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A relentlessly on topic smorgasbord of hard hittin' video game questions as addressed by a panel of experts. Featuring Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield. Hosted by Alex Jaffe. Edited by Blaine Brown. Continue Reading >>
A relentlessly on topic smorgasbord of hard hittin' video game questions as addressed by a panel of experts. Featuring Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield. Hosted by Alex Jaffe. Edited by Blaine Brown. << Show Less
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Ep. 117 – OVVNIIID Thrillogies, Longest Session, Longest Completion, Most Combined Hours, Cathedrals, Change, Spoilers. Music 'Quiet's Theme Guitar Cover' From Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain performed by YouTube user DSC.
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Ep. 238 – Jackson Backcracker, Cowboy Chiropractor Questions this week:Tim Rogers asks: What’s it like going to a chiropractor? (05:08)What’s the Metal Gear Solid 2-style subversion Death Stranding 2 will have? (13:23)What would it take to get you to buy alternate costume DLC? (19:56)What would we do if we bought EA? (25:56)Jaffe Guesses The Golden Age of Konami – Attempt 2 (32:02)Anonymous asks: Design a mascot for the ESRB (32:26)What is the Porco Rosso of video games? (37:37)Violence Island – Shadowban Championship (42:41)LIGHTNING ROUND: GameFAQ&As – Minecraft (01:19:16)Recommendations & Outro (01:27:02)A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:SimCopterCall of Duty seriesEarthworm JimKiller InstinctCyberpunk 2077Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanA new Death Stranding is happening, Norman Reedus saysDeath StrandingMetal Gear seriesZone of the EndersDeath Stranding: The Kotaku Video Review (by Tim Rogers)K2Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a PulseSuper Mario OdysseyHonda PreludeGhost of TsushimaReport: EA Looking to Sell or MergeMadden seriesBurnout seriesRoad Rash seriesTitanfall seriesSkate or Die seriesskate seriesEA Sports and FIFA are breaking up after 30 yearsIt's a Wonderful Life (1946)3DO Interactive MultiplayerShadows of the DamnedDead Space seriesMirror's Edge seriesSyndicateEntertainment Software Rating BoardGunsportGod of WarMcGruff the Crime DogPorco Rosso (1992)Onimusha 3: Demon SiegeSkyGunnerTail ConcertoDrakengard 2Snoopy vs. the Red BaronShadow the HedgehogYevgeny Borisovitch Volgin<a href="
Ep. 245 – Romancing the Three Kingdoms Even Hollywood Florida can’t keep Alex Jaffe from asking the panel about Nobunaga’s Position, The Zorro Theorem, and Jonk Bonk.Questions this week:What’s up with that Vice article about Embracer Group making a game archive? (04:47)What are your favorite kinds of puzzles in video games?  (12:34)How would you design a new spinoff of Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdom’s series? (19:28)When does a game need a remake? (23:16)Which four video games would you buy for each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? (28:57)Le Fish asks: What would the title, plot, and promotional tagline of a Bonk movie be? (34:43)Is it always more exciting to play offense than defense? (41:02)Do you have any recurring intrusive video game memories? (43:35)What is The Orville of video games? (47:44)LIGHTNING ROUND: Famicom Feud – Spike Video Game Awards Celebrity Hosts (53:05)Recommendations and Outro (01:09:26)Share your recurring intrusive video game memories in the forums!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:Growing strong and healthy…Minmo!Cool World (1992)Why Is a Game Publisher Trying to Buy Every Video Game Ever Made?'Super Mario 64' sells for over $1.5 millionNeutopia IIVideo Game History FoundationNational Videogame MuseumSpacewarComputer History Museum30 RockLufia II: Rise of the SinistralsBiohazard / Resident Evil seriesRise of the Tomb RaiderUncharted seriesShadow of the Tomb RaiderThe Last of Us seriesHitman seriesRomance of the Three Kingdoms seriesDynasty Warriors seriesAngelique GamesTokimeki Memorial gamesNobunaga's AmbitionTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFortnite: Battle RoyaleLeft 4 Dead seriesBack 4 BloodAmerican Truck Simulator seriesKerbal Space ProgramPicross seriesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's RevengeFriday the 13th: The GameElden RingBloodborneBonk seriesEncino Man (1992)Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)Demolition Man (1993)Evo M
