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Reduce. Reuse. Re-fashion.
Conversations with industry experts about circular and sustainable fashion. What's new in fashion? Why is sustainability important? What's possible approach towards circular and sustaianble fashion? And most importantly - what can you & I do about it? We think fashion positive. Do you? Continue Reading >>
Reduce. Reuse. Re-fashion.
Conversations with industry experts about circular and sustainable fashion. What's new in fashion? Why is sustainability important? What's possible approach towards circular and sustaianble fashion? And most importantly - what can you & I do about it? We think fashion positive. Do you? << Show Less
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#4 Textile Recycling | With Anneka Textiles Textile recycling is much more complex topic than what it might sound at first. Yet, it takes up a crucial part in circular fashion system. Listen to today's episode with Cathryn Anneka Hall, PhD Design - Researcher, to find out why dealing with textile as a waste is just the first step we should take towards zero waste, and what are the challenges of today’s textile recycling system. Yet, is there something we can do to design out waste in the first place? If so, we should think in terms of circular fashion, and how designers can apply circular design principles. We also discuss what each of us can do to make sure our clothes never reach the landfill again.Learn more about Anneka's work (i.e. publications, online webinars, consultancy, teaching, other) here: & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
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What Size Should Your Wardrobe Be? Signs Hansen discusses what she believes to be a properly sized wardrobe. Hansen describes what she believes to be the measure of when you have enough clothes, how to store your clothes, and more.
Re-Fashion - Sustainable Clothing Fashion & Accessories Resource Did you know listening to podcasts can save you money as well as introduce you to new designers and lines? Re-Fashion helps save the planet with environmentally friendly fashion, products and even helps save you cash with coupon codes for many of it's guests! For instance, Vandaya's jewelry line helps save the oceans from plastic waste inspired by a trip to Fiji.
Circular Fashion Reduce. Reuse. Re-fashion! Listen to a set of episodes with fashion industry experts who are working towards implementing circular & sustainable fashion in place. What's new in fashion? Why is sustainability important? What's possible business approach towards circular and sustainable fashion? And most importantly - what can we (you & I) do about it? Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. But we are fashion positive. Are you? Re-Fashion
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#15 ESG Investing | With Douglas Lopez ESG investing and sustainable fashion. What does it have in common?Well, without a proper, healthy and secure finance mechanism, there wouldn't be any sustainable business. Therefore, in this episode, I have invited an expert in sustainable investments - Douglas Lopez, Principle, Portfolio Manager at Aristotle Credit Partners in California, USA to introduce us to the topic and in particular - the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) ratings of companies, which help investors make sustainable investment decisions. Are you curious to find out more on how it all relates to circular and sustainable fashion? Then, give it a listen!Follow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#14 Capsule Wardrobe | With Signe Hansen Capsule Wardrobe - how to build a truly sustainable wardrobe? What is a good number of items? Should they only be the basics? You probably had all these (and many more) questions, if you ever tried to build a capsule wardrobe. Luckily I have all the answers for you from no one else but a certified style coach, minimal lifestyle advocate, and the biggest youtube channel about conscious wardrobe owner - Signe Hansen from Use Less. In today's talk, Signe will guides us through how to build a capsule wardrobe, share her tips on how to take care of your clothes and in general, disclose her view towards circular and sustainable fashion. Signe says that your wardrobe can contribute to your overall well-being as well. How? Listen to our talk!Visit Signe's blog Use Less, Instagram, Youtube to find more information or sign-up to her brand new course for creating your own conscious style!Follow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#13 Ocean Friendly Jewellery | With Vandaya "We recycle precious metals into new jewellery and advocate plastic-free oceans and coral reef restoration", says Amalie Marstrand, Co-founder and CEO of Vandaya Jewellery. The brand's goal is to make long-lasting jewellery that is affordable for everyone. Another important thing about Vandaya is that their values are highly cantered around the challenges of the oceans. That's why they ship all products in 100% compostable shipping mailers (to prevent plastic pollution), are working on having a zero-carbon footprint, and on top of that - donate 10% of their profits to ocean conservation. Amalie emphasises that sustainability is not their end-goal, instead - it's a journey. Therefore, they continuously work on more sustainability initiatives and designs!Use a promo code (mentioned in the podcast ) to get 