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#98 Turk Pipkin: “Christmas is What Holds Families Together Across the Generations” The author of When Angels Sing and the co-founder of the Nobelity Project on the spirit of Christmas, global philanthropy and casting Willie Nelson as Santa Claus
Turk Pipkin Episode 6
Turk Pipkin
What do Willie Nelson, Desmond Tutu, Harry Connick, Jr., The Sopranos, Friday Night Lights, magicians, and builder of high schools and libraries in Kenya, Honduras, and Mexico all have in common? Our guest on our next episode – Turk Pipkin!
Join hosts Dr. Chick Morgan and Rodney Bursiel in their conversation with this world traveler, author, television and film screenwriter, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Austinite Turk Pipkin.

Episode 6: Turk Pipkin
by Chick Morgan and Rodney Bursiel

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JAY JOHNSON (with special guests TERRY FATOR, EVA ANDERSON, and a reunion of the LEFT-HANDED LEAGUE: Turk Pipkin, Martin Lewis, Mike Caveney, & Tina Lenert) Harrison interviews Jay Johnson (star of SOAP and the only ventriloquist to ever win a Tony Award) and learns how to add heart to humor and personality to inanimate objects, how a Tony Award-winning Broadway show comes together, how to use ventriloquism to fool all of the magicians at the Magic Castle, and what it's like being the inspiration for generations of entertainers, all capped off with a decades-in-the-making reunion of the Left-Handed League!  With special guests Terry Fator, Eva Anderson, Turk Pipkin, Martin Lewis, Mike Caveney, and Tina Lenert.Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
031: Turk Pipkin A longform conversation with actor, writer, and humanitarian Turk Pipkin about his work, Sopranos story and more.❤️If you love the pod, please visit today and contribute any amount you feel genuinely great about contributing. Thank you!🖼Follow @podabing on Instagram for a pictorial and caption companion to the podcast. 🏆If you'd like to participate in our Sopranos Trivia series, DM @podabing on Instagram. Winners get to pick an episode and be a guest on the pod or get some free swag.All archived episodes are available, for free, at and anywhere you listen to podcasts.Thanks for listening!
Turk Pipkin Turk Pipkin is an author, actor and director from Texas. Along with his wife Christy they founded The Nobelity Project. The Project started after they interviewed 9 Nobel Laureates about topics such as hunger, climate change and energy. Turk talked about opening on the road for Rodney Dangerfield, building a library in a Kenan water tank and his Book of the Every Other Month Club.
008: Turk Pipkin Turk Pipkin joined us during SXSW this past year to talk about his expansive career. As a writer and an actor he has become a mainstay in popular culture as he turns his eye to charity work. With his Book of the Every-Other-Month club Turk is using his skills as an author to help build libraries in Kenya with the Nobility Project. Guests: Turk PipkinHost: Dan Dillard, Ryan Francis Producer: Myrriah GossettMusic by: Scott HolmsFounding AustinMasters and Founders Facebook Group See for privacy and opt-out information.
Turk and Christy Pipkin and The Nobelity Project This week Constance sits down with Turk and Christy Pipkin of The Nobelity Project. Founded in 2005 The Nobelity Project is based in Austin, Texas and addresses&nbsp;issues of global education. Filmmakers by trade, Turk and Christy shifted their focus from commercial projects to documentaries engaging with Nobel Laureates and other global leaders exploring potential solutions to the challenges facing us all. Now taking direct action in partnership with communities in Kenya, Honduras and the U.S. we serve over 15,000 students annually.Learn more by visiting:&nbsp; Guest: Turk and Christy Pipkin Host: Constance DykhuizenProducer: Myrriah GossettAudio/Video engineer: Jake WallaceA Founding Media Podcast See for privacy and opt-out information.