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Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Authority amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.

👉What Could Be Different When You Are An Irresistible Highly Paid Authority In Your Field?

When you align your superpower and craft a magnetic message, positioned on your authentic authority platform you will fina… Continue Reading >>
Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Authority amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.

👉What Could Be Different When You Are An Irresistible Highly Paid Authority In Your Field?

When you align your superpower and craft a magnetic message, positioned on your authentic authority platform you will finally gain momentum and be seen the authority who is...

⭐the “top-of-mind” expert who people know can solve their problem...
⭐irresistible to their dream clients...
⭐scaling their business so they impact the lives of more people without feeling overwhelmed all the time...
⭐highly-paid for doing what they love...
⭐consistently delivering a magnetic message that creates an unending flow of perfect opportunities...

Create more VISIBILITY, AUTHORITY, EXPOSURE. Add in a BOLD MINDSET and COLLABORATION and you’ll finally gain momentum in the market, scale and grow!

HEAD TO for resources and how Melanie can help YOU become a highly paid authority you've been dreaming of!

📑 FREE GUIDE - 8 Proven Steps To Eliminate "Best-Kept Secret Mode" and Be A Highly Paid Authority

📋 FREE CHECKLIST - 17 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Podcast Guesting & Talks That Are Costing You Leads & Clients << Show Less
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Episode 259: Transform Your First Draft Into A Great Book with Dan Janal Learn How To Transform Your Mess Into A Message That Attracts Buyers
Got a book in your head and can’t write it fast enough? It seems that the biggest block to getting your first draft written is often the noise in your head! Having your own book is a powerful credibility booster (not to mention it's an easy way to get booked on HOT podcasts and get paid speaking opportunities.)

My guest Dan Janal has helped thousands of experts write and publish their books and the first step to a successful book is writing a great first draft. He joins me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 259 to share his “great first draft” checklist!

Key Takeaways
- [4:11] How writing a book is a lot like putting puzzle pieces together
- [6:59] The importance of writing a first draft of your book
- [11:01] Dan talks about the negative impact of comparing your topic to other books in the market
- [12:12] How to tease out important stories that establish credibility in your book
- [17:15] Dan talks through his “great first draft” checklist
- [28:39] The head games people play on themselves that keep their book from getting written  

Check out the podcast on the website and dive into more resources.
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Top Snippets from Amplify Your Success
Bad podcast pitches  (and how to fix this fast.) Get clear on what is the outcome you want from your podcast guest appearances. Improving SEO? Increasing membership numbers? Increasing your network? Launching a new service? Getting clear on your "why" is very important.
How Clarity Helped My Client Double His Rates How clarity helped my client double his rates (which will double his revenue) in the first 6 weeks of working together. Clarity creates confidence and momentum to amplify your reach and revenue from your offers.
The events that caused Chris to move from podcasting and local events to creating a global podcasting expo. Backstory: What was the catalyst that got Chris into the podcasting event space? He started early, not happy with how TV programming was done, and knowing he could do it better. As you'll hear, it escallated rapidly from here, lol
The simplest way to partner and benefit, even if you don’t have a big list. Partner and Benefit. A simple Freebie swap. Promote each other. Keep it simple. Share swipe copy so you don't have to make anything up from scratch. Easy and low maintenance for both parties.
Who should you intentionally cultivate a relationship with (and yes, your competitors too.) Learn to cultivate opportunities. Discover what is possible when you are being intentional and taking action regularly to cultivate relationships.
The truth about doing things you HAVE to do but don’t love (and how to balance) You need tro do things you don't like, but they will lead you to spend more time in your Superpower. I personally don't like hiring people. It drains me. BUT...if I need to, it means I need to free ME up to spend more time in MY Superpower.
How Writing A Book Is A Lot Like Putting Puzzle Pieces Together Dan Janal shares his skill of taking a ton of puzzle pieces together and bringing it into order. He loves to take a ton of ideas and create a coherent book that makes people want to hire you. Writing a book is a lot like putting puzzle pieces together!
The difference between being your thoughts and noticing your thoughts Once you decide you're not your thoughts, but your thoughts are energy patterns, and tools. What tools do I need to make myself feel better? What tools do I need for this job? To create this webinar? Choose your tools.
The importance of mindset to amplifying your impact via your superpower. One of the most amazing things you can do is the mindset work. Every new level is a new devil, lol. You need to do the mindset work to really own and claim your superpower. What am I believing about myself, and my work? Where am I letting fear make my decisions? Mindset is going to be a key component.
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Amplify Your Success Podcast Fan Favorites A collection of our listener's favorites, most downloaded topics and most shared episodes. You'll find tips and strategies around:

>> Boosting your authority to break free of "best-kept secret syndrome"
>> Shattering revenue limits and fears that hold you back
>> Tap into what's working RIGHT NOW to attract leads and increase sales
>> Collaboration strategies that transform competitors into your #1 lead source
Amplify Your Success
Amplify Your Business [Marketing, Mindset, Messaging, Authority & More] A playlist to share some entrepreneurs, podcasts, and audio that will help YOU become a highly paid authority.

