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Best Mental Health Episodes of The Blindboy Podcast If mental health tips with a punk rock vibe and a dash of Irish history sounds like an experience up your alley, check out these best mental health episodes of the Blindboy Podcast. It's hosted by David Chambers who is best known as one half of the Irish comedy hip-hop group The Rubberbandits. His meditative world view has a low brow approach, making for extremely accessible content for anyone looking to ease their way into the concept of self-care. Carly's Station
Authentic Advice & Pep Talks For Creatives Whether you're a writer, comedian, graphic designer, or underwater basket-weaver, chances are you can find yourself in a bottomless funk of discouragement from time to time. To help you climb out of "the thick of it," here are the best pep talks and inspiring quips from podcasts that feature authentically useful advice specifically for creators and creatives! Featuring podcasts like The Need To Fail with Don Fanelli and more. Carly's Station
Are These The Worst Sounds Ever? Listen (if you dare) to the sounds that irritate people. How many of these sounds can you tolerate? What sounds do you think are the worst? Send this playlist of the worst sounds ever to a friend (or enemy) and see how long they can last! Carly's Station
What’s Happening On Clubhouse? Listen to Fascinating Conversations & Discussions Clubhouse is an app that’s taking audio creators to the next level through live broadcasts. With a few clicks, you can listen in to conversations about pretty much any subject under the sun. From fascinating music history discussions, to professional development seminars, Clubhouse gives you the opportunity to listen to and learn from thought-leaders in a “virtual stage” format. Carly's Station
The Audio of Vurbl (Alt) A contemporary mashup of all things audio that an audiophile would enjoy on Vurbl. Carly's Station
Honoring the History of Audio with Vurbl Take a trip through the history of audio with these clips. Carly's Station
The Audio of Vurbl Take a quick tour of the broad and extensive audio library that Vurbl can serve. Carly's Station
Listening To History: Archival Audio of World War 2 Hear real U.S. radio recordings that capture the experience of Americans during the Second World War. From news reports to wartime entertainment, you'll experience the sounds of 1939-1945. Featuring the voices of Bob Hope, Albert Einstein, and many more. Carly's Station