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#112 - Hostages (Turpin X Benét): The Turpin Family & Aimee Semple McPherson It's Austyn's birthday and this week we're discussing Hostage situations! Repy tells the horrifying and heartbreaking story of the Turpin Family and Austyn talks about the (possible) kidnapping of evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson.For donations please visit theme music is a derivative work featuring samples from Top Pop by Jumbo Seller Music and clips of dialog from Peeping Tom (1960), The Shining (1980), and Psycho (1960). Our cover artwork was created by Pineberrry.The hosts of Hell and High Horror are @austyncastelli and @reparataannBecome a Patron on Patreon and gain access to our monthly news episode and more!:
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35 - Chapter 14 - Dick Turpin LibriVox recording of Rookwood, by William Harrison Ainsworth. Read by Paul Curran.

A rich and complex historical Gothic-Adventure story centring on the murky deeds of an ancient family. It is a wonderfully atmospheric piece that combines narrative, poetry, song, and descriptive writing to great effect. The character of Dick Turpin that we know today - the dashing highwaymen and unmatched horseman - can be said to stem directly from this novel, as the most famous part of the book (often published on its own in the past), Turpin's Ride To York, is devoted to him. Although seemingly little known to a modern audience, Ainsworth's 'Rookwood' gave the world the image of the highwayman with which we are all so familiar. (Summary by paulc)

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LOOK BOTH WAYS by Jason Reynolds, read by Heather Alicia Simms, Chris Chalk, Bahni Turpin, Adenrele Ojo, Kevin R. Free, JD Jackson, Guy Lockard, January LaVoy, David Sadzin, Jason Reynolds Listening to this National Book Award finalist is a delight. Ten African-American narrators read 10 interconnected stories with uniformly excellent performances. AudioFile’s Emily Connelly tells host Jo Reed what she loved about this middle-grade audiobook written by Jason Reynolds. In tales set after school gets out, students head home on skateboards, talk about boogers and water bears, stand up to bullies, and show up to admit when they’ve done wrong. The author himself narrates the final chapter and author’s note. With each narrator so beautifully bringing the students’ stories to life, listening is an excellent way to enjoy them. Published by Simon &amp; Schuster Audio.Find more audiobook recommendations at more free audiobook recommendations, sign up for AudioFile Magazine’s newsletter.Support for Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine comes from GraphicAudio, A Movie In Your Mind. Celebrating 15 Years of Immersive Audio Entertainment featuring A Full Cast and Imaginative Sound Scapes with new series such as Brandon Sanderson's White Sand, Vault Comics Wasted Space, Ordinary Magic, and over 1,250 more full cast titles available only at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 8 - The Turpin Family's House of Horrors Perris, California. January 14, 2018. Few cases are as chilling as that of the Turpin family. Regardless of where you live, you likely remember this story dominating national, and even international news, in January 2018. The photos splashed across our television screens were designed to project an image of a big, happy family. But something just feels off about the photos, something you can’t immediately put your finger on. The reality could not have been further from what parents David and Louise Turpin, were attempting to convey in those photos. When the story broke of what was really going on behind closed doors in their southern California home, those who got the impression that something just wasn’t quite right had their feelings confirmed. It was all a charade, put on to mask the reality of how depraved human beings can be. While this case is not one of murder, I would certainly classify it as true crime.Instagram: @talkmurderwithmeFacebook: @talkmurrderwithmeBuy Me A Coffee: highly recommend the novel Girl A by Abigail Dean, which is loosely based on this case.Episode sources:Turpin case - WikipediaLouise Turpin's Sister Talks Childhood Before House of Horrors | PEOPLE.comHouse of Horrors Aunt Opens Up About Louise Turpin's PastCalifornia couple accused of torturing their children had North Texas tiesInside the Texas home where the malnourished, shackled siblings lived over 18 years agoTurpin case: Shackled California siblings 'victims of torture'Turpin: Shackled siblings found in Perris, California homeTurpin case: California couple deny torturing 'shackled siblings'California family: Parents charged after children found shackled13 captive siblings forced to shower once a year, strangled, subject to frequent beatings: Prosecutor13 siblings, some shackled and malnourished, rescued from California houseBefore police rescued their 13 children, the two parents had a history of strange behavior, family and neighbors sayAunts of 13 captive children reveal years of secrecy and concernsAirfares, fancy clothes and lavish meals: How the Turpins kept their evil secretCalifornia torture house: Louise Turpin's sister said sibling experimented with religion, sexGrandparents say 'God called' on Perris couple to have so many childrenDavid and Louise Turpin case: A timeline of parental torture and abuse<a href="https://www.d
28. MURDER: The Death of Michael Turpin Elizabeth Turpin had a fancy new job, expensive new drug habit, and passionate new girlfriend. Her husband was not a fan of any of those things.
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Snapped: Killer Couples Season 1 Episode 6

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1468. Dawn Turpin's Birthday 🎂🎉Celebration!!🥳🎉🍕👠 (09/18/21) Love ❤️😘🦋💕💕😘 you cousin Dawn. I hope your day was especially memorable and wishing you many more years to come.
1467. Happy Birthday Dawn Turpin! (09/18/21) To have a cousin like Dawn Turpin is the equivalent of winning the lottery everyday. Love you too much dear!!❤️😘🦋💕
1466. Happy Birthday Dawn Turpin!! 🎂🎉🍕👠👟🩰🎉🥳📯Music 🎹🎸🎷🎶🌺. Comedy. (09/18/21) For Educational Purposes Only. The Creators own their content and music.🎶🌺🎹🎸🎷🎶🌺. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 🚢 ⛵ ☕ 🍵 🌊 💦 🍰 🎂. Happy birthday to you Dawn Turpin!!🎂🎉🍕👠👟🩰 ⭐✨ 🌈🍕👠👟🩰
Lauren Turpin | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 09.18.21 Lauren Turpin with Boyd Lake State Park joins the show to talk about waterfowl hunting season and the installation of fish habitat structures in the lake.See for privacy information.
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