I love sharing tips to do with:
-attracting your ideal client
-increasing sales

And more.

Of course I have more resources and tips at

Every business is at a different stage in their evolution. Whether your priority is boosting cash flow, dialing in your messaging to attract your ideal client, or clarity for confidence and momentum, my programs will help align your business with your superpower, become a highly paid expert in your industry and be the GO-TO authority where opportunities flood in.

I hope this playlist, and my resources and programs help you achieve your dreams faster! Melanie
Amplify Your Success
Newest Audio
Episode 294: How to Scale Your Business With A Profitable Membership Program with Lisa Princic When you are ready to scale your business impact (and grow your income beyond the early six figures), you’ll be looking at leveraged offerings. One very profitable and scalable offering is membership programs – access to knowledge, training, and coaching for a fee. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 294, Lisa Princic joins me to discuss how to identify the best membership program to offer your community (and shares some current strategies she’s testing right with her offerings!) Join us in the Amplify Your Authority FREE Facebook Group to learn more strategies to stop being a best-kept secret and stand out as an industry go-to authority. Key Takeaways [5:00] What a membership program really is and how to simplify setting up for your business. [6:43] The different types of membership programs that sell well right now. [10:15] Features that make a member want to stay longer (this might surprise you!) [13:25] Knowing where your membership fits into your other offerings (and why this is important to designing one that works well for your business.) [17:46] The best way to price your membership program. [20:39] Lisa shares some of what’s working right now when launching a membership program. [26:35] The importance of positioning in your membership program’s long-term success. [31:47] What Lisa discovered about niching down (and why she wished she would have done this much sooner.) About the Guest Lisa Princic is the owner of Scaling Deep. Over the last 12 years, she has helped hundreds of impact-driven business owners dive deep into their unique value and business models to build sustainable & profitable brands. Lisa helps coaches, consultants and professionals become thought leaders and increase their impact and wealth with membership programs. A staunch believer in business simplicity and intention, she helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore. Lisa loves a challenge with adventure and can often be found skiing or biking in the coastal mountains of BC.   Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Get Lisa’s App, Discover Melanie’s 7 Step Framework to Add Another 6 Figures to Your Business by Leveraging Other People’s Platforms.
Episode 293: Identify the Black Hole Profit Drains In Your Business with Amy Rose Herrick Most business owners know they need to make a profit, pay taxes and protect their assets. But, there are hundreds of profit drains lurking in your day to day operations that could be plugged up – and that adds profit to your bottom line! From your podcast equipment to how you title your assets to common misconceptions about the timing of protecting your IP, these small profit drains can add up fast!

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 293, I talk with Amy Rose Herrick, a small business profit-building specialist, about small changes to make that will boost profits in your business.

Join us in the Amplify Your Authority FREE Facebook Group to learn more strategies to stop being a best-kept secret and stand out as an industry go-to authority.

Key Takeaways
[5:17] The profit black holes that negatively impact entrepreneurs.
[7:21] The 1% rule and how to use it to evaluate your financial profits.
[7:39] The Rule of 10 for property owners.
[11:54] How the multiplier effect plays out over the long term effect on your business investments.
[14:32] The best way to plan for unplannable business interruptions that could shut down earning capability.
[21:17] What the cost-effective Trifecta approach is for domain trademarks and logo design.
[24:32] Amy discusses the best way to title your assets so you don’t waste time or money.
[27:02] What depreciating assets are and how to apply this to your podcast (Hint: you are probably doing this backwards, Amy says.)
Episode 292: Impact The World by First Focusing on Your Mindset Growth with Spencer Snakard If you’ve got a really big vision of how you can make a positive impact in the world, you’ll need to have some new power tools in your mindset growth toolbox.

When you are a thought leader or change maker, you’ll be navigating new terrain, setting goals that feel way bigger than you feel capable of, making decisions without a lot of clarity, and learning to trust others to help you grow.

