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Cult of Golgotha - Craig Williams Welcome to Occult of Personality: esoteric podcast extraordinaire at I’m your host, Greg Kaminsky.This is episode 197 featuring an interview with Craig Williams discussing his most recent book, Cult of Golgotha. Occult of Personality podcast is made possible by you, the listeners, and by the subscribers to, our membership site. Our guest tonight is Craig Williams, returning to the show to discuss his most recent book, Cult of Golgotha, available from Anathema Publishing Ltd."Cult of Golgotha presents a mysterious and strange glimpse into a creative occult current of revealed gnostic expression: the alchemical cross-pollination of Tantric Physics and Esoteric Voudon. Gnostic Bishop Craig Williams reveals a systematic vista of quantum exploration within the Womb of the Dark Goddess and Her web-like reach into the elemental world of gnostic Voudon. "This text reveals the insidious Archonic Systems of Control which endangers the psyche and spirit of contemporary consciousness severing the individual from the chaotic and daemonic world of the Soul… This text expresses glimpses of a unique vision for escaping the Archonic forces impinging upon the mind-body of contemporary mankind and the vital role that the Awakened Dead play in the liberation of human consciousness from Ahrimaic manipulation." Craig Williams has delivered another occult classic! Cult of Golgotha is one of the more unique expressions of high occult strangeness that I’ve ever read. Hearkening back to the works of Michael Bertiaux and Kenneth Grant, Williams takes his readers into the heart of magical development by demonstrating the creative vision required to journey to the liminal realms and bring forth transformative potential. From Tantra to Voudon to the heart of western esotericism, Cult of Golgotha stretches both the esoteric landscape and the mind of the reader by introducing systems of occult science designed to awaken and liberate the practitioner using a variety of methods. The text also emphasizes the mental shackles that bind us and prevent our freedom. These systems of control and the methods to escape them deserve much greater study and attention. Be sure to get your copy of this wonderful book from Anathema Publishing Ltd. before it sells out.Practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, Vedic sciences, gnostic spirituality, and martial arts, Craig Williams is also the author of Cave of The Numinous: Tantric Physics vol. I and Entering the Desert: Pilgrimage to the Hinterland of the Soul, as well as numerous articles on health, martial arts, and authentic initiation in the Kali Yuga.The intro music is “Awakening” by Paul Avgerinos and the outro music is “Dark Secret” by VSTRS.In the Chamber of Reflection, Craig Williams and I continue the interview delving deeply into discussions of tantra, magical yogic practices, systems of control, and much more! If you enjoyed the first half of this interview, be sure to listen to that exclusive recording at I’d like to remind you that although you’re able to listen to this podcast at no charge, it costs time and money to create. We ask you to support our efforts and the creation of future podcasts by joining the membership section at or subscribing via Patreon at And if you’re already supporting the show or have done so in the past – my heartfelt thanks and I salute you!Thanks for listening and until next time . . . <a...
Craig Williams of Cisco Talos on Proxyware Interview LinksCraig is on Twitter, but his OpSec is pretty tight so good luck getting that follow back.You can read up on Cisco Talos, and check their most recent on proxyware here.Rapid Rundown LinksCheck out the Bleeping Computer story on the ATM robbers.Back in 2016, Rapid7's Weston Hecker demonstrated some EMV attacks.But that doesn't matter because about half of all U.S. gas stations still don't operate with EMV payment.Like the show? Want to keep Jen and Tod in the podcasting business? Feel free to rate and review with your favorite podcast purveyor, like Apple Podcasts.
Craig Williams: Building PYB's 'Sixth Man' Center This edition of the Beyond Basketball Podcast features Craig T. Williams, Founder and CEO of Pride Enterprises, Inc. Williams has a unique connection to PYB in that he and his company are completing the construction work for the 100,000 square foot Alan Horwitz ‘Sixth Man’ Center that breaks ground in December of 2021. Craig, Kenny, and Seth touch on a variety of topics that include the importance of PYB’s Black Empowerment and Participation Plan, emphasizing the need for young people of color to pursue a career in the skilled trades, as well as the powerful connection between Pride Enterprises and Philadelphia Youth Basketball.
Sept 3, 2021: Columbus HSFC Craig Williams & Ernest Hausemann Craig Williams, the head coach of the Columbus high school football team, comes on to talk his team's win over Norfolk after an opening week loss to Central. He gives his thought on star player & Nebraska recruit Ernest Hausmann. Hausmann then joins the call to talk his season so far and how his journey has prepared him to play at Nebraska.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Craig Williams: The Muni - 08/27/2021 See for privacy information.
Craig Williams on Bensley (19/8/21) Jockey Craig Williams joined Andrew Bensley to chat about how Instant Celebrity went at the jump outs at Pakenham this morning
8.16.21 – Craig Williams, Excalibur Pest Control -The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler 8.16.21 &#8211; Craig Williams, Excalibur Pest Control -The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler   Join us as we welcome Craig Williams, owner of Excalibur Pest Control and host of The Homeowners Show, to our [...]
DAVID DE LA HAYE, BYRON WESTBROOK, IAN WILLIAM CRAIG. CITR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in a snack sized format. Dark Ambient. Drone. Field Recordings. Noise. Sound Art. Or something.Tonight's broadcast features DAVID DE LA HAYE, BYRON WESTBROOK, and IAN WILLIAM CRAIG.
J. Craig Williams - Litigation: Almost Live from LegalTech West Coast Join Law Technology Now host and Editor-in-Chief of Law Technology News, Monica Bay, with six experts, who presented at LegalTech West Coast 2008, as part of the "FutureTech" track. The panel featured six industry leaders who each looked forward to the changing world of our legal technology community. From e-discovery to leadership, each expert shared his or her vision of what's in our FutureTech and now you can listen to each in six separate podcasts sponsored by BlueArc right here!

J. Craig Williams, Partner, The Williams Lindberg Law Firm: Litigation -- How technology is leveling the proverbial playing field, allowing smaller firms to compete with the biggest.
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