Ep. 248 – Insert Credit Flavored Questions that are too stupid for the Dirtbag, with Ash Parrish Insert Credit Hornt Correspondent Ash Parrish rejoins the panel to answer questions members of the Insert Credit forums deemed too stupid even to submit to the dirtbag.Questions this week:BluntForceMama asks: What is your mom’s favorite TV show, and how would you adapt it into a video game your dad would want to play? (02:06)Gaagaagiins asks: Is Capcom just Sega without the Sega-ness? (07:09)beets asks: If you were going to make a table from video game  hardware, which would you choose? (10:03)yeso asks: can Yoko Taro see out of that thing? (12:41)King Tub asks: when I’m rewarded with gold for fighting a monster, what’s it doing with that gold? (15:13)Is Superman just seeing everybody’s dicks all the time? (18:03)Gaagaagiins asks: Design a Fromsoft Onimusha game with a Jean Reno-level celebrity appearance and setting (20:44)antillese asks: If muddy brown is the color of Xbox 360 games, what is the video game color of other consoles? (22:12)The Fragrance of Dark Coffee asks: What isn’t the Jingle All The Way of video games? (26:19)dylanfills asks: Is the Phoenix Wright series copaganda? (30:15)Anna asks: If every video game character escaped the virtual world and attacked their creators, which developers could beat their creations? (35:22)TokuCowboy asks: What does the CD mean in Sonic CD? (40:56)HelloMrKearns asks: What is the Mitsuoka Le-Seyde of video games? (41:28)dylanfills asks: is Doomguy a bottom? (47:48)LIGHTNING ROUND: Arcade of Our Own (51:16)Recommendations and Outro (01:03:22)Discuss this episode in the forums or ask questions of your own!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:Insert Credit Flavored Questions that are too stupid for the DirtbagZoot Suit RiotDevil's CrushPoirotMurder, She WroteEndeavourSelling SunsetWatch What Happens Live with Andy CohenSub HuntBiohazard / Resident Evil seriesVirtua Fighter seriesStar Gladiator seriesPower Stone gamesMega Man LegendsDino CrisisLost Planet seriesYoko TaroDragon Warrior / Dragon Quest seriesMonster Hunter seriesFinal Fantasy seriesCyber DollMan of Steel, Woman of KleenexThe BoysSekiro: Shadows Die TwiceOnimusha 3: Demon SiegeJean RenoChristopher LambertWhite Knight ChroniclesResonance of FateBonk series<a href="
Ep. 237 – Everything Everywah, with Maddy Thorson Developer of TowerFall and Celeste Maddy Thorson joins the panel to cover the Treasure of Sierra Madrock, Nephew Tokens, and if double jumps are really necessary.Questions this week:Topher Florence asks: Cast a Super Mario Bros. Movie using the actors from the 1999 film The Matrix. There are no other restrictions. (06:51)How can a game’s soundtrack encourage gameplay? (13:45)Why did MicroKingBlizzardActivision show off that diversity chart like they were proud of it? (19:33)How much of Nintendo can the Saudi Prince of Arabia own before it’s no longer ethical to buy Switch games? (27:05)Should video games abolish the double jump? (30:42)Reg asks: What is the best video game manual you have read? (37:50)How do you implement accessibility options in a game where its difficulty is the point? (43:34)Do video game release dates mean anything anymore? (48:25)Will 3D platforming ever be better than 2D platforming? (54:16)LIGHTNING ROUND: GameFAQ&As – Super Mario Maker 2 (01:00:03)Recommendations & Outro (01:03:39)Dash to the forums to discuss this episode!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:Mission in SnowdriftlandTitanic (1997)The Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra MadrockDaffy Duck: The Marvin MissionsBonk's RevengeManmaru The Ninja PenguinTowerFall seriesCelesteSuper Mario Maker seriesCrystal CavesM.C. KidsSuper Mario seriesThe Matrix (1999)Keanu ReevesJoe PantolianoCarrie-Anne MossHugo WeavingLaurence FishburneTatangaAnthony Ray ParkerMatt DoranMarcus ChongGloria FosterSuper Mario Bros. (1993)Max HeadroomSonic the Hedgehog universeKingdom Hearts seriesKatamari seriesMini MetroSilent Hill 3FezActivision Blizzard's New Diversity Game Tool Comes Across TerriblySaudi Arabia Now Owns 5% Of NintendoSuper Ghouls 'N GhostsLegend of Zelda seriesLandstalkerGunstar HeroesBokura no Kazoku<a href="https