Being a world-changer requires inner fundamentals that most entrepreneurs have not yet developed.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 292, I talk with Spencer Snakard, an expert in helping women leaders become world-changers, about the 3 inner fundamentals required to make big transformation happen on the planet.

[4:59] What ontology is and how it drives doing versus being in humans.
[6:44] Spencer outlines the 3 fundamentals of world-changers who are actually making good money AND making a big impact.
[7:39] Why being out of alignment becomes a goal saboteur.
[13:30] Spencer explains alignment and why survival plays such a big part of our motivation system.
[16:34] What our identity is, and why it becomes such a powerful force (both positively and negatively.)
[20:49] What an Upper Limit Safety Barrier is (and how to know if this is happening in your life)
[27:01] How a mindset coach works in comparison to a strategy coach (and when you need to work with each of them.)
[36:33] Spencer shares a powerful insight about how her past challenges and failures became a powerful catalyst for becoming who she is today.
Episode 291: Why You Want To Elevate your Money Story As entrepreneurs, our ability to produce consistent revenue is heavily influenced by our mindset. Beliefs, cultural norms, childhood conditioning, and even our current world events all factor into our story about money and success. In my experience, you tell a story about the financial results you currently have, and that story locks you into a pattern that can be hard to break… …unless you learn how to elevate your money story so that you increase your capacity to receive money.

On episode 291 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, hear my story about raising my money game as a business owner and why it is advantageous for you to improve your own internal dialogue about being prosperous. Join us in the Amplify Your Authority Facebook Group as I go live each Wednesday with “#AskMelanieLive” to unpack all 7 of the steps in my 7 Step Plan to Get Booked, Get Leads and Get 5 Figure Clients!

Key Takeaways
[3:48] Why your money story is playing a key role in your financial success.
[5:31] Your money story is like your internal program that runs on autopilot.
[7:27] What forms our money stories (how your childhood and world conditioning factors in.)
[11:22] Examples of typical money stories that keep entrepreneurs stuck in scarcity, struggle or working too hard.
[17:16] If you are the writer of your destiny, how do you pick the money story you do want?  

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Amplify Your Authority Inner Circle MoneyDNA Mastery 2.0 VIP Expansion Days
Episode 290: Using Your Business to Build Personal Wealth with Erinn Bridgman Your business is a wealth building asset that is probably being underutilized! Whether you have a 7 figure business with massive profits or are just getting started, knowing that your business should help you build your personal wealth will help you make much better decisions. From how you price your offerings to how you pay yourself, your business can become a key factor in building wealth – or it can be a time-trap that keeps you stuck in working way too hard for too little results. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 290, I talk with Erinn Bridgman about how to elevate the potential in your business through her five steps to leveraging your business revenue to build your own personal wealth. Join us in the Amplify Your Authority FREE Facebook Group to learn more strategies to stop being a best-kept secret and stand out as an industry go-to authority. Key Takeaways [4:29] Erinn and Melanie share some favorite travel destinations. [6:33] What the catalyst was behind Erinn’s move from her photography business to creating real wealth (then teaching it.) Listen in for Erinn’s huge mindset tip about not letting her reality limit her potential. [10:58] How your goals drive your decisions (and the importance of setting the right goals.) [14:19] How to drive profits (not just revenue) and the importance of paying yourself a salary. [19:35] A common excuse, especially for women, that ends up being a barrier to building wealth. [25:26] Erinn’s 5 principles of building personal wealth from your business. [25:41] Matt shares a few tips about structuring survey questions and keeping conversational tone in mind. [28:43] Two distinctions on lifestyle that will radically shift your perspective. [31:57] Erinn shares a life altering realization about leaning into her intuition.   About the Guest As a money management and mindset coach, Erinn Bridgman empowers female entrepreneurs to design a business that is not just ‘profitable’, but actually grows their personal wealth. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Erinn cut her chops by scaling her photography business to over six figures in under two years, affording her the capital to begin funding the real estate empire she and her husband now run. Ever passionate about supporting women as they uncover their own potential and earning power, Erinn supports female business owners to not just ‘scale their business’ but to use it as a means for building personal wealth. When she’s not working with clients or finding her next investment property, Erinn can likely be found vacationing around the world and spending quality time with friends, her husband and daughter, Ava.   Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Get Erinn’s Wealthy Woman Checklist as her gift to you. Discover Melanie’s 7 Step Framework to Add Another 6 Figures to Your Business by Leveraging Other People’s Platforms.
Episode 289: How to Create Pattern Interrupting Content That Converts with Kathryn Thompson If you market your business online, chances are you’ve noticed that traditional content marketing doesn’t work anymore. Perfectly curated social media feeds and well-designed short videos may get lots of likes but they aren’t attracting paying clients. In order to stand out and win the sale, you’ve got to stop blending in and doing what everyone else is doing online. You need pattern interrupting content that moves people out of their routines and into recognizing what they need most – and that is something they might not even recognize yet.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 289, I talk with Kathryn Thompson about the kind of content that is working best right now, and how to create messages that actually produce ideal leads.

