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Hear sides of musicians and artists you never get the chance to experience with Vurbl Music, as we bring you the best clips and interviews from all the best. Whether it be classics like Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles or modern artists like Taylor Swift, Vurbl Music has everything you're looking for from all your favorites. Continue Reading >>
Hear sides of musicians and artists you never get the chance to experience with Vurbl Music, as we bring you the best clips and interviews from all the best. Whether it be classics like Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles or modern artists like Taylor Swift, Vurbl Music has everything you're looking for from all your favorites. << Show Less

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10 Biggest Moments of 2021 10 Biggest Moments of 2021. From Kanye West’s Donda rollout to rumors of Kendrick Lamar’s new album dropping, this year has been eventful. In this episode we spoke about the biggest moments in rap this year. We discussed album rollouts, amazing guest performances and much more. What’s your favorite hip-hop moment from 2021?

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Kennedy Center Honors 2021: Motown Founder Berry Gordy Listen and learn about Berry Gordy, Motown founder and 2021 Kennedy Center Honoree. Features audio of Berry Gordy and podcast episodes about his life and legacy. If you're a Motown fan, this playlist is a must-listen! Best Vurbl Music Audio
Best Audio About Olivia Rodrigo On Vurbl Olivia Rodrigo is only 18 years old and she is dominating the airwaves and smashing streaming records. After the release of her debut single "Driver's License" in January 2021 put her on top of the pop charts, her album "Sour" can officially be declared the breakup album of the year. Her career spans only 6 years: she started off acting in the Disney Channel show "Bizaardvark" in 2016 until she was cast as Nini Salazar-Roberts in Disney+'s series "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series". After dropping her second and third singles "Deja Vu" and "Good 4 U", comparisons to pop queens like Lorde, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift were started by music critics AND Taylor herself! For those of you who still don't know this new Queen of Pop (Taylor Swift-endorsed), here is everything you need to know about Olivia Rodrigo on podcasts. Best Vurbl Music Audio
The Story of Harry Styles Told Through Podcasts Whether you're a casual fan of the British pop/rockstar or a diehard Directioner, this playlist hits every talking point a Harry Styles fan could want to hear. It begins with a snippet of an interview Styles did with Zach Sang, where he defines his version of kindness. Then, in between live performances of songs off the 'Fine Line' album, fans discuss topics like their opinions on his style, his NPR Tiny Desk Concert performance, and the best songs off of his first self-titled album. Listen to this before bed as it perfectly ends with Styles' "Dream With Me" audio recording. Best Vurbl Music Audio
10 Best Country Music Podcasts Listen to a compilation of clips from the top podcasts about country music. Respected names in the industry interview artists and chat about the latest trends. Listen to popular musicians and learn about the industry with these beloved hosts who just as passionate about the music as you are. Best Vurbl Music Audio
Audio History of Flavor Flav Listen to audio documenting the life and career of the world’s greatest hype man. Find exclusive interviews on hip hop, uniting the world, and the state of Public Enemy. Flavor Flav first debuts in the 90s with a large clock dangling from his neck and an exuberant, unmistakable persona with the musical group Public Enemy. Follow his unique journey through music and political discourse with this playlist chronicling his incredible life and career. Best Vurbl Music Audio
Audio History of Michael Jackson Told Through Podcasts Join Vurbl as we bring you podcasts about Michael Jackson's career, creative process, and contributions to both music and popular culture.
One of the most acclaimed and popular artists of his generation, Michael Jackson was bar none of the most iconic and legendary musicians to ever walk the Earth. His tragic death in 2009 was a watershed moment in American popular culture, and to this day, Michael has millions of fans around the globe who never stopped listening.
Best Vurbl Music Audio
Best Audio About Music Trends On Vurbl Listen to interviews with songwriters, behind-the-scenes recordings, and other insights on the music industry. Discover the inspiration behind number one songs, get the latest on trends in the music industry, and discover the creative process for award-winning albums all in one playlist. Includes awesome clips from podcasts like OldMilk, All Songs Considered, and Popcast. Best Vurbl Music Audio
Audio History of Jazz Music and Its Origins Learn how jazz developed in New Orleans from music history experts. Understanding the music genre’s deep roots in the black American experience is essential. This playlist breaks down the origins of the style, rhythm, and harmony of the music that was shaped by innumerable cultures. Best Vurbl Music Audio
Audio History of Hip Hop's Dr. Dre and Death Row Records Death Row Records was one of the most influential music labels of the 1990s—possibly of all time. Its all-star roster included Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Tupac Shakur. Allegedly bankrolled by money extorted from Vanilla Ice by Death Row co-founder, Suge Knight, the company was plagued by in-fighting, feuds, and violence that culminated in Tupac's death and Knight's imprisonment. But despite it all, Death Row made some of the most iconic music in modern memory and launched some of the biggest names in the industry today. Best Vurbl Music Audio
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Song Exploder Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Each episode features an artist discussing a song of theirs, breaking down the sounds and ideas that went into the writing and recording. Hosted and produced by Hrishikesh Hirway.
Questlove Supreme Questlove Supreme is a fun, irreverent and educational weekly podcast that digs deep into the stories of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only Questlove and Team Supreme can deliver. Led by Each episode is driven by conversation ranging from the guest’s origins (along with a few never-before-revealed secrets to their success) to their life passions and current projects. This is not your typical interview show. This is about legends and legends in the making bringing their legacy to life in their own words. Previous guests have included Usher, Michelle Obama, Chris Rock, Steve Miller, Maya Rudolph, Weird Al, Chaka Khan, Babyface and many more.
Ongoing History of New Music Ongoing History of New Music looks at things from the alt-rock universe to hip hop, from artist profiles to various thematic explorations. It is Canada’s most well known music documentary hosted by the legendary Alan Cross. Whatever the episode, you’re definitely going to learn something that you might not find anywhere else. Trust us on this.
Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR Music feature your favorite musicians performing at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR office. Hear Wilco, Adele, Passion Pit, Tinariwen, Miguel, The xx and many more. This is the audio version of the podcast. A video version is also available.
Claudette Robinson - First Lady of Motown Claudette Robinson was given the title of First Lady of Motown by Berry Gordy, founder of Motown/Tamla Records because she was the first woman on the label. She is also an original member of The Miracles who gave Motown their first #1 GOLD record with "Shop Around."
Ed Stasium Ed Stasium is an American Record Producer and engineer who has worked for many great bands including The Ramones, Talking Heads, Living Colour and The Misfits to name a few.
NFR Podcast NFR offers the ultimate audio experience for all hip-hop fans. Stay updated with the culture by listening to our album breakdowns and getting insightful knowledge from our music analyses. We offer weekly episodes to ensure you stay connected to hip hop.