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A "comedy" podcast from "comedy" group The LowBudgets, with film commentaries, reviews, reactions, stories, guests and games! Continue Reading >>
A "comedy" podcast from "comedy" group The LowBudgets, with film commentaries, reviews, reactions, stories, guests and games! << Show Less
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#007 - Our Magical Pedo-meters Detection! Pedo found! Lovely lovely stuff here on the new episode of the podcast! We test the worlds brightest light and Will pops his cherry all over my Charlie's carpet!

New Episodes every Saturday!
#006 - Dry Cracker Decimation Marathon The bar is low, oh so low. Yet, two unworthy candidates stand in the creamy bread-like dust crumbs of Jacobs Cream Crackers, poised to destroy them in seconds flat. Who will win in this game of numbers, skill and chewability?

New Episodes every Saturday
#005 - Your Wish Has Been Mugsey Granted We're back in the studio (Charlie's bedroom) together for the first time in forever! Expect goofs, gags, Mugsey Grant references, Tiktok challenges and upsetting jokes!

News Episodes Every Saturday!
#004 - William Hunt's Bubonic Armpits (ft. Shak) Only two days late is an improvement on the gap between the law two episodes, that's for sure. Today, we dissect Jordan Peterson and discover that men, like Steven Seagal, are doing impossible things, and we take a look at the icks of modern women, deciding that overall, we are walking disasters. Also featured, our first point of diversity in the form of Indian hero and all-round Northern monstrosity Shak (last name unknown)!
New episodes (hopefully) every Saturday!
The LowBudgets Christmas Special 2021 We're back! After an extended hiatus, The LowBudgets rear their ugly, ugly heads for the 2021 Christmas COVID swamped special! Enjoy at your peril...
#003 - Double Cheeseburger? I'd Hit It! Boom shake shake shale the room! WE ARE BACK IN THE SADDLE AND WE FUCKIN IT UP. Enjoy this weird wonderful beautiful episode of the podcast!
New Episodes (almost) Every Saturday!
#002 - Who Wants An MBE? We back! After a month, episode 2 of season 3 is 4 fast and 5 furious. LOVE IT AND LOVE US! ENJOY!

New Episodes Every Saturday!
#001 - Oaty Nuggets and Casual Racism Boom! We are motherlovin' back with a brand new episode. Hate us or love us, it's the return of the podcast daddies (with a brand new cover colour combination ;) )
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