Key Takeaways
[4:39] Why traditional content just isn’t working very well in the market right now.
[7:29] The importance of breaking patterns in your messaging so it doesn’t get ignored.
[10:44] Why popular strategies like Reels and TikTok give you an illusion of visibility but may not really attract clients.
[14:06] The challenge with lower vibration marketing that uses lots of scarcity. [18:40] What pattern interrupting content really is and how it works.
[22:00] Melanie and Kathryn discuss two examples of pattern interrupting content that they created for Melanie’s Guest Expert System launch.
[27:21] Why people are craving real and raw content over perfectly curated social media feeds.
[34:13] Kathryn reveals how her bold move was to stop doing what all the experts were doing and trust her 20+ years of marketing experience.
Episode 288: Using Surveys The Right Way to Retain Customers for Life with Matt Champagne You have probably heard how valuable it is to survey your customer base to understand what their real needs are. But if you don’t ask the right questions, you might not get the full value from the survey process. Surveys can not only provide valuable marketing data, when used in the right part of your marketing process, they can actually help you engage your prospects, deepen their desire to hire or buy from you, and even continue to use your offerings year after year. Sounds like a dream come true, right? On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 288, I talk with Matt Champagne about the most effective ways to use surveys to engage your audience and develop a stronger relationship with your customers.

Key Takeaways
[7:39] Matt reveals the problem with scarcity marketing tactics that are popular with online marketers.
[9:49] What the “survey mindset” is and how using this thought process will shift how you use surveys with your customer base.
[11:44] How to use surveys to increase your webinar effectiveness.
[14:03] The importance of using surveys with your live event attendees to increase sales and attendance.
[18:33] Matt discusses how Robert Cialdini’s teachings from his book, Influence, were so misunderstood (and why it messes up your marketing.)
[23:37] The problem with most people’s survey questions.
[25:41] Matt shares a few tips about structuring survey questions and keeping conversational tone in mind.
[30:43] The one question you should never ask of your webinar or live event attendees (and why it's not helpful.)
[38:20] Matt shares that one of his biggest mistakes was setting aside his own knowledge and training to follow “the guru.”
Episode 287: 7 Big A-ha’s and Insights from Podfest 2022 Podcasting continues to be a rapidly growing platform to establish authority, share a message and attract great clients. Even with 2.8 million active podcasts, monetization continues to be a pervasive challenge for podcast hosts worldwide. In May 2022, I attended and spoke at one of the biggest podcasting events, Podfest Expo, and gained some valuable insights into what’s working (and how to leverage this fast growth.) With over 1,000 people registered, and 50 tracks dedicated to everything from mental health to sex to monetization and podcast growth, you can rest assured that there is an audience for any topic you might be an exert in. On episode 287 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’m dishing my top four insights from the event as well as three secrets to increasing your ROI when attending huge industry events like Podfest (there were well over 1000 people registered to attend.)

Key Takeaways
[2:33] I give a shout out to two of the sponsors from the Women In Podcasting Podfest Track
[5:31] How I set an intention when I’m speaking at, or attending, a live event to achieve a healthy ROI on my investment
[9:01] Sharing hot social media engagement statistics from BuzzSprout’s CEO Tom Rossi’s State of Podcasting keynote.
[10:22] Cancel culture, censorship and taking ownership of your data - Allison Melody of Food Heals Nation keynote.
[16:42] Podcast monetization ideas and repackaging sponsor deals from the Women In Podcasting track.
[21:02] 3 techniques to help you be intentional about networking and collaborations at live events like Podfest.
Episode 286: How to Find Kind, Generous Entrepreneurs to Partner Up With and Promote Joint Venture Partnerships have become a popular way to grow your list and make new sales – but sometimes these kinds of relationships get tricky and the playing field can quickly feel out of balance. One business owner is doing all the giving and the other one is benefiting. Or you feel like these “friends” just show up when it is time to promote their newest offering but they are stealthily silent when you make a request. Everyone is different, and when it comes to cross promotions, you might want to evaluate if you are attracting the sharks or the dolphins. Sharks tend to eat and run. =-) Dolphins like to hang out, play and generously support their friends. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 286, I’m re-airing another hot conversation on #NextLevelInfluence that Sam Riley and I had about sharks, dolphins and how to vet a potential partner before you say yes.