Ep. 233 – Pod of Casters, an ICS SNK KOF Roundtable Cool, cute, and Iori Yagami! Insert Credit Fighting Game Correspondent Patrick Miller hosts Brandon Sheffield, EVO Head Tournament Organizer Andrés “nothingxs” Velasco y Coll and classic Insert Credit writer Azurelore Korrigan to cover the King of Fighters, the fall of SNK, and Insert Credit’s history with both.Questions this week:What brought this panel together? (02:11)What are your fighting game credentials? (10:55)How has SNK’s purchase by a murderous dictator impacted your relationship with the company and King of Fighters series? (18:24)What would an in-person Insert Credit event be like? (28:43)If you disappeared for twenty years, what alias would you return as? (34:49)Why do you play KOF? (41:26)How will Kyo and Iori’s long term relationship unfold? (51:32)Do you think this iteration of SNK is the most successful since the 90’s? (58:39)In a better world, what classic SNK series would you like to come back? (01:07:14)Which game in the series sound design has stuck with you the most? (01:13:03)What is the best outfit in KOF history? (01:20:56)What are your favorite King of Fighters spinoffs and minigames? (01:26:44)Who is the King of Fighters? (01:31:53)LIGHTNING ROUND: Bio Logical (01:37:37)Recommendations and Outro (01:46:56)Ready? Go! to the forums to discuss this episode!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:King of Fighters seriesAthena AsamiyaKyo KusanagiNakoruruJoe HigashiYashiro NanakaseAngelMay Lee JinjuIori YagamiClark StillMai ShiranuiKingLeonaVanessaMad Man’s CafeStreet Fighter seriesCapcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the MillenniumSkullgirlsAsuka 120% Excellent: BURNING Fest.Ga-rou-den BreakblowThe Rumble Fish 2Samurai Shodown seriesSaudi prince Mohammed bin Salman buys 96% of SNK day after KOF XV releaseCaptain TsubasaWest Oakland Punks With LunchKing of DinosaursK9999Akira (1988)Terry BogardKrohnen McDougallSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"Chizuru KaguraKusanagiYukiAllegory of the Wind<a href="
Ep. 234 – Come Play, My Laggardly Sort, with Kris Graft The Tarnished Kris Graft takes his spot on the panel to cover bloodwritten OSHA violations, snipers, and syphilitic electrocution revival.Questions this week:Andrés Velasco y Coll asks: When did Konami go bad? (07:39)Kris Graft, what did you do to get fired from Game Developer? (14:28)Which NPCs deserve a promotion to playable characters? (21:13)Do negative status effects make a game more interesting, or just annoying? (27:34)Improv Zone: Elden Ring Political Debate (33:20)Dirtbag Gaagaagiins asks: What are some games that would be improved by the removal of their headline feature? (38:55)Violence Island (47:50)LIGHTNING ROUND: This or That (01:05:22)Recommendations and Outro (01:20:31)Come discuss the episode, my laggardly reader, in the forums!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:TargetLa Nueva CharreadaSeinfeldRasputin MusicCRIMESIGHT428: Shibuya ScrambleP.T.Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainGuillermo del ToroCrimson PeakChrysler PT CruiserCastlevania: Advance CollectionContra: Rogue CorpsMinority Report (2002)Brandon Sheffield’s reported net worthCortanaWeapon Shop de OmasseDragon Warrior / Dragon Quest seriesPapers, PleaseElder Scrolls seriesRed Dead Redemption IIYakuza / Ryū ga Gotoku seriesJudgment / Judge Eyes seriesFinal Fantasy IVFallout gamesLoop HeroCyberpunk 2077Vampire SurvivorsElden RingElden Ring messagesFortnite seriesOrcs Must Die!SentryDeath StrandingDishonored seriesAssassin's Creed seriesPaRappa Rappa50 CentMarioGoro MajimaYakuza PS2 dub with Mark Hamill as MajimaLester the Unlikely<a href="http
Ep. 235 – Unchardita, with Vincent Diamante Insert Credit Co-founder and legendary game composer Vincent Diamante joins the panel to cover Fighters Megamix romance, Russian Adventure, and the top 5 Sonic games that aren’t the immediately great ones.Questions this week:Kris Graft asks: Which two fighters from Fighters Megamix would make the best or worst romantic couple? (05:17)Now that we have a little distance, what features of the PS4/Xbox One era will feel retro someday? (09:45)On what occasions have you restarted a game from the beginning before finishing it? (15:02)What is “immersion” in video games? (19:54)Design an “In This House We Do Disney” piece of wall art for gamers (25:16)Dirtbag Salvatore Romano asks: Excluding 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles and Mania, what are the top 5 Sonic the Hedgehog games? (30:36)Which video game series took the greatest number of entries to start getting good? (36:16)What is the best logo design in video games? (41:38)Is Nintendo evil? (46:31)LIGHTNING ROUND: Acronymizer (50:33)Recommendations and Outro (56:30)Immerse yourself in this episode by discussing it in the forums!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:Bram Stoker’s DraculaDan Slott’s Spider-Man runChildren of Virtue and VengeanceWorld TriggerSimCity 2000Fighters MegamixBean the DynamiteBark the Polar BearDaytona USAVirtua CopRent A HeroBanjo-KazooieKumachanCandyHerbieJeffry McWildDuralTomb Raider seriesMarvel Guardians of the GalaxyStranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy OriginBalan WonderworldYuji Naka says Square Enix doesn’t ‘value games’ after Balan Wonderworld messCastlevania: Symphony of the NightThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyTime TravelerThe Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningSuper HydlideUncharted: The Lost LegacyChrono CrossLoop Herothe stupid disney thing Jaffe talks aboutFortnite seriesElden Ring<a href="
