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Host Andrew Duddlesten sits down with a variety of guests to discuss an open and wide arrange of topics. Continue Reading >>
Host Andrew Duddlesten sits down with a variety of guests to discuss an open and wide arrange of topics. << Show Less
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Ben Ralphs on the NBA Finals and Offseason Ben Ralphs is back to catch up on basketball.
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Ben Ralphs on the NBA Finals and Offseason Ben Ralphs is back to catch up on basketball.
Writing, Producing and Mental Health with Caroline Hoenemeyer My guest this episode is writer, producer and actress Caroline Hoenemeyer. She comes on the show to talk about the latest season in her web series Dating Myself. We talk about mental health and how the new season tackles the subject, along with the challenges of producing content.  Please note that this episode does contain explicit language.  You can find Caroline's Youtube Channel and podcast at the links below.  Dating Myself Clit Lit Podcast
Sports Betting and the Gambling Industry with Gavin Knapp My friend Gavin Knapp joins the podcast to discuss the changes in the gambling industry since the legalization of sports betting, the future of the industry and the impact on sports themselves.  Opening/Closing song Something New by Bamtone
Journey to the Ironman with Jeremy Duddlesten My brother sits down to talk about his experience training and competing in one of the most difficult endurance challenges, the Ironman. Our discussion includes how he got into endurance sports, what drives him to keep competing, and what going after that huge goal has taught him about himself and about life. Opening and closing track: Something New by Bamtone
Fyre Festival, Marketing, and Organizational Leadership with Lee Schurlknight My former colleague and close friend Lee Schurlknight comes on the pod to discuss the lessons to be learned from Fyre Festival. We talk about marketing, social media influencing, organizational leadership and much more. This podcast was recorded several weeks ago but has a lot of thoughts on the broader trends in marketing and organizational behavior.  Intro/Outro - Bittersweet, The PassionHiFi
Episode 7 - The Oscars Episode Thomas Rufty rejoins the podcast to talk all about the Oscars. We break down each of the films nominated for best picture, we discuss the performances from the actors and actresses in the best and supporting actor/actress category. We also dig further into what factors into the decision process for the awards and then debate who should emerge the winner in each of the main categories.    Just a forewarning, there are heavy spoilers for almost all the films so if you haven't seen them and are planning to, please save the pod for a later date as we highly encourage you to check out all of these movies.
Episode 5 - Atticus Frank My friend, colleague and former football teammate Atticus Frank joins the podcast this week to cover such topics as finding your purpose in life, the positives and negatives of social media, staying in touch and the isolation of adulthood. We share some stories from college and talk about our experiences after graduation and how we've had to make some big life decisions.
Episode 6 - Richard Lee My guest this week is Richard Lee who is an investment professional in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. He attended Columbia University and got started in cryptocurrency by finding and exploiting global arbitrage opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. Our discussion includes topics such as what challenges are still ahead for cryptocurrencies, the potential of blockchain technology, evaluating ICO offerings, where government falls in relation to the technology and much more.   Resources: Intro to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
Episode 4 - Amanda Vining and Patty Giron This week my fellow MBA classmates Amanda Vining and Patty Giron join the podcast to discuss our experiences moving abroad. Topics include the biggest challenges of moving to a new country, why we wanted to live abroad, what we love about Copenhagen and crazy danish biking skills. Amanda Vining originally hails from the United States and brings previous work experience in personnel training and management. Fellow guest Patty Giron moved to Denmark from Mexico and previously worked in the energy industry.
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