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We cover G = Growth from a Personal & Business perspective, as it is a fascinating and compelling topic to share stories and experiences, and T = Technology, something that is everywhere and is firmly here to stay…asking the questions about what does it mean, is it for good, how do we harness it and ensure it helps our future.

So, in the G&T Sessions Podcast, we are speaking directly to ourselves, when we were younger, not as wise as we are today, how could we know how transformative that … Continue Reading >>
We cover G = Growth from a Personal & Business perspective, as it is a fascinating and compelling topic to share stories and experiences, and T = Technology, something that is everywhere and is firmly here to stay…asking the questions about what does it mean, is it for good, how do we harness it and ensure it helps our future.

So, in the G&T Sessions Podcast, we are speaking directly to ourselves, when we were younger, not as wise as we are today, how could we know how transformative that Technology would affect the world …. And know how getting your personal growth and mindset in order, is a key building block and enabler to any organisation or business idea you want to scale.

We're going to try to take you, the audience, on a journey through the stories and lessons of gifted and talented people who have written their own personal growth stories, dealt with amazing peaks and character building valleys, but have learned and carved their own path to making their own history and future.

#Gifted #Talented.

Given Tech now integrates into so many areas of our life and many people see this as their new path for opportunity, we will also discuss Tech with our guests who are growing, advising, supporting, coaching and innovating in and around technology and so the founders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leadership teams of tomorrow will know how to realise their dreams, find and unleash their own ideas to become unicorns, build new markets, new businesses & disrupt the world for the greater good.

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Tom Morley, Rockstar Activator Following his time in the music business with the 80s band Scritti Politti Tom has developed a truly artistic way of living where every experience leads him to the humorous uncovering of some universal truth. He turns his disasters and successes into stand-up comedy for conference audiences. 40 years onstage, first behind a drum kit then being the multi-talented front man for whole troupes of performers earned him the name ‘The Rockstar Activator’. Instant Teamwork is both Tom’s speciality and the name of his company. Teambuilding, be it drumming or harmony singing is all very energising on the day but how do you make that bonded feeling sustainable. Tom has devoted the last 20 years to answering that question and he turns up with a customised set of tools he is passionate about sharing. Fascinated by the creative process Tom is passionate about sharing what he’s learned about art, rhythm and harmony over the past 65 years. From playing kit drums with the Art School band Scritti Politti in his 20s, through songwriting in his 30s, to studying psychology and facilitation in his 40s, Tom eventually set up Instant Teamwork International in his 50s. Equally at home challenging a global board of directors as he is when inspiring a local charity group, Tom has an experienced and humorous approach, which puts people at ease immediately. His down-to-earth belief that people can achieve great things when they overcome their natural fears, has empowered thousands of individuals to work together effectively. Tom’s style, developed working with teams as small as five to groups of five thousand during the last decade, ignites people’s curiosity. His own enjoyment of the creative process is an irresistible invitation for us to leave our comfort zones for a while and join him on his journey. And, of course, we expand our horizons on the way. This was a very entertaining episode and hope you enjoy listening and watching on your favourite platform. Enjoy!
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What A Chief Data Strategy Officer Is Most Excited About In 2021 Cindi Howson discusses her perspective of data and whether or not it’s getting more important. She also talks about what she’s most looking forward to with the future of tech.
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Anna Tutova, Digital & Crypto, NFTs, DeFi plus El Salvador goes Bitcoin with CEO of Coinstelegram Anna Tutova is a public speaker and CEO of Coinstelegram, a crypto-media group and PR-consulting agency. Anna holds a degree of Master in International Law. She is an expert in public relations and business development, featured on CNBC Arabia TV, Forbes Middle East, Nasdaq, Finance Yahoo, Gulf News, Cointelegraph. Anna is also co-producer of the documentary film “Encrypted” on the new era of the digital economy (featuring El Salvador’s government officials, CZ, Founder Binance, Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon Founder, Charles Hoskinson, Founder Cardano, Justin Sun, Founder Tron, Sebastien Borget, co-Founder Sandbox, Chairman DMCC, Head of Dubai blockchain Centre). This was a great episode as we dive into Digital Currency, Crypto, NFT, DeFI, Unbanked and the whole area of new Financial Services for the world. Enjoy !!!