Ep. 236 – Yggdraskill Tree, with Topher Florence Media Crossover Expert Topher “Docfuture” Florence sits with the panel to cover fetchy texture and Bare Nuckle. Ash Parrish shares thoughts on the Halo TV series in “Master Chief Does the Covenant.”Questions this week:Can video games do anything interesting with the multiverse trend? (07:21)What are your predictions for Kingdom Hearts 4? (14:01)Why do games give you equipment and features later that would have made it more fun from the start? (19:30)Design a game based on the winter biathalon of cross country skiing and rifle shooting that doesn’t take place in an athletic competition. (25:34)How would you design a convention experience for Mario Party games? (31:05)Dirtbag Kiko B asks: What’s an example of a fetch quest you sincerely enjoyed? (42:09)What are the greatest challenges in video game animation today? (48:14)What distinctions would you make between the numbers 1 through 4 on a 10-point game rating scale? (53:47)What is the CW’S Riverdale of video games? (01:05:45)LIGHTNING ROUND: Skin It To Win It (01:11:52)Recommendations and Outro (01:18:10)In some timeline, in some universe, you're already discussing this episode in the forums!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:TabMcColClamatoLiquid DeathYakuza / Ryū ga Gotoku seriesOutRun seriesFighters MegamixProject X Zone seriesHunter × HunterSpy × FamilyJohn GoodmanLEGO Dimensions seriesSuper Smash Brothers seriesChrono CrossKingdom Hearts seriesEverything Everywhere All at Once (2022)Ke Huy QuanRed Dead Redemption IIAvatar (2009)God of WarPanzer Dragoon seriesCastlevania: Symphony of the NightDodgeball AcademiaFinal Fantasy XIICastlevania: Rondo of BloodThe Last of UsSimon StålenhagJak IIFinal Fantasy XVCyberpunk 2077SSX TrickySkiFreeMario Party seriesvideo game stuff that’s too bigIn the latest Halo episode, Master Chief does the CovenantLegend of Zelda series<a href="https://www.m
Ep. 244 – Double-Sized Dirtbag Delve, with Andrés Velasco y Coll EVO Head Tournament Organizer Andrés Velasco y Coll fills in as host for a number of listener submitted questions, covering Italian David Cage, Stardon’t Valley, and how to get a job in the video game industry.Questions this week:Anders asks: How do you get into the video game industry? (07:35)AOL Netscape asks: What series or franchise has a spinoff game arguably better than its predecessor?  (23:32)Ross Hamrick asks: How would you remake Jackie Chan Stuntmaster? (29:52)Horizontal Hold asks: Which Nintendo IP would Sega make a good entry of? (37:08)Mox Bagel asks: Which game director would make the best physical version of their game? (44:24)Dilson asks: What are the best crouching animations? (54:40)The Fragrance of Dark Coffee asks: What is the oldest game you’d still recommend today? (59:48)Spencer asks: Which games have the best third act? (01:09:18)LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Design – Popular Podcasts (01:15:51)Recommendations and Outro (01:22:32)Delve into the forums to discuss this episode!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:Crime CityDivekick: Addition EditionSuper HexagonVIDEOBALLMetal Gear seriesHyper Gunsport now wishlistable on steamIndivisibleBioShock seriesAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsNecrosoft Games is hiring a producerEvoCombo BreakerCEO Fighting Game ChampionshipsVideo Game History FoundationNinjaNinja GaidenKing of Fighters seriesCastlevania: Symphony of the NightMonster World IVSuper Mario seriesBiohazard / Resident Evil seriesTōhō (Touhou) seriesSonic RSonic the Hedgehog: SpinballHeroes of Might and Magic seriesDark Arms: Beast Buster 1999Dark Souls seriesKing's FieldLegend of Zelda seriesBust-A-MoveJackie Chan StuntmasterScarface: The World Is YoursSimpsons: Hit & RunIncredible Hulk: Ultimate DestructionPrototypeJackie Chan's Action Kung FuDynamite Deka seriesStar
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