, a digital asset fund investing in the analog to digital transformation of money and the emergent financial system.  In this conversation, we discuss bitcoin, on-chain metrics, market structure, and what to expect from the rest of the bitcoin bull market. =======================Matrixport is Asia’s fastest-growing digital asset platform founded by crypto veterans Jihan Wu and John Ge. With $10 billion in assets under management and custody. Matrixport offers one-stop crypto-financial solutions including fixed income, Defi in 1-click, structured products, Cactus Custody™, spot OTC and lending. You can earn a high double-digit yield with the Dual Currency Product or opt for the lucrative potential of our new product, Range Sniper. If you hold crypto and are actively looking to do more with your precious asset, then this app is one you don’t want to miss. Download the Matrixport App and enjoy a welcome offer of 30% APY on Fixed Income for new users. Visit today.=======================Gemini is a leading regulated cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and custodian that makes it simple and secure to buy, sell, store, and earn bitcoin, ether, and over 40 other cryptocurrencies. Offering industry-leading security, insurance and uptime, Gemini is the go-to trusted platform for beginner and sophisticated investors alike. Open a free account in under 3 minutes at and get $20 of bitcoin after you trade $100 or more within 30 days.=======================
#559: Forget New Year’s Resolutions and Conduct a ‘Past Year Review’ Instead Welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, where it is usually my job to deconstruct world-class performers to tease out the routines, habits, et cetera that you can apply to your own life. This is a special episode, and it is about how I approach New Year’s resolutions.The truth is that I no longer approach them at all, even though I did for decades. Why the change? I have found “past year reviews” (PYR) more informed, valuable, and actionable than half-blindly looking forward with broad resolutions. This episode outlines the step-by-step process.If you try it, let me know how it goes.And if you want to see the instructions in written form, visit Good luck and godspeed, everyone.*For show notes and past guests, please visit up for Tim’s email newsletter (“5-Bullet Friday”) at transcripts of episodes, go to Tim’s books: Tim:Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: guests on The Tim Ferriss Show include Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Jackman, Dr. Jane Goodall, LeBron James, Kevin Hart, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jamie Foxx, Matthew McConaughey, Esther Perel, Elizabeth Gilbert, Terry Crews, Sia, Yuval Noah Harari, Malcolm Gladwell, Madeleine Albright, Cheryl Strayed, Jim Collins, Mary Karr, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_bla
Encore: Hershey's vs Mars | Chocolate Town | 1 It’s 1886 and in New York City, a young confectioner called Milton Hershey is desperately trying to save his business.He’s been struggling for years. He founded his first candy business in Philadelphia, only to watch it collapse. His second venture lasted just weeks. Now, he’s loaded up with debts he cannot pay.But he’s about to get a visit from a man who will change his fortunes forever, paving the way for him to introduce America to the joys of milk chocolate… and build a sweets-fueled empire.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
11: Practicing Financial Self-Care In the final installment of this season’s Money Mondays, I’m taking on financial self-care –– what it is, what it isn’t, and how we can practice it to build a better relationship with our finances. In this episode, I’m taking you through my favorite financial self-care activity –– the Money Date. If you’ve tried to sit down and tackle your finances alone or with a partner and come out the other side exhausted and frustrated, this episode is for you.INSTAGRAM: GROUP: sure where to start with your finances? Take the free Money Personality Quiz to get tailored resources for your financial journey:
Taken for Granted: Esther Duflo wants you to think like a plumber When Esther Duflo took her first economics class, she hated it. In 2019, she won a Nobel Prize in economics. Esther talks with Adam about her groundbreaking experiments to fight poverty, busts myths about what motivates people, and reveals how to make meaningful progress toward solving daunting problems. Read the text transcript for this episode at
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