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Rom Coms + True Crimes = Rom Crime 💕 🔪 Each week hosts Averyn and Vonia pair a rom com and true crime and investigate the connections between the two for your ultimate listening escape.
Because love hurts and kills. Continue Reading >>
Rom Coms + True Crimes = Rom Crime 💕 🔪 Each week hosts Averyn and Vonia pair a rom com and true crime and investigate the connections between the two for your ultimate listening escape.
Because love hurts and kills. << Show Less
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Cyranoville Letter Writer In this weeks episode Vonia covers Steve Martins interpretation of Cyrano de Bergerac, Roxanne! It’s a tale as old as time. Man with huge nose falls in love with beautiful woman. Beautiful woman falls for local hottie. Local hottie is a complete moron so man with huge nose writes love letters to beautiful woman on his behalf. You know that typical old song and dance. There are certainly aspects of this movie that don’t pass the smell test (HAHA!!!) but it’s still an awful lot of fun. I mean Steve Martin wrote it so you know it’s a good time!Then Averyn tells the, will it ever be solved, mystery of the Circleville Letter Writer. In 1976 the residents of Circleville, Ohio started receiving anonymous letters written in strange block lettering that aimed to share everyone’s darkest secrets (and it turned out there were A LOT of dirty little secrets). These letters would continue to be sent out regularly for almost two decades. The effects were catastrophic with one man dying (possibly murdered), an attempt on a local woman’s life, and a possibly innocent man spending 10 years in prison. The identity of the Circleville Letter Writer is still unknown (according to some) and with the last letter having been sent almost 30 years ago will the truth ever come to light? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
My Big Fat Family Restaurant Murders In this weeks episode Vonia covers the delightful, wholesome, feel good Rom Com, My Big Fat Greek Wedding! This surprise mega smash hits all the right notes! We’ve got an endearing leading lady, gorgeous and genuine leading man and the worlds most hilarious and overly loud family. It’s a great reminder to follow your heart and always keep family close to your heart. It’s also an excellent education in the dozens of additional uses for Windex.Then Averyn tells the true story of the Zankou Chicken Murders. If you live in Southern California then you know Zankou, you love Zankou, you’d marry Zankou’s incredible garlic paste if you could. Zankou Chicken started as a small mom and pop restaurant in Beirut in the early 1960s and when the family moved to Los Angeles in the early 80s and opened up a spot in East Hollywood a staple of every Angelinos diet was born. When the eldest son of owners Vartkes and Margerit, Mardiros, wanted to open more locations his parents agreed as long as they didn’t have to own or run the additional restaurants. The family became a great success. Why then, a year after a terminal cancer diagnosis, did Mardiros wake up one day, grab two guns, and drive to his sisters house killing both her and his mother before turning the gun on himself? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We Kiss the Vampire with Dismembering Horror! This week Averyn and Vonia take a break but head over to Dismembering Horror (wherever you get your podcasts) to hear us guest star! We cover the most incredible Rom Horror slash W T actual F movie....that spoiler alert....we both kind of loved! Talk to you all next week! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Bodyguard Did It In this weeks episode Vonia brings the music and the magic with her coverage of The Bodyguard! We all know this movie! We all love this movie! We all know every word to every song Whitney sings in this movie! With a familiar soundtrack and some betcha didn’t know fun facts it’s always a joy revisit The Bodyguard!Then Averyn tells the true story of The Coleman family. Chris Coleman, the personal bodyguard of famous Televangelist, Joyce Meyer, was used to dealing with threats. As a bodyguard it was his job to protect his boss - but what happens when the threats aren’t leveled at the person you protect but at you and your family. In November 2008 threatening emails started coming into the Joyce Meyer Ministries threatening to kill Chris’s wife and children if he didn’t stop working for Joyce. The situation escalated when instead of via email a threatening note was hand delivered to the Coleman’s mailbox not once but twice. Then on May 5th 2009 the unthinkable happened. Sheri Coleman and their two boys Gavin and Garret were all murdered in their beds. Had the angry stalker made good on his promise to kill Chris’ wife and kids or had the threat been in their home all along? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Kissing Booth Cover Up In this weeks episode Vonia covers Netflix’s smash hit Rom Com, The Kissing Booth. This movie navigates Elle Evans (Joey King) junior year of high school. She dance, dance revolutions with her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney) all while hiding her intense romance with Lee’s big brother Noah (Jacob Elordi). Suffice it to say secrets never stay secrets for long and Elle has to decide whether or not to follow the “rules” or her heart. We ❤️ this movie although we have some major issues with the “Los Angeles” of it all and for the love of Pete someone give Joey King an apple crate!Then Averyn tells the head spinning true story of the murder of 33 year old Aliquippa teacher, Rachael DelTondo. The list of suspects is long and possible motives abound. Was it the 17 year old high school football star she may have been secretly sleeping with? Was it a corrupt police officer who found out Rachael was helping the state AG’s office investigate the Aliquippa police department? Or was it her former fiancé the “Wolf of Aliquippa” Frank Catroppa who possibly anonymously distributed a police incident report that cost Rachael her job and all her friends?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Last Call on Fire Island Fire Island + The Last Call Killer = Last Call on Fire IslandIn this weeks episode summer officially kicks off with Vonia’s coverage of Fire Island. This brand new Rom Com reimagines Pride and Prejudice through a group of queer friends on what turns out to be their last annual summer trip to Fire Island. Vonia and Averyn love, Love, LOVE this movie. It’s funny and raunchy and romantic and it made us so nostalgic for summer trips with great friends! If you haven’t seen it yet we highly recommend you check out this fabulous new movie streaming on Hulu.Then Averyn tells the true crime story of shockingly unknown serial murderer, The Last Call Killer. This monster terrorized New York City’s LGBTQ+ community in the early 90s when a series of men were found dismembered, their body parts left in multiple garbage bags along the highway in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. The only clues at first were that the victims had all been last seen at popular New York City piano bars before they disappeared. The case went cold for several years before new finger print technology led police to a middle aged pediatric nurse that had been hiding in plain sight among the community all along. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Crazy Rich Asians Murdered by Maid Crazy Rich Asians + The murder of Nancy Gan = Crazy Rich Asians Murdered by MaidIn this weeks episode Vonia covers the decadent and deliciously gorgeous Rom Com, Crazy Rich Asians. This 2018 film was a smash hit and gave the world dreamboat of all dreamboats Henry Golding and for this alone we are forever grateful! It also features a hilarious Awkwafina who we think should be in everything!Then Averyn tells the true story of well liked and respected Singapore socialite Nancy Gan. Nancy was murdered by her young maid Dewi Sukowati less than a week after she began working in her home. Dewi claims she snapped after six days of being verbally and physically abused by her boss Nancy and it turned out there were former employees of Madam Gan who could corroborate these claims with stories of their own abuse. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I Love You Man + Lindsay Buziak = The Perils of Real Estate In this weeks episode Vonia covers her favorite Bromantic Comedy, I Love You Man! This film centers around an upcoming wedding but rather than focus on the future bride and groom it focuses on real estate agent Peter’s (Paul Rudd) search for a best man when he realizes that his mom is his best friend. Enter Sydney (Jason Segal) a frequenter of open houses because he likes the provided spread and the possibility of meeting a divorcée. Peter and Sydney make it through an awkward first voicemail and become the best of friends. This movie is hilarious and heartwarming and we love it!Then Averyn tells the true story of the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. Lindsay was a beloved 24 year old real estate agent at the start of her career when she received a call from a woman with a strange sounding accent looking for a million dollar home. Although weirded out by the way the woman’s accent seemed fake Lindsay agreed to show the woman and her husband a few homes. On the day of the showing two witnesses saw a couple greeting Lindsay in the driveway of 1702 De Souza Pl. at 5:30 pm. No more than ten minutes later Lindsay would be dead and the couple vanished. Clear to police that Lindsay had been lured to her death they then had to look for who would want Lindsay dead and why. Was it her boyfriend? Was it her ex boyfriend? Was it the drug cartel? Police are still searching for answers along with Lindsay’s family 14 years later. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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