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Iskren Kulev, Co-Founder & CEO, Kindlink Iskren is on a mission – KindLink – the social network for sustainable businesses and transparent non-profits, Iskren Kulev is the co-founder and CEO of KindLink, the online platform where businesses and charities connect and manage their corporate social responsibility, fundraising, volunteering, donor Customer Relationship Management, and measure and share their sustainability impact. He has a background in FinTech, and he holds an MBA from Henley, one of the top 5 UK business schools. Through his work with KindLink, Iskren has received coverage from international news outlets such as the BBC and Bloomberg TV. Founded in 2015, KindLink started as a movement to bring greater transparency to the charity sector, and help entities in the space attract more donations. It evolved into the go-to place for companies that are looking to manage their CSR and find more causes worthy of support in the process, as well as empower their team to place doing good at the core of their work life. KindLink also offers extensive support for charities in all their endeavours – from fundraising to attracting new supporters through the newly-launched marketplace for opportunities. KindLink has a current ecosystem of over 1,300 charities around the world. KindLink has a board of four directors and is led by Iskren Kulev, CEO and Founder. Wonderful episode with Iskren where he shares his journey from zero to today, and the peaks and valleys of his own personal path to success. Iskren and Kindlink have also very kindly agreed to provide their platform for my Motor Neurone Disease Association Charity Fundraise, which I announced on my Birthday in April 2021. This will allow me to collect donations to raising £1M [$1.4M] for MNDA during the 2022 and 2023 period with a series of challenges and events to raise awareness and critical funding on research and to help individuals and families affected by MNDA. MND was the condition that took my father, Ray to the next life 16 years ago and I am proud to be given a place to run the London Marathon in October 2022 to honour his life and this mission #1MMND. Thank you Iskren and enjoy the episode!

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Randy Bean, Why Companies Need to Accelerate their Efforts to Become Data-Driven Today Randy Bean is the author of Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Lessons in Data-Drive Leadership in an Age of Disruption, Big Data, and AI, a business bestseller released in September 2021. He is a widely recognised industry thought leader, author, and speaker in the field of data-driven business leadership, and known for his frequent columns in Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. He is the Founder and CEO of NewVantage Partners, a strategic advisory firm to Fortune 1000 clients that he founded in 2001, and which was acquired in December 2021 by Wavestone, a Paris-based global consultancy. Very enjoyable episode with Randy and please check out his book it's essential reading. Enjoy !

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Change is hard. Discipline towards health and fitness doesn’t come naturally to anyone. After years of training hundreds of trainees, we know that substantial long-lasting changes don’t come from quick ” id=”4qQNMOZU3YQ” vid=”4qQNMOZU3YQ” id-for-player=”4qQNMOZU3YQ” link=”/listen/ketan-mavinkurve-ceo-of-alpha-coach-indias-first-hyper-personalised-online-coaching-platform-4qQNMOZU3YQ/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Ketan Mavinkurve, CEO of Alpha Coach – India’s first hyper-personalised online coaching platform Ketan Mavinkurve, CEO of Alpha Coach – India’s first hyper-personalised online coaching platform

Change is hard. Discipline towards health and fitness doesn’t come naturally to anyone. After years of training hundreds of trainees, we know that substantial long-lasting changes don't come from quick tips, but from building habits in phases. This is why we help you make positive changes that stay with you for life. Ketan is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coach. He's a Chartered Accountant and has worked in prestigious firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and last served as Vice President at Berggruen Holdings in India, involved in private equity deals for the past 14 years. Prior to Alpha Coach, Ketan also co-founded AKRO Fitness, a boutique personal training studio in Mumbai, one of the most notable brands in the fitness industry in the country. He is a fitness enthusiast, and after struggling with his own fitness for over a decade due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance, has dedicated his time and efforts to create businesses designed to positively impact people’s health and fitness, and help them create long-term sustainable lifestyle solutions. He is always challenging the status quo, in breaking barriers, and blasting through ceilings we set for our own personal growth. “Everyone has the right and obligation to be fit, strong and healthy” Ketan says, – so, at AKRO and now at Alpha Coach, he has created a platform to allow everyone to achieve their health goals.He also walks the talk in terms of taking action and execution, and takes his own fitness very seriously. He truly believes that “No matter how hard the struggle is – if one wants something desperately, they need to go out and get it!”