Key Takeaways
[3:57] What can happen if you don’t pick the right partners to promote to your community
[6:26] Values alignment and how Sam and Melanie choose partners based on their values.
[8:03] Warning signs of a “shark” partner and how to spot them quickly.
[10:33] Melanie talks about the importance of an energy check in evaluating a potential partner.
[13:10] One very off-putting approach to vetting a potential partner (you’ll want to avoid this at all costs!)
[17:04] Sam talks about one factor that makes dolphins so amazing and will keep a partner promoting over and over again.
[19:30] How to create win-win relationships with partners.
[21:32] Sam talks about a really unique and powerful way she supports her partners (that doesn’t even require an email list or posting on social media!) [27:05] Melanie wraps up with a couple of subtle signs that someone is operating in “shark” mode.
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‎Conversations With Cream Welcome To Cream's World Podcast - Ms. Cream of the Crop is a Public Relations Specialist, Media Maven, and an Entrepreneur. She helps clients bring awareness to their brand, increase social media traffic and demand for their products.

Ms. Cream of the Crop has always enjoyed starting and running businesses. In fact, she started a custom T-­shirt business in 2005 that later became T.E.T. Entertainment LLC.

Now she is the Founder/Owner of T.E.T. Entertainment LLC which is a PR/Media/Marketing/Brand Management Company. Soon afterwards, Cream began a Radio Station and Jewelry company.T.E.T. Entertainment LLC, Specializes Entertainment Event planning as well. Cream is also the Founder/Program Director of 216 The Beat Radio Station, which is a BDS Monitored station. They pride themselves in being “The voice of the voiceless, the heartbeat of the community.”

Ms. Cream of the Crop got into this line of business in 2008 when she started being asked by several artists, models, and Entertainment business owners to help them manage their career as well as assist them with branding.

Cream has a background in music, Theatre and Marketing. She made her way on the scene through modeling, covering events and meet and greets. With the success of several her own events, bringing awareness to unknown artists, and media expertise she began attracting new clients.

She has handled Public Relations for companies such as the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, Atlanta Underground Music Awards, the Salute The DJs Awards, the Nerve DJs and many more.

One of her biggest media accomplishments has been covering media for the Core DJs and A3C Festival 2013-2016, 2018. Another major accomplishment was covering events during the 2014 & 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards weekend and becoming a partner of the 2014 A3C Festival.

2014 Cream was nominated for Business Woman of the Year by the National Women’s Association, in that same year she received the Limitless Award from the Girl on Fire Awards.

2015 Cream’s radio show “The Elite Radio Show” was nominated for an Ohio Hip Hop Award and she was named “Business Woman of the Year” by the Ohio Entertainment Awards.

2016 & 2017 Cream was recognized as one of the “Who’s Who In Black Cleveland” by Who’s Who Publication Inc. and can be found in the 11th & 12th Anniversary Publications.

Cream served a spokesperson and the Cleveland liaison for the 2016 #RespectMyVote Campaign. She was also nominated for a 2nd time for “Business Woman of the Year” by the OEA’s.

2017 Cream received the her second Ohio Entertainment Award presented by Cleveland’s own DJ Coco Z.

T.E.T. Entertainment LLC was recently awarded as the best Entertainment Group by the city Cleveland Heights 2016 Best of Awards.

T.E.T. Entertainment LLC and 216 The Beat Radio Station prides themselves on being active in the community. Organizing several events, participating in many middle

school and Highschool Anti-Bullying events. Their annual Pitch, Hit and Run baseball event for children ages 7yrs-­14yrs old has been going strong for the past 4yrs.

To find out more information about Ms. Cream of the Crop, T.E.T. Entertainment LLC, and 216 The Beat Radio Station please visit:
Dan Gordon Enterprise For over two decades, Coach Dan Gordon Gordon has been helping people reach bold new levels of success. In workshops, coaching, and large-venue speaking, Dan moves people into the realm of truly living life unlimited!
Vurbl Business & Technology Audio: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Industry Trends & More Listen to the latest developments in the world of business and technology podcasts. Hear seasoned business owners, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and leading developers talk about the buzz of the industry. Whether you're looking to hear from sage business owners or just looking to catch up on the newest technological developments pushing society forward, Vurbl has it all.