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Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? E-mail: Continue Reading >>
Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? E-mail: << Show Less
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94. The Pierce Family Murders: The Suspicious Death of Amanda Pierce (PART TWO) A family of women had their lives taken by domestic violence abusers with one daughter’s suspicious death having been ruled suicide. Her case was not properly investigated. With her mother and two sisters now gone, Kimberly fights on and hopes that her sister Amanda’s case will finally be reopened and reinvestigated properly.In part two, I go over major takeaways from the statements we heard in part one. Then we pick up where we left off at the scene with the ambulance arriving. You’ll also hear Amanda’s ex husband and father of their children, Dustin, speak to the detective. You’ll also hear Kimberly and Brayan’s conversation at the hospital.There is something you can do to help. You can call or email the following people and ask for Amanda Pierce’s case to be reopened and reinvestigated. Grayson County District Attorney, Brett Smith: (903) 813-4361WRITE BRETT SMITH: smithb@co.grayson.tx.usTexas State Attorney General, Ken Paxton info:MAIN SWITCHBOARD (512) 463-2100EMAIL FORM: VICTIM STAFF (800) 983-9933 or (512) 936-1200WRITE THE CRIME VICTIM STAFF: House Representative, Reggie Smith: (512) 463-0297WRITE TO REGGIE SMITH: reggie@reggiesmithfortexashouse.comHonorable Pat Fallon: (903) 820-5170WRITE PAT FALLON: County Police Department: (903) 813-4200SHERIFF TOM WATT: wattt@co.grayson.tx.usPodcast Promo: Booze + Spirits Podcast
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David Parker Ray’s History of Violent Sexual Fantasies Reverie True Crime explains David Parker Ray's history of sexual fantasies. They also share The Toy Box Killer's upbringing and potential root of evil. Did David Parker Ray's childhood cause him to imagine strange and devious sexual fantasies or was he born to torture?
Reading the Transcript of David Parker Ray’s Audiotape In this snippet, we play a part of the transcribed tape that David Parker Ray would play for his victims after they gained consciousness. The Toy Box Killer describes his methods of torture to his victims in detail. This audio may be disturbing for some, the listeners discretion is advised.
Cynthia Vigil’s Escape From David Parker Ray’s Toy Box David Parker Ray had many victims during his reign of horror, but some escaped. Reverie True Crime shares a story of one of The Toy Box Killer's victims who got away. The Toy Box Killer also had accomplices who helped him torture his victims, who were these people, and what did they do?
Best part of David parker ray Love this weird thing he is saying....
David Parker Is so scary here david parker true crime guy - he is creepy
Katie Palmer: Injustice in Denison, Texas Snippet of the Katie Palmer Episode
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Mind-Boggling Unsolved True Crime Stories This playlist includes snippets of episodes about true crime cases that are still unsolved. Reverie True Crime
Best of Reverie True Crime Snippets from the Reverie True Crime podcast! Reverie True Crime
20 of the Best True Crime Episodes About Elisa Lam Are you as intrigued with the case of Elisa Lam as I am? Check out these great episodes! Reverie True Crime
LGBTQ True Crime Snippets Snippets of true crime LGBTQ+ specific podcast episodes that I love. Plus, episodes from other true crime podcasts about LGBTQ+ victims and murderers. Reverie True Crime
Reverie True Crime’s Favorites for a Road Trip Going to have a long day and need all the true crime you can handle? Road tripping? Need to binge? I’ve got you covered! Reverie True Crime
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127. The Strange Disappearance and Death of Marcia Moore One cold January night in 1979, Marcia Moore, a writer, astrologer, psychic, the heiress (at the time) of the Sheraton Hotel chain, a student of Hinduism, an advocate for the drug Ketamine, and who loved Jungian Psychology, seemed to just…vanish. Her remains were finally discovered two years later but what happened to her? Was her husband, Dr. Howard Alltounian, involved? Was it an accidental overdose or the workings of a witch coven?Promo: Missing Persons•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: SOURCES: <a href=""...
126. Michael Gilbert: The Blue Lagoon Murder Do we really know who our neighbors are?The Watt family was disliked and feared by everyone in the neighborhood. People had no idea what ACTUALLY went on inside the Watt’s house was something out of a horror film. The victim in this case was a vulnerable adult, Michael Gilbert. No matter what they did to him, he said he loved them and they were his family. This story is heartbreaking and grisly.A listener from the UK suggested this case and I appreciate them for bringing this story to my attention.Promo: 10 Minute True CrimeThank you to today's sponsor, Athletic Greens! Go to to get your one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D supplements and 5 travel packs with your first purchase!•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: <a...