15% discount on your next jewellery purchase from beautiful Vandaya Jewellery collection (valid for all products that aren't already discounted). Let’s all contribute to responsible jewellery production and plastic-free oceans!Follow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#12 Online Repair | With Repamera One of the key principles of circular fashion is keep wearing your clothes longer. How? You can do that by fixing and mending your clothes. Now, with online tailor services that Repamera (Swedish online platform) offers - it's even easier to repair your clothes than it is to buy new ones! Curious to hear more about it and how fixing your clothes can contribute to circular fashion? Listen to our talk with Henning, founder and CEO of Repamera. By the way, feel free to use a promo code (mentioned in the podcast ) to get 10% discount on your next clothes' repair (valid until 1st April, 2021). Fix your clothes - contribute to circular fashion!Follow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#11 Eccentric Upcycling | With Melisa Minca Upcycling one-of-a-kind pieces for eccentric individuals and everyone else who wants to advocate their values through their clothing. Let me introduce you to Melisa Minca - ethical fashion label based in Berlin. Melisa is upcycling second hand and vintage items, scraps and fabric leftovers to unique pieces, or custom designs in order to prevent overproduction. However, Melisa admits that upcycling alone won’t fix environmental and global issues. We need to actively support and demand change through meaningful actions. "I'm not clapping for sustainable promises from big fashion brands", she says. "Smaller brands are the pioneers and need to be supported". Listen to our talk with Melisa, and learn about challenges of being an independent designer, systemic change and transformative power of fashion.Browse through Melisa Minca's collection at melisaminca.comFollow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#10 Clothing Subscription | With Hack Your Closet "We created a shared closet of handpicked clothing that were formerly abandoned. Now they are well used by many people creating new stories", sais Mikaela Larsell Ayesa, co-founder of Hack Your Closet. It is a monthly subscription, rotation service for second-hand clothes. Each month you receive four items that you can keep for four weeks and then the cycle repeats. Your subscription is carefully curated by personal stylists so that the items you receive would best reflect your style! This way, you maintain diversity in your wardrobe in much more environmentally friendly way than constantly buying new clothes. But that's not only it. Hack Your Closet also creates the community around their service so that people could come together and share great stories about their outfits. Find out more about Hack Your Closet and clothing subscription model in our podcast episode.Follow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#9 Tech in Fashion | With Odeta Valiuskyte How does the future of fashion look like? This time, we're talking to Odeta Valiuskyte - fashion tech strategist, founder of creative marketing studio Storyfounders and business tech project manager at IBM. With the uprising technological innovation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Computer-generated imagery tools (to say the least), fashion industry is merging with the digital world much faster than ever before. Among a lot of exciting opportunities this has to offer (virtual show rooms, CGI models, virtual clothing, etc.) digital fashion also enables more sustainable approach towards garment production, thus improving environmental footprint, fashion industry is notorious for. Get in touch with Odeta at & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#8 Alternative Materials | With Little Pink Maker "What if you could turn your Christmas tree into a dress and compost it at the end of its wear? Or grow a T-shirt?" suggests Chan'nel Vestergaard, founder of Little Pink Maker. She is a founder of creative lab-studio in Copenhagen for science based experiments and innovation tailored to everyday people! In this episode, we talk to Chan'nel about alternative, plant-based materials in textiles. What are they? How would they change the textiles industry? Also, what are the current myths of upcycling and how to do it properly, among many other topics! Visit Little Pink Maker to find out more.Follow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
#7 Upcycled Sneakers | With Wair "Sneakers are our first step towards waste-free fashion", sais Lili Dreyer, founder of Wair. It is textile upcycling company, on the mission towards waste-free fashion industry. What’s so special about Wair? Apart from making super cool sneakers, they are also unique, circular and sustainable. Each pair of shoes has its own story. It is made from upcycled textiles, it has recycled cotton shoelaces, and the sole is made of recycled rubber sole scraps. But that’s not it! Their sneakers are designed to be recyclable and thereby circular all the way around. More about that and other topics in this episode! Find your sustainable sneakers at Use the promo code for 10% discount, mentioned in the podcast (valid till 31st December, 2020).Follow & Subscribe to us on:Instagram: @myconscious_livingFacebook: @myconsciouslivinggYoutube: @myconscious_livingWebsite: myconsciousliving
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