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From serial killers to the greatest heists ever recorded, check out Vurbl's best true crime audio. Listen to serial killers discuss their own crimes, podcasts that discuss infamous crimes, and more! For all you murderinos out there, come together to grieve and learn from these tragic tales of true crime from creators like Reverie True Crime, A Few Bad Apples, Bloodbath, and Serial Psych. Continue Reading >>
From serial killers to the greatest heists ever recorded, check out Vurbl's best true crime audio. Listen to serial killers discuss their own crimes, podcasts that discuss infamous crimes, and more! For all you murderinos out there, come together to grieve and learn from these tragic tales of true crime from creators like Reverie True Crime, A Few Bad Apples, Bloodbath, and Serial Psych. << Show Less

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The True Crime History Of The Small Town Of Quartzsite Listen in to this introduction of a true crime story from the small town of Quartzsite. In this complex, 30-year story that started with a murder-for-hire plot between the town’s first two mayors and ends with a state of emergency.
Top 21 True Crime Podcasts Of 2021 Indulge in your fascination for real crimes and investigations with the most disturbing, puzzling, and downright spine-chilling true crime podcasts from 2021. These are the podcasts covering the most appalling criminal stories, mind-boggling disappearances, and downright unsettling true crimes from recent history. Listen to your favorites like My Favorite Murder, Dateline, Over My Dead Body, and more. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Intro To My Favorite Murder If you're a fellow murderino, this is just the playlist for you! Listen in to the top 10 episodes from one of the most popular true crime comedy podcasts, My Favorite Murder. Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark's balance of banter and storytelling will bring you to tears from laughing one minute to sadness the next. Listen to infamous murders like the Black Dahlia, stories of survival like Mary Vincent, and everything in between. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Best Podcasts About The Zodiac Killer On Vurbl Listen to the horrifying story of the zodiac killer through the best true crime podcasts on Vurbl. Hear about the infamous cold case from other serial killer fanatics and get caught up with where the case stands. Explore all the possible theories and learn about the latest developments that investigators are still uncovering to this day. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
The Gabby Petito Case: Latest Updates In September 2021, 22-year-old woman Gabby Petito was reported missing. Gabby set off in a van with her fiancé to explore the United States just two months prior, but after her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, returned home in the van without her, got a lawyer, and remained silent, Gabby's family officially reported Gabby as missing. Listen to the strange timeline of events of the body cam footage from an officer who was called after a witness saw the couple fighting, Gabby's body being found, theories of where Brian is now, and so much more. Join us as we collect all the most recent updates of the Gabby Petito case here. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Trending True Crime Stories That Will Shock You Listen to the latest episodes of true crime podcasts, all in one playlist! Each episode is a deep dive of a murder or true crime story, which makes this the ultimate way to get the most stories in one playlist experience. Discover podcasts like Crime Junkie, Red Collar, Reverie True Crime, A Few Bad Apples, and more! Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Most Spine-Tingling Unsolved Mystery Podcasts Unsolved mysteries are everywhere. In fact, depending on where you live, the chances that something truly awful or totally spooky happened nearby is highly likely. These top unsolved mystery podcasts look at all things unexplained and baffling: true unsolved crimes, ghosts and hauntings, weird creatures, and implausible events. Listen to your favorite podcasts like Re-Solved Mysteries, Astonishing Legends, Crawlspace, and more. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Infamous Mafia Families You Won't 'Fuggedabout' The truth behind organized crime is obscured by classic movies and heart-racing crime novels but what are some of America's most infamous mafias really like? Listen to podcasts like War College and Series Finale to understand a more thorough history of the country's most sophisticated crime organizations. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
The Tragic Murder of Vera Jo Reigle On the night of March 26th, 2011, Vera Jo Reigle was murdered in Findlay, Ohio. Listen to a retelling of her life and tragic death told through podcasts. Years of abuse and neglect preceded the 24-year-olds death, but what makes the story even more abhorrent is that the people closest to her were responsible. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Lars Mittank's Disappearance: The Most Famous Missing Person on YouTube Lars Mittank, a.k.a. "The Most Famous Missing Person on YouTube" was a level-headed, hardworking family man who spent his days working at a power plant and taking care of his ailing father. In 2014, Lars and a group of his friends traveled to the Golden Sands Resort in Varna, Bulgaria, for a week of relaxation and fun. Lars would not return from the trip. Listen in for the full story. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
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Crime Redefined Podcast The Crime Redefined true crime podcast is hosted by renowned DNA expert Mehul Anjaria and executive producer and former actor/stuntman Dion Mitchell. They go on a deep dive into the fascinating intersections of criminal justice, forensic science, and the media. Anjaria and Mitchell are the founders of the Los Angeles-based production company Zero Cliff Media.
Legally Insane Films Welcome to the official Vurbl channel for

We release two podcasts - the Legally Insane Films podcast, which follows our latest documentary, & Small Town Justice (STJ).

Small Town Justice exposes injustice & celebrates the heroes fighting it. Our first investigation is the Cabinet Con, which takes a deep dive into a scam network rocking the Florida Panhandle. One man’s been sentenced to 10 years + 25 years of parole & ordered to pay full restitution of nearly $100,000 to 16 victims. Believe it or not, this was the little man on the ladder. A second man is set to be arrested on multiple felony charges soon. Check out the first season of STJ right here!

As for our films, Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite is our latest, & it's available for pre-screener right now at If you want $6 off the price, join the Legally Insane Fan Club at the $9 Commander level, & get additional bonuses, outtakes, extended scenes, behind-the-scenes & lots more. Just head to & click the "Join the Fan Club" button.

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Just ten years after the conviction of its mayor on murder conspiracy charges, millions of dollars in city revenue is missing. Any residents who ask questions are falsely jailed by the police chief on the orders of Town Hall, forcing the story onto the pages of Orwellian prophecy. A sergeant loyal to his oath, & a new mayor pushing for answers, fight independently but for the same goal – to uncover the truth. The cops mutiny the chief & are fired for speaking out. Under armed guard, the council holds a closed-door meeting to oust the mayor, declare Martial Law, & turn over complete power to the chief who’s busy jailing local newspaper reporters to cover up allegations of drug cartel extortion. See the full synopsis at
Reverie True Crime Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? E-mail:
‎A Few Bad Apples This podcast spotlights cases of police brutality that have occurred in America throughout the decades. In these turbulent times, the police continue to use excessive force against citizens, some resulting in deaths. The purpose of the podcast is to inform listeners of the severity of some of these cases and to hopefully create a movement where police no longer use excessive force and to advocate for positive reform within police departments across the country.
‎Bloodbath a True Crime Podcast Bloodbath, hosted by Ashley and Jamie, is a conversational true crime comedy podcast!

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Serial Psych A true crime comedy podcast where Jordan teaches Dan psychological concepts and the murderers who relate.

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