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E&M Sustainable Operations Over-exploitation of our planet's natural resources harms the health of ecosystems and the wellbeing of people.

We begin our series over the next few weeks looking at how we can deliver process and technology solution on our journey toward a zero carbon footprint in the Energy & Natural Resources sectors.

In the face of environmental crises and growing inequality, we need to act today.

Episode 1 looks at:

Natural Resource extractive industries

Capital Facilities and their more sustainable lifecycle

Materials processing

Enterprise Asset Management

Come join our 1st episode with Muthu Sivanantham, Energy & Materials Solution Leader for Dassault Systemes.
De-mystifying Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a formalized methodology that supports the requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation associated with the development of complex systems.
MBSE in a digital-modeling environment provides advantages that document-based systems engineering cannot provide.
These advantages have led to increased and growing adoption since MBSE can save costs by reducing development time and improve the ability to produce secure and correctly functioning software.
The Impact of Nano-composites on our lives Our next show jumps into the incredible world of Nano-composites and why and how it is affecting everyone of us in the lives that we live and the equipment that we use.
These new materials will enable new levels of machine performance.
Through the bypassing of conventional materials performance, nano-composites will impact the most diverse and far-reaching parts of human existence.
From weight reduction to improved performance, from aesthetics to recyclability, nano-composites are having a profound effect on Space Technology, Aviation, Automotive, Electronics, Food packaging, and a never-ending drive toward environmentalism.
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