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Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm. Continue Reading >>
Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm. << Show Less
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(06/28) GAS Hour 1 - Surprise Jan. 6th Hearing & Ghislaine Maxwell Sentencing A former Trump White House aid, Cassidy Hutchinson, testifies during a surprise Jan. 6th hearing. 50 immigrants are found dead in a semi-truck in San Antonio. Three people are dead, and dozens are injured in an Amtrak train crash in Missouri. Ghislaine Maxwell is set for sentencing as victims will speak.
(06/27) GAS Hour 1 - SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Former Washington HS Football Coach & Nancy Pelosi Pushes A Kid The Supreme Court rules that a former Washington state high school football coach had the right to pray on the field after games. Representative Maya Flores accuses Speaker Nancy Pelosi of pushing her daughter during her swearing-in ceremony last week. Four people are killed and 30 are injured after part of stadium in Columbia collapsed during a bullfight. Alec Baldwin has announced that he will interview Woody Allen.
(06/28) GAS Hour 2 - Jan. 6th Surprise Hearing & 1,700 Pounds Of Illegal Fireworks Found In An Azusa Home The Jan. 6th Committee holds a surprise hearing. California to vote on adding an abortion rights protection to the state constitution. KFI’s Steve Gregory gives us details on 1,7000 pounds of illegal fireworks found in an Azusa home. We have a feel good story on a 2-year-old from Kentucky becomes youngest member of high IQ society Mensa.
(06/27) GAS Hour 2 - Gascon Says LA County Is Safer Because Of His Policies & Gas Refund Deal Is Reached KFI’s Steve Gregory has the latest on Gascon saying LA County is safer because of his policies. Governor Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers have reached a deal to send $9.5 billion in tax refunds to Californians to provide relief for higher gas prices. Over the weekend, 8 players were ejected during a Mariners, Angels game after both benches cleared for a brawl.
(06/27) GAS Hour 3 - What’s Happening & Swamp Watch What’s Happening. Swamp Watch. ABC’s Justin Finch gives us details on Congress’ reaction to Roe v. Wade being overturned.
(06/27) GAS Hour 4 - Summer Traveling Headaches Continue & Entertainment Report ABC’s Alex Stone gives us details on what to expect on your summer travels. ABC’s Jason Nathanson has an entertainment report including
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