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Mars Hill Sunday Teachings - A Jesus people for the sake of the world. Continue Reading >>
Mars Hill Sunday Teachings - A Jesus people for the sake of the world. << Show Less
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Songs for the Journey Psalms 120-134
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Songs for the Journey Psalms 120-134
Made By, With, For, To Psalm 8Many people connect with the questions the writer of this psalm poses: who am I that God would care for me? We are offered a few encouraging words about our identity in this psalm.
Explicit Content Psalm 137What do we do with graphic and painful parts of Scripture? Through Psalm 137, we'll explore invitations related to collective trauma, as well as specific calls to examine our allegiances and depths of compassion.
Fully Known + Fully Loved Psalm 139 + Psalm 8The Psalmist poetically and profoundly assures us of God's faithful and intimate love for us. We are fully known and fully loved. Even so, God invites us into partnership and conversation for a transformed future; the way everlasting.
God's Protective Presence Psalm 46The central theme of Psalm 46 emphasizes the protective presence of God. This Psalm honestly tells the truth about how things are and how things will be.
Circles of Praise What does it mean for us to choose praise as a command? Following the structure of Psalm 103, we explore invitations to and implications of what it means to praise God individually, communally and cosmically.
Pentecost Sunday The yearly observance of Pentecost reminds all followers of Jesus that the Spirit has been poured out generously. Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 12 stress the gifts of the Spirit are for each one and for the common good. 1 Corinthians 12:7-11
Reorientation - Repentance - Renewal A curious pattern seems to emerge in the middle of Nehemiah. When Israel finds themselves having a moment, God invited them to rediscover themselves in his story, honestly confess what seems incongruent and find renewal in the covenant promises of God. Nehemiah 8, 9, 10
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