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With a comedic bent, Boomer and his spastic sidekick Jimmy Omadoufous, converse with people about their unusual professions.
With a comedic bent, Boomer and his spastic sidekick Jimmy Omadoufous, converse with people about their unusual professions. << Show Less
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Listen to a Flight Attendant explain her biggest scare in the air. In this snippet from OK Boomer, Tales From the Workplace, Boomer speaks with a flight attendant with about her horror stories from being in the air.
Tales from the Workplace Boomer prompts people with unusual or interesting vocations to share their humorous, sometimes woeful, experiences at work. Jobs include flight attendants, DJs, IT, animal trainers in Hollywood, horse whisperers, and more. OK Boomer
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Tales From the Workplace: Female Truck Driver Misty Danner Johnson part II Enroute to her next load pickup, semi owner/operator Misty Danner Johnson shares her experiences over the road, including how to avoid the danger of retread explosions, why she loves traveling across America hauling up to 80,000 pounds of freight, and whether she'd recommend the life of a trucker to others.
Tales From the Workplace: Misty Danner Johnson, OTR semi trucker "The drunk guy fled the accident on a skateboard."  That was part of the scene long distance trucker Misty Danner Johnson reported as her semi was involved in a multi vehicle accident.  Misty chats with Boomer and co-host Jimmy Ahmahdoofous about the challenges and rewards of hauling America's products across North America.
Tales From the Workplace: Christina Ray Stanton, NYC Tour Guide New York City . . .  where all the things I can't afford are so convenient. However true that may be, NYC tour guide Christina Ray Stanton can help you plan your best tour of the Big Apple and entertain you with stories about clients like the Russian oligarch family.
Tales From the Workplace: Part II with Keith Lyle, standup comedian "We [casino workers]get people wasted, take their money away from them, and then the casino owners want us to take an ethics class.  Who's teaching that class, Britney Spear's dad?" That's part of the hiarious conversation with Keith Lyle (don't miss part 1), a standup comedian who previously spent 25 years working in Las Vegas casinos.  Keith also shares stories about customers who defecated at his craps table and about a celebrity who was taken from his table in handcuffs.
Tales From the Workplace: Keith Lyle, casino worker, stand up comedian "It's like asking Tiger Woods to teach Driver's Education."  That's how standup comedian Keith Lyle describes some of his ethics training as a casino worker back in the day.  Lyle, who also has had small parts in movies like "The Hangover," shares his stories as a craps dealer in Las Vegas.
Tales from the Workplace: Tom Starr, IHSA state official "If your arms stay down, I'll be a part of this conversation," says 40 year career official Tom Starr to amped coaches who want a piece of him during a high school sports contest.  That technique for deescalating conflict is just some of the wisdom Tom imparts in this episode that explores highlights from his volleyball/softball/basketball officiating career along with discussion about the crisis in high school sports officiating.
Tales From the Workplace with Keith Medema, state final official "You've officiated four different high school sports?  You officiated them for 40 years?  Four heaven's sake!!" Not only has Keith Medema officiated for four decades, in three of those four sports he was selected to officiate state final contests.  Hear about some of those games, his ambulance ride from the football field to a hospital, the play that made ESPN's top play of the week, and more in this final episode of 2021.
Tales from the Workplace: wrestling official Tony Clarke, part 3 One wrestling official didn't call a cab when his car broke down on a way to a contest- instead, he hitchhiked!  Here about this , the nuances of stalling, the confrontation with a Harvard coach, the difficulty of officiating, and what it's like to be as a referee the "judge, jury, and executioner."  Boomer and Jimmy Ahmadoofous continue their conversation with acclaimed high school wrestling official Anthony Clarke.
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