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Freedom to Submit Pastor Dan will be talking about our Freedom to Submit and our sermon scripture will be Mark 14:32-42 ESV.
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Freedom to Submit Pastor Dan will be talking about our Freedom to Submit and our sermon scripture will be Mark 14:32-42 ESV.
Marriage Passage: Gen 2:5 - 25

Questions for thought

In your differences and gifting how do you complete your spouse?

How do you abide, in Love, for your marriage?

How does your pursuit of intimacy impact your relationship with your spouse?

What are you doing to be REAL with God?
Why Do We Remember We all forget things, whether it's our keys, where we parked, someone's name, or a special anniversary. But the most devastating thing we could ever forget is the explosive power of Jesus' sacrificial love. Isn’t it amazing how God doesn't leave it up to our forgetful, fickle hearts to remember? Rather, He regularly calls us around His table to give us the Lord’s Supper, which strengthens us spiritually as we follow Him together. For as surely as we taste the bread and drink the wine, we are nourished and refreshed by His love. Join us this Sunday as we conclude our series "Why Do We Do That?” and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.
Why Do We Baptize Baptism is one of the two most universally practiced Christian rituals. As such, you would think there was near universal agreement about what it means, how it is done, and who participates. Sadly, the opposite is true. Particularly for the last 500 years there has been much debate and arguing and even bloodshed, over something intended to show the unity of all followers of Jesus. Is it possible to find a way forward? We will explore that question this Sunday as well as baptize some folks into the covenant family of God's people.
Why Do We Preach Do you ever feel like you’re constantly being preached at? Whether it's by marketers or legislators, social media or news feeds, these voices can infuriate and exhaust us. This is not the preaching our souls crave. We need preaching that challenges us and comforts us, exposes us and satisfies us. We need preaching that isn't about “us” but about the One who loved us and gave Himself up for us. Join us this Sunday as we look at why we preach the One who is the Living Word!
Why Do We Serve CS Lewis says “I do not believe one can settle how much we ought to give. I am afraid the only safe rule is to give more than we can spare.” We serve God and we serve others through the giving of our time, our talents and our treasure. This is a way we love God and love others. The question is why do we do this?
Why Do We Gather Why does the church gather? Is it because "it's what good Christians do"? Is it because we're looking for the church to meet our consumer needs? Is it simply habit or routine?

No! We gather as the church not to check a religious box, but to be part of the countercultural Kingdom revolution that Jesus is building through his people. Jesus calls us together to worship Him and to grow us deeper in faith, hope, and love for the sake of His mission and His glory.
Sing: A Song of Disappointment Do you ever try to manage your disappointment? Whether it’s unmet expectations, frustrations and hurt or even the death of a dream. But what happens when it all becomes unmanageable? Psalm 4 shows us that we actually don’t need to manage or bury our disappointments but rather pray them back to God. Surprisingly, when we do that we are met with the very presence and joy of Jesus. Join us this Sunday to see how this Psalm teaches our heart how to sing even in the face of disappointment!
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