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Explore new ideas, strategies, tips, and trick to take your agriculture interests to the next level. From livestock, harvesting, urban farming, and more, Vurbl From the Earth is the perfect place to fulfill all your farming audio needs. Continue Reading >>
Explore new ideas, strategies, tips, and trick to take your agriculture interests to the next level. From livestock, harvesting, urban farming, and more, Vurbl From the Earth is the perfect place to fulfill all your farming audio needs. << Show Less
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Joel Salatin: the most famous farmer in the world In this episode, we're bringing you a plenary speech given by Joel Salatin which was delivered as part of Acton University 2015. Salatin is a full-time, third generation alternative farmer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. He speaks on defending small farms, local food systems, and the right to opt out of the conventional food paradigm. His farm, Polyface Inc, the “Farm of Many Faces” has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, Gourmet, and countless other radio, television and print media.Joel Salatin | Bio Polyface Farm - We Are Your Clean Meat Connection Subscribe to Acton Vault podcastSubscribe to Acton Unwind podcast See for privacy and opt-out information.
Bird Songs For The Most Dedicated Bird Watchers We've all heard bird songs in nature or even just in your backyard. Some have such recognizable songs that an avid bird enthusiast would easily be able to identify the species. Listen and relax to this playlist full of unique bird sounds to see how many you can name. Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening
Best Home & Garden Audio On Vurbl Looking for tips on how to keep your garden healthy and beautiful? Curious about the newest trends in interior design this season? This playlist is perfect for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the best tips and tricks for your home and garden. From picking what to plant based on the season to merging your favorite home pieces to create a unique and stylish home, this playlist has it all. Perfect for any season, make sure you come back to hear podcasts like You Bet Your Garden, Simple Farmhouse Life, and Clean With Me. Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening
Best Audio For Gardening & Growing Vegetables There has been a resurgence in vegetable gardening, particularly in survival gardening as people prepared for potential food shortages. More importantly, parents are getting their homebound kids involved in gardening, which becomes both an educational opportunity and a valuable life lesson! Listen to this audio roundup of the top podcasts for gardening and growing vegetables. Features Plant Talk Podcasts, The Joe Gardener Show, The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy and more. Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening
City Cultivation: The Audio Beginners Guide To Urban Farming Listen now to City Cultivation: The Audio Beginners Guide To Urban Farming for an introduction to how it works and essential information on successful gardening.
Farming is complicated even on the smallest of scales and a lot can go wrong before yielding a successful harvest. Here are useful, modern techniques for urban farmers and gardeners who are ready to grow in their backyards, on their roofs, vertically on their walls, and wherever else they can manage. Learn about seasonal harvests, healthy soil, and planting methods for city farms.
Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening
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Agriculture for Beginners Audiobook LibriVox recording of Agriculture for Beginners by Charles William Burkett. Read in English by Sarah Jennings; Logan Lorenz; polyglotreader2; MaryAnnS; Diana Schmidt; BettyB; Larry Wilson; Ann Boulais. A textbook used by many public schools in the early 20th century. The authors believe that "agriculture is eminently a teachable subject. They see no difference between teaching the child the fundamental principles of farming and teaching the same child the fundamental truths of arithmetic, geography, or grammar. They hold that a youth should be trained for the farm just as carefully as he is trained for any other occupation, and that it is unreasonable to expect him to succeed without training." - Summary by the authors For further information, including links to online text, reader information, RSS feeds, CD cover or other formats (if available), please go to the LibriVox catalog page for this recording. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit

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Listen to Agriculture for Beginners. Vurbl's free classic audiobook experience allows you to easily snip and save your favorite quotes or moments from Agriculture for Beginners. You can even make a playlist with all your favorite chapters, quotes or moments, so that you can revisit and easily share your audiobook experience with friends and family. How many times do you read a book and highlight a quote or wish you wrote it down? With Vurbl's snippet tool, you can snip and capture that quote in seconds and add it to your station. Download the Vurbl app and listen, snip or save Agriculture for Beginners on the fly.
Vurbl Animals: Stories, Training & Pet Health Listen in with Vurbl animals. Whether you're looking for the best podcasts about dogs or cats or looking to tune and relax to your favorite animal sounds Vurbl has you or your pet and all animal lovers covered with the greatest variety of animal audio out there.
Lessons From The Farm | Nicki Koziarz Join author & speaker Nicki Koziarz in this fun but inspirational podcast! Each episode has a mix of life lessons as well as Bible teaching. Nicki and her husband own a fixer-upper farm just outside of Charlotte, NC.
Vurbl Outdoor Adventures Put your hiking boots on and get ready to explore Vurbl Outdoors, your home for adventurous audio. Learn and listen to some of the best audio for your journeys.
Shark farmer Podcast/ agriculture farm Conversation and interview with farmers and hunters
Future of Agriculture Welcome to the Future of Agriculture Podcast with Tim Hammerich.

This show explores the people, companies, and ideas shaping the future of agribusiness. If you are curious about innovations in AgTech, rural entrepreneurship, agricultural sustainability, and food security, this is the show for you!

For more details on the guests featured on this show, visit the blog at Or, to learn more about career opportunities in agriculture, visit

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Farm To Table Talk Farm to Table means different things to different people but many would agree that restaurants and their chefs have led the way on our Farm to Table journey. Chefs might say that they have been led by their own customers who have shown a preference for food with a story all the way back to the farm: the farmer, unique varieties or breeds, production practices and overall sustainability. In this episode of Farm To Table Talk we are joined at the table by Greg Drescher, the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Industry Leadership with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to explore what Farm To Table means in the Culinary world and the trends that change menus.