Introducing: Brew Crime - If it’s Broke, Don’t Fix it (Government Tomfoolery) Hey everyone! I’m taking the week off to write episodes and Patreon only content! Enjoy this great episode from Brew Crime!!On this episode the boys have JT's dad on as a guest and they cover Government Tomfoolery. Stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear some hilarious outtakes!!!Promo: DNA ID (season two), Book of Lies Podcast, Let's Start a CultStory - JTMK UltraBeer pairing for this case is New Realm Brewing Restricted Area Double IPA Sources Hearing Before the Select Committee On Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources United States Senate Ninety-Fifth Congress First Session August 3, 1977 - MikeRCMP TerrorismBeer Pairing for this case is Indie Alehouse Instigator West Coast Style IPASources<a href=""...
125. Gregory Davis: Macabre Murders in Mississippi Gregory Davis, as a young teenager, was obsessed with older women. He would even go into his 20s being a pervert, feeling up on older women’s legs when they least expected it. Death seemed to follow Gregory no matter where he went, even in another state. Elderly women were being murdered but it’s still unknown if he was the killer…except in one case.Promo: Citizen DetectiveThank you to today’s sponsor, Newsly! Download Newsly for free at and if you’d like to try one month free of their premium subscription, use the promo code RTCM.Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite:
The BrewVerie Report #4 The BrewVerie Report (Brew Crime with Reverie True Crime) is back with our collaborative monthly series! BrewVerie is a Florida Man style news show but covering USA, Canada and the world with little to no Florida.Daily News... Once Monthly.Sources:,taken%20social%20media%20by%20storm.&text=%E2%80%9CYou%20may%20now%20kiss%20the,the%20end%20of%20a%20wedding,to%20make%20herself%20a%20snack <a href=""...
124. Colin Ireland: British Slayer of Gay Men A teen mom and her newborn son, Colin Ireland, didn't have the easiest life. They moved around from home to home, homeless shelters, they were financially struggling, and Colin attended many different schools where he was constantly harassed. All throughout his childhood, pedophiles seemed to be everywhere. Colin grew to be angry, unsure how to handle his strong emotions, and mental anguish about being preyed on by these men at every turn. When he got older, instead of attempting to work on those issues, he made a New Years Resolution to become a serial killer in 1993.Promo: The Murder in My FamilyThank you to today's sponsor, Athletic Greens! Go to to get your one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D supplements and 5 travel packs with your first purchase!Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: <a href=""...
123. Terra Newell: Surviving and Taking Down “Dirty John” Debra Newell had a few failed marriages and went looking for love on a dating website. She came across a man named John Meehan. She thought he was a charming, successful anesthesiologist, handsome, and kind. In actuality, he was none of those things.John, better known as “Dirty John”, had a scary past that Debra and her family didn’t know about. Eventually, John began to tear Debra’s family apart. However, she was being love bombed and psychologically manipulated to the point she couldn’t see what was really happening for a while.As their relationship progressed into marriage, there were red flags that Debra did open her eyes to and she was scared. She was living in fear and went to one of her daughter’s apartments to stay to get away from him. John began stalking Debra and her family.One of Debra’s daughter’s, Terra Newell, joins me today and talks about this traumatic experience. Terra killed John in self defense during a terrifying attack. She’s a courageous, smart, strong, inspiring human being and I admire her so much.•Follow her socials:Instagram: PROMO: True ConsequencesTwitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: Website:
122. Domestic Abuse: Trevin of the Seriously Sinister Podcast Trevin, of the podcast Seriously Sinister, tells us about his past relationship with someone who was manipulative, would gaslight him, and was emotionally, verbally, and psychologically abusive.Trevin’s album on Spotify which he made after the breakup: can also search for the artist Fiesta Man and the album, Baby Girl, wherever you listen to music.Send Trevin some love on Twitter at and be sure to subscribe to the podcast Seriously Sinister. It's a true, petty crime podcast that is hilarious and I know you all will enjoy it. Twitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comFacebook: Website: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comPromo: Once Upon a NightmareThank you to today's sponsor, Athletic Greens! Go to to get your one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D supplements and 5 travel packs with your first purchase!
The BrewVerie Report #3 Brew Crime and Reverie True Crime decided to give you all two daily news reports this month. 😆 J.T. is out in the field on assignment! He will be back next time! Join your anchors, Mike and Paige, for these insane news stories!!Your daily news…TWICE this month!PROMO: Murderous MinorsTwitter: https://reverietruecrime.tumblr.comContact: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comPatreon:*1t2q3*_ga*MTM3ODQ2MjQ0NC4xNjU1Nzc0MTk5*_ga_9H6VPHFHKG*MTY1NTc3NDE5OS4xLjEuMTY1NTc3NDI3Mi4w&_ga=2.66579310.1324829586.1655774200-1378462444.1655774199<a href=""...
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