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Where we connect you with the advice you need for when life happens. Hosted by Yeadon Smith. Continue Reading >>
Where we connect you with the advice you need for when life happens. Hosted by Yeadon Smith. << Show Less
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052 - Nate Kneifel - Add Value, stay relevant! Nathan Kneifel is a local digital marketing consultant in Summerville.
He helps local businesses and professionals get found online.
He assists organizations with local search, paid advertisements, review generation, and social media.
Nathan also runs the website and a video production company.
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052 - Nate Kneifel - Add Value, stay relevant! Nathan Kneifel is a local digital marketing consultant in Summerville.
He helps local businesses and professionals get found online.
He assists organizations with local search, paid advertisements, review generation, and social media.
Nathan also runs the website and a video production company.
051 - Nic Sawa - It's a good thing food tastes so good, because we have to do it so often! Nic cultivated a love of cooking at an early age cooking with his grandmother and mother. This passion was fueled even farther when Nic got his first job at the age of fourteen. Nic started out his culinary career working for a Mom and Pops burger stand in his home town. Dairy Mart has been a community fixture in the small farm town of Huntley since the 1960s and still is to this day.&nbsp;
After a few years Nic’s desire to learn more drove him to another small family owned restaurant. Nic worked in a small Italian restaurant and pizzeria for a year before joining the military. Having access to all the different cooking equipment at the pizzeria to play with instilled a curiosity in Nic for the Art of Cooking. How one ingredient can be transformed so many ways simply by cooking with different tools and techniques.
After his military service Nic continued to study cooking and Baking on his own while attending College, working construction and working in several restaurants. After College, Nic attended a masters program at the Italian Culinary Institute in Southern Italy. This gave Nic the opportunity to fully jump into his passion of learning about the Art of Cooking from several different Masters in their fields. From Bread baking to pastry making, from cheese making to salami making, even conserving and preserving all sorts of fruits and vegetables.&nbsp;
As Nic traveled around Italy and Ireland studying how to cook he has come to understand that what we cook and why we cook is just as important as how to cook, but often over look. Here in the US we often turn to convince foods that are often not very good for us instead of taking our time to make something nice for ourselves. Through his travels and unique working experiences Nic has made it his Mission to inspire people to take some time out of their day and appreciate their meals. Food should not be an afterthought as we run around with our busy schedules. Good, nutritional, simple food is what Nic wishes to share with you and inspire you to cook.&nbsp;
Connect with him here:
050 Steve Koslan - Stay In Your Lane Steve Koslan brings 28 years experience in the office equiment industry to Summerville.&nbsp;
Saulisbury Business Machines is a locally owned independent office equipment dealer that has been in business for over 50 years in the Low Country region.
We provide office solutions, which include office equipment, software, office automation and workflows.
Connect with Steve!
049 - Jamie Mattingley - Plan for your loved ones!!! Jamie graduated from The Citadel and received her J.D. from Charleston School of Law. Jamie works in estate planning, probate, business formation, and real estate. Jamie enjoys helping clients with business, family, and personal asset management and structure planning. She understands the process of planning can be overwhelming and tries to relieve the stress by helping people create a plan covering all aspects of life.
When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Grant, and their daughter, Cora.
phone: 843 • 636 • 8841
048 - Jordan Graffis - Summerville's Newest Author In Cicada Summers, author Jordan Smith Graffis brings readers an emotional, heart-wrenching coming-of-age narrative that ultimately stands as an ode to motherhood.&nbsp;
Adults can learn a lot from children—actually, they have a lot to relearn. The narrator, a mother in her sixties, is writing a compilation of her greatest achievements—and failures—for her son, Billy Rubin, who is himself about to become a parent. She wants Billy to be prepared for the changes this gift will bring, and she wants him to know how much he taught her, and in turn, how much his child will teach him.&nbsp;
At the beginning of each chapter, Billy’s childhood adventures and antics are presented to the reader as illustrations of what’s truly important in life; she wants Billy to feel like he’s reading a children’s book about his youth. These lessons parents experience are actually repeats of ones thought to be previously mastered during childhood, like the importance of sharing, how to love unconditionally, and that the future is full of possibility. There is value in learning—re-learning—these important lessons, whether the knowledge contained therein is to be passed down to loved ones or not.
Author Bio
Jordan Smith Graffis earned her master’s degree from Columbia University and bachelor’s from Marshall University. She is a former journalist turned business owner. She currently lives in Summerville, South Carolina, and splits her time between owning/operating a consulting company and acting as referee during toddler fistfights.&nbsp;
047 - Jack Griffith - Response is Everything Jack was born and raised in Beaufort, SC as technically the middle child, the younger of a set of twins and an older brother to Mac, his brother. Upon graduation from the University of South Carolina, Jack moved back to Beaufor to pursue a career in the insurance industry with Kinghorn Insurance Agency of Beaufort, the oldest business in Beaufort, SC. He worked there for 2 years gaining invaluable experience from his agency owners and surrounding support staff before being asked to move to Summerville, SC and help start a new branch of Kinghorn Insurance, operating under the name TW Insurance Agency. In May of 2018 Jack moved to Summerville and officially opened the doors for business on May 1st of 2018.
Jack gained interest in the local, independent agency side of the insurance industry by growing up watching his father own and operate his own law firm. Watching him make his small business a a professionally run and well respected firm, encouraged Jack to look for an industry where he could make a difference in the community while working for a family first business. He found that in the Kinghorn/TW Insurance family. By gaining the trust of his clients and putting there needs first, Jack hopes to develop an agency where he can gain the trust of local families and business owners to protect their assests correctly from all potential exposures. He is hopes to one day grow the TW brand to the same level of respect that Kinghorn has in Beaufort.
Jack has just recently purchased a home in the Summerville area and looks forward to becoming a part of the local community. When not working or out and about Jack enjoys golfing, spending time with his girlfriend Katie, enjoying time outside in the Lowcountry weather (warm or cold), and catching up with friends and family.
Licensned SC Property and Casualty Agent
Licensed SC Property and Casualty Broker
CBIA (Certified Builders Insurance Agent)

Connect with him:

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046 - Dan Sullivan - Know Your CPA Dan Sullivan is with the firm of Jan Waring Woods, CPA.
"We offer a wide variety of services and resources, but even more importantly, we bring all these together to address the entire range of our clients’ business and personal financial needs."
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045 - Emily Fischer-Bunker - Improve Your Quality of Life! The middle child of medical doctors, Emily Fischer-Bunker grew up in a home where medical problems and solutions were often discussed.&nbsp; As an adult, she has pursued her education in integrative nutrition health coaching to bring her clients practical, proven, and effective ways to improve their health and their quality of life.

Emily employs not just one or two, but a variety of methods to help her clients improve their overall health, because, after all, everything else pales in significance if one has poor health.&nbsp; She offers sage advice, sound knowledge, and effective methods to deliver optimal health to her clients.
Emily studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she was trained by some of the top leaders in the health&nbsp; and wellness industry.&nbsp; She learned about different dietary theories and was trained to look at each client from a holistic point of view.&nbsp; She helps clients assess their lives in areas such as relationships, career, finances, and spirituality as well as diet and exercise; working to improve any areas that the client feels needs improvement.&nbsp; By working with each client holistically, Emily can aid clients in improving not only their health but their happiness as well.
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