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Over 150 original Christian faith based Ecumenical poems read by the poet, Kai-Anne Clews. The poems follow a variety of subject matter and topics. With listeners from 50 countries world wide, I am so pleased to share my poems with all of you. So why don't you stay a while and listen. :-) God bless! Continue Reading >>
Over 150 original Christian faith based Ecumenical poems read by the poet, Kai-Anne Clews. The poems follow a variety of subject matter and topics. With listeners from 50 countries world wide, I am so pleased to share my poems with all of you. So why don't you stay a while and listen. :-) God bless! << Show Less
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Lions Crown by Kai-Anne Clews Poem lyrics pending.
Autonomy of Sin By Kai-Anne Clews The birds do not gossip
That they should prefer better songs,
Than those given them by the Creator,
They do not mumble that He was wrong.
The mighty stars in their orbit
Do not mutter about it being too far,
That the Creator should expect such service,
Never so complained a single star.
All the rugged and noble animals,
In the wind and the sleet and the snow,
They do not boast of their better knowledge,
They do not sell what they know.
Show me one atom that opposes HIM,
The Great One called; I AM.
Only the Devil demands independence from HIM,
And with this same madness, he poisoned man.
All of creation follows Gods leading,
Animals, Plants, Planets and seasons,
They require no explanation,
And suffer to give none their reasons.
Only mankind and the Devil himself
Would prefer the Outer Darkness to the Lord…
Only mankind and the Devil himself,
Believe they alone ought be adored.
A song carried on the Wind by Kai-Anne Clews Oh my beloved Champion,
With hatred always comes
And ending.
But with Love
Comes always,
A beginning. An assurity
Of depending.
And in my daily Loving You
I daily make a new start.
And in my depending upon you,
I am quickened with another beat of my heart!
Oh Champion unforgetting –
Where hatred demands the sacrifice of another,
But with Love, we are called to sacrifice,
Ourselves for our sister and brother.
This the heart of the Champion –
This is the path of the wise,
Seeing all eternity
Through Gods own loving eyes.
To the beloved Scoffer by Kai-Anne Clews You say my Jesus is a fantasy
A fairy story, an ancient myth, with zero worth.
You so frightened of this intimacy,
That comes along with the second birth.
Like a mother and a child are likened to one flesh
So too all those who are reconciled,
To begin again, and start afresh!
There IS no earthly equivalent
For what takes place in the converting heart.
There IS no earthly metaphor
For the sting of that fiery dart.
There IS nothing I can tell you
Lest the Holy Spirit Himself brings illumination,
Only then can understanding dawn,
And you’ll plainly perceive your destination.
So I am terribly sorry,
My lament is not a lie,
If you’ve yet to receive that brightness,
To change and sharpen your eye.
It is ought a mystery,
How some are yet to come to Faith,
But know that we the faithful, pray for you,
To enter in those blessed gates.
Triumphant Daughter by Kai-Anne Clews Oh sing again of her,
The shield maiden of the cross
She free of vanity
Her battlefield she crossed.
Oh tell again of her courage
Her humble peasant faith
That placed heaven itself into her arms
And quieted that debate.
How swift of foot that nimble soul
An eagle high that yields to the wind
How she soared, to follow Him, and
How she still flies,
By His side.
Her eyes may pierce the fallen
Her eyes so like Her sons,
She has been given leave to bring warning,
To every country, every people, everyone.
She calls us little children,
For the expanses of her heart
In knowing and Loving Christ,
To us would seem Frightful Depths,
And we would miss its delight…
That even this great Lady,
Is but a dove in the Lord’s magnificence,
She is our shield maiden of eternity,
And is defiant to all our indifference.
Even if I were by Kai-Anne Clews I’ll guide them to my Jesus,
No matter the scope, or type of their pain.
No matter the depth of their woundedness,
No matter the cause of the shame.
Please don’t think me shallow
For this “one size fits all” approach,
Please don’t think me lazy,
Fit for a reproach.
For even if I were a Doctor,
Who could provide the body with healing,
I cannot offer eternal life,
No matter the intensity of my feelings.
For even if I were a lawyer
Who could preserve the reputation,
And keep my client out of the dungeon cell…
I cannot preserve anyone from the dim dark fortress of Hell.
For even if I were a teacher
Who could instruct in a right good way,
I am not the Author of Truth,
Who brought forth the night and the day.
For I am just a human,
A lucky one who knows Gods own name!
I know that in Him and Him alone,
Rests Salvation for us, the slain.
The Mystery of the Heart by Kai-Anne Clews Oh my heart... What art thou
That I must needs have charge of thee?
What child that I must choose what
Nourishment to feed, and what medicine to heed?
But thou art my own guide,
My guardian and keeper
So it is right that I should guard thee
And keep thee with all diligence,
Oh Doorway for my redeemer...
Beloved heart, and wicked lair...
How deep do thy chasems roll?
How eternal thy skyward sunrise
How ineffable thy friendships stole?
To be my greatest allie,
Oh most intimate enemy of mine...
To lead me into or out of eternity,
Like a casual passer by...
Solomon said "Oh who LORD, can lead these people all Your own?"
"Give unto me an understanding heart,
Leave me not to tarry alone."
From that hour onward he could
Interpret the swaying of the trees...
He could understand the far flung stars...
And the voices of the birds with ease.
I cannot understand those things,
I look but still fail to see...
I pray but know not what for,
As I drift in a never ending sea.
Oh Lord what a responsibility!
To give me a human heart...
Only Our Lord and His Lady,
Could make of them exquisite art!
Oh Lord, what a treasure in my keeping,
I feel like a mother with a babe...
Let me not sin against it,
Let me not lose it to the grave...
What is a heart, this woundable thing...
What is a heart, that when full makes us sing.
What is a heart, this tabernacle of Christ,
What is a heart, this vessel of life...
For too many, too many,
It is but a cauldron of death,
Full of idolatry
And still not full yet...
For too many too many,
The heart is the pit...
Full of snares and thorns,
And bitter wit.
Beloved, my Jesus, come tame
This wild land...
From my planes and my valleys,
To the deep ocean sands...
Beloved, my Jesus,
do not let me grow wild,
Help me, and tend me,
Thy wayward lost child.
Beloved, My Jesus,
Grow in this tomb,
Make an eternity
Out of this fortress of doom.
Listen oh Heart!
Be supplicant and obey,
Follow then Our Jesus,
The True Life and The Way.
Listen, oh vessel!
listen, oh earth!
Become Thou then worthy,
Of the gift of Thy birth.
Love Transforms by Kai-Anne Clews Oh Loves sweet strange beginnings -
What a mystery is found in thee?
What special doorway in thou is't,
leading to eternity?

Love has in its character -
And like a mirror behaves -
To turn the reflection of the lover,
Into the beloved so craved.

When a boy admires some hero,
he'll walk and talk and act the same -
When a girl admires some example -
she'll model herself, and twin that flame.

When a woman loves her child,
She is transformed into a mothers grace,
She is transfigured in her manner,
bearing the same, but so different a face.

When a man is a lover of money,
protecting his big pile of gold -
He slowly transforms into a dragon,
only by a cold hold consoled...

Love in the natural is dangerous!
Of earthly things breeds but death...
But love given to the innocent,
that love is a bringer of breath...

Love so enraptures the mortal heart -
For the divinity burns away all deceit -
Love ennobles and steals away,
Making this world obsolete.
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