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Exciting Business Updates + Invitations Hey everyone,

just popping into your feed with a bunch of updates and invitations - the free business retreat is coming up later in the month, I have updated my web design packages and am booking for October, this is your last chance to join Create & Launch which starts on Monday aaand I am offering a free grief tending session over at Creative Nature. 

Here are all the links: 

Free virtual summer retreat:

Create & Launch program:

Free grief tending session:

Web Design Packages:

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#82 Supporting your mental health in your business Hey friends,
sorry for the unexpected pause! I am back with a chat about mental health in business, which is something I wish we'd all talk about more. I am sharing how I am approaching this from five different angles - identifying sources of anxiety and stress, deepening self-awareness, building resources, thinking about honesty & communication and putting structural support in place. 
Not all of this might apply to you or suit you, but I hope this episode is giving you some valuable food for thought! 
Here is more info about the livelihood community and the waitlist sign up:
and here is the sign up for the free virtual business retreat in September:
#81 Create & Launch starts next week // thoughts on online courses Hey everyone,
in this episode I am offering a little update on my online courses - how they've changed, how it's been and how I am making them part of my business model. I am also sharing about the next yearly live round of Create & Launch, which starts on July 11th. 
You can learn more here:
I also mentioned that the next free virtual business retreat will be on September 10th & 11th - I don't have the sign up yet, but you can already mark your calendar!
#80 Dreaming about regenerative livelihoods & visionary micro business culture Hi! Hello! 
In this solo episode I am daydreaming & exploring what it looks like to untangle myself from capitalist ideas or growth & success and thinking about setting myself up for a stable, creative and right sized life.
I'm also sharing three specific things I want to unlearn and six threads I am excited to follow towards my wildest dreams for all of us
#79 Starting a podcast to build your business Hey everyone,
I'm offering a two part workshop series on starting a podcast to build your business this summer and wanted to record a little intro to share my thoughts - I talked about podcasting as an introvert friendly way to have deeper conversations, building community around your work in honest and mutually beneficial ways, consistency vs. perfectionism and creating an archive of content to both be of service and make it easier for the right people to find you.
Here is more info about the workshop series:
Hopefully see you there!
#78 Live summer classes on podcasting & online courses with me Hey everyone,
this is an announcement episode to say that I'll be offering two live programs this summer - a workshop series on starting a podcast and a live round of Create & Launch, my program to support you in creating and sustainably launching online courses. I'm really excited about both of these - we need more great podcasts in the world and maybe you've been wanting to create an online course and just needed a little push? Either way, in this episode I'll share what to expect, what you'll learn more and how to join us. 
You can find out more & sign up with early bird pricing here: 
Hopefully see you there!
#77 Embracing upper and lower limits around money Hi friends,
I'm having this beautiful post breathwork morning glow, the sun is shining outside my window and I'm feeling inspired to talk about money, success, pricing & book keeping after a really good workshop we had in the Livelihood Community last night. 
I'm invested in the awkward and sometimes hard work of unshaming how we relate to money and in finding the best possible compromise we can make under capitalism while holding the wildest, most radical visions for the future. 
Thank you for being here with me and for listening to my thoughts. I'm sharing some actual numbers around debt and income in this episode and I'm also sharing some tools, questions and ideas that have been helpful for me. 
#76 Finding the right business model Hey everyone,
I've really loved the virtual weekend retreat I ran recently -  one of the workshops we did was about finding the right business model, so I wanted to record an episode on this in case that's useful for you too. 
I think ideally you want to find a way to work that makes you feel like a fish in the water, a way that meets your needs, suits your abilities and offers something meaningful to your communities, but obviously that can be easier said than done. In this episode I am sharing three different angles from which you can find the right model, some important questions to ask yourself and a bit of background on how I arrived at my current business model mix. 
Here is more information about the business community I mention in the beginning:
I hope this is helpful and I am sending love,
My business community is open for enrolment! Hey everyone, 
excited to say that spring enrolment for my business community, now in its 5th year, is open
#74 Five tips for a better launch Hey friends,

as spring is coming it seems a lot of you are diving deeper into your ideas and marketing plans, which is so exciting to witness.

I like to think of the pre-launch phase as a bit of seed tending and I have five tips for this process that I'd like to share with you. From mindset & pricing to timeline & review there is a lot to think about, but with the right plan you're just so much more likely to set yourself up for success. 


Here is the free virtual retreat weekend in April I mentioned:
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