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Welcome to Everyday Strong Radio. I’m your host, Lisa Drake. I’m a life coach dedicated to teaching women how to create the second half of their life on purpose. Living precisely how you want is all just a thought away, especially when you use, your everyday strong. I'm glad you’re here!
Welcome to Everyday Strong Radio. I’m your host, Lisa Drake. I’m a life coach dedicated to teaching women how to create the second half of their life on purpose. Living precisely how you want is all just a thought away, especially when you use, your everyday strong. I'm glad you’re here! << Show Less
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062 The Best Kind of Love We all know February is about love. And any minute now the media and advertising will start dumping all of their thoughts about love into your feed, your inbox and mailbox reminding you to BUY things to show others how much they mean to you. But where is any advertising or media leading with loving yourself?  This all said, I wanted to make this episode about loving yourself. What I’ve done is captured some of my favorite quotes about self love and will share them then talk a little about each one, and how mindset plays into each.
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095 Final Episode All good things must come to an end. This podcast has been such a wonderful experience for me, but it’s about time I start taking some of my own advice and close this loop. As I reflect on my time recording these episodes, I realize that I learned and benefitted from the advice I gave just as much as my listeners. Sometimes the coach a coach needs is herself! Thank you for growing with me and for your support. And keep on using your Everyday Strong!
094 Client Spotlight: Patricia Bradford Not all of my clients come into coaching convinced it will work. In this episode, my client even tells me what she REALLY thought of our first session! Episode 94 Client Spotlight: Patricia Bradford showcases just how effective coaching has been for her and what knowledge she will be using throughout her life. Not only has she been able to implement mindset training, but she has also been enjoying a new practice I’ve been training to be a coach in called Positive Intelligence (PQ). No matter what practice she is using, it all circles back to our thoughts and how we assign value to our circumstances.
093 Slowing Down to Speed Up Has anyone else been having issue after issue come up the last few weeks? Astrologists say Mercury in retrograde can be a time of tension, miscommunication, and mishaps. Whether it’s Mercury in retrograde or just a week that will not give you a break, we all need tools to help us get through the tough times. Slowing down to speed up is a way to step back from the problem long enough to detach ourselves from the thoughts that are holding us back or keeping us frantic. Join me on this week’s episode to figure out how to put Slowing Down to Speed Up into practice in your life.
092 How to Coach Yourself from a Place of Love In Episode 92, I address a roadblock that many of us come upon in our coaching journeys. What can we do when we are using all the tips and tricks at our disposal, and we still run into a situation that has us feeling defeated and small? What happens when our mindset work becomes perfunctory? You can do all the thought downloads you want and follow the thought model perfectly, but still end up with thoughts that negatively affect our results. It happens and that’s okay. Episode 92 is all about How to Coach Yourself from a Place of Love. Join me this week to hear some ideas on how to step back, evaluate where feelings and thoughts that seemingly come out of nowhere come from, and coach yourself with compassion.
091 Client Spotlight: Tracy Mikol Every few weeks, I like to do a Client Spotlight to showcase a client who has really applied the concepts they learned from coaching. In Episode 91, I sit down with one of my longest standing clients, Tracy Mikol. Even though Tracy is no longer my client, she continues to use techniques from our time together in her day-to-day life, relationships, and parenting. Like many go-getters, Tracy lived solidly in the “A” Line. She went from always questioning what to DO, to figuring out who she really wants to BE. Her ongoing mindset work concentrates on what thoughts and questions are useful to her, closing loops that slow her down, getting clear on what she wants, and making decisions ahead of time.  Do those concepts sound familiar? This episode is a must listen to see how the topics I cover in other episodes come together as a final result!
090 Useful Thoughts and Questions Getting clear is all about asking the right questions. In episode 90, I offer you my list of useful thoughts and questions to ask yourself to get clarity and plan for your future. You may recognize a few of them from previous episodes, but you’ve come so far since  you first started listening and the list was worth updating!
089 Upleveling Your Self Love Do you know what it’s like to love yourself unconditionally? Carola Fuertes, my guest for Episode 89, is dedicated to helping her clients expand their capacity for love and cultivate skills to help them create love on demand in their lives. Join me as we delve into how Carola’s coaching has helped me personally with my latest passion project, and how her desire to create more opportunities to uplevel self love has developed into her own passion project too!
088 Judgement vs. Discernment I've said it once (or several times) and I'll say it again. Words matter! In Episode 88, I tackle the difference between Judgement and Discernment. These concepts arise in coaching quite often, and their differences may seem very subtle, but the impact of utilizing discernment versus judgement can be huge. Listen along to see if you can discern how discernment has more value and usefulness in your life than judgement.
087 Closing Loops For Episode 87, I want to focus on closing loops. Do you often find yourself waiting on input from other people to make a decision?  Many of us do this so we can gain as much information as possible and get outside perspectives.  But at a certain point, it slows us down and can leave us feeling stuck without that outside input. Or, on the other hand, it can leave us paralyzed by the amount of information we get in return. Decisions by committee are the safe option, but not the one to help you grow. Closing loops is about losing the weight of carrying around unmade decisions. It's about being the best advocate for yourself and trusting that you will make the best decisions for you.
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