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You Were Dead The Bible teaches us that all outside of Christ are dead in their sin and in slavery to the world, the devil, and their own flesh and are, therefore, under the righteous wrath of God.
We Will Not Forsake The Gathering The gathering of God’s people is essential, we must do everything we can to keep the gathering.
Complementarianism: A Beautiful Dance A sermon on Complementarianism...
Teach Us To Pray Paul teaches us to thank God for His work in the lives of others and to pray that they/we would be gripped by who we are and what we have in Christ.
Our King Is On His Throne King Jesus is God’s answer to the mass rebellion of humanity and chaos on the earth. Those who worship King Jesus will be blessed for all eternity while those who reject Him as King will suffer eternal wrath.
The Joy of True Repentance Repentance is a vital part of our conversion from life to death and must be an ongoing part of the life of every believer. Repentance is not just feeling badly about sin, but is turning away from sin and replacing it with living for Christ.
Simeon’s Song: Salvation & Judgement Christmas divides people as some hear words of life and others hear words of death. As Christians, we must be faithful to proclaim the biblical gospel and trust God with the results.
Zechariah’s Song: Rejoicing in the “Horn of Salvation” Redemption has come through Jesus, the “Horn of Salvation,” who crushed the devil and thus released us from sin’s tyranny.
The Angels’ Song The angels sing because Christ came to bring us peace with God.
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