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If you are based in India [As Alpha Coach is ONLY available in India at the moment)


Jon Jayson, Co-Founder & CEO, The Comedy Crowd Taking comedy seriously – the business of making people happy. Jon is co-founder and CEO of The Comedy Crowd – empowering the world’s comedy creators. He's a former astrophysicist and qualified Chartered Accountant, who worked for more than a decade with Ernst & Young before taking the natural step into comedy. Jon has advised startups including a 3D printing business in Moscow, and started the Comedy Crowd as an aspiring writer who saw the potential in working with a global community of talented creators. Jon’s favourite subjects include comedy, entrepreneurship, creativity, and sports, with his support of Liverpool FC a natural extension of his scouse [Liverpool] roots. The rest of his free time is spent being a Dad to a young son. Great episode with Jon, outlining his career pivots and showing anything is possible. Look forward to what the Comedy Crowd will do in the future. Enjoy!

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Tom Allen, Founder & CEO, The AI Journal Welcome to our next episode with Tom Allen. Tom is an AI enthusiast with a passion for telling stories about awesome technology and how it will help people. Tom built The AI Journal from his bedroom in late Feb 2020. Have a background in marketing and a keen interest for understanding why people buy from certain companies. The AI Journal currently serves startups, SMEs, and publicly traded companies with research & advisory, Award programmes, & consulting services. The AI Journal and Tom have been featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, VentureBeat, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Reuters since it was founded less than two years ago. The AI Journal has been labelled as the fastest-growing new media company 'you need to watch' and ‘most admired media brand’. Alongside this Tom is a Board Advisor to Alphalake AI. Alphalake AI supports the healthcare sector by giving a better Digital Patient Experience through RPA and Intelligent Automation. He love's to take calculated risks while protecting the downside. Always enter a situation with all his energy. Always optimistic. Love to read books and learn from other peoples mistakes. Results focussed and value-driven with an obsession on high output. Love to give back and help people such as yourself at every opportunity I get. His favourite quote he always aim to live his life by is “Giving is the secret to living". Great episode with an inspiring guest and a great example for anyone starting their own venture, with some very authentic and real examples of what Tom has been through to-date. Enjoy!

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Guy Rigby, The Entrepreneurs' Adviser & Rower, The Entrepreneur Ship with David Murray We are so pleased to release today's episode of The G&T Sessions Podcast show with Guy Rigby. Vision. Ambition. Enthusiasm and Determination. These are some of the qualities Guy most admires. As an entrepreneurial adviser with a financial background and a restless spirit, he has been lucky to spend almost all his life advising founders and management teams of growing, SME businesses. It’s been a stimulating journey, encompassing many exciting success stories. In terms of experience, he has been the senior partner of two accountancy firms, a managing director, a finance director, a sales and marketing director, a charity trustee, an executor, a chairman and a non-executive director. In 2010 he decided to write it all down. Guy’s book, “From Vision to Exit – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Selling a Business” received wide critical acclaim, becoming one of Amazon’s best-selling business books when it was published in 2011. He now split my time between chairing and promoting the Entrepreneurial Services Group at Smith & Williamson, and running his own advisory and mentoring business, “The Entrepreneurs’ Adviser”. In two days from today, 10h December 2021, Guy and David Murray will attempt to break the record for the oldest pair to row across the Atlantic. With a combined age of 124, they will compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, to make a successful East/West crossing in under 60 days. The Entrepreneur Ship purpose is to promote entrepreneurship in all its aspects and to raise funds for a charity focusing on supporting young and aspiring entrepreneurs who are or who are seeking to create sustainable, socially responsible businesses which support both local and global communities. Most Atlantic crossings are made by teams of four and take about 30-40 days. Rowing as a pair, however will make life far more challenging, increasing each individual's responsibilities and substantially lengthening the crossing. The Entrepreneur Ship will depart from La Gomera (an island just to the west of Tenerife) in December 2021. The destination will be Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua, arriving sometime in February 2022. Personally, I took a great inspiration from this episode with Guy & David’s mission and have kindly been allowed to sponsor Lily, The Entrepreneur Ship. The Unleash Your Unicorn brand is proudly on the bow of Lily, #UnleashYourUnicorn is a community launching in Q1 2022 for Tech Founders who need help to take their amazing ideas to impact. If you are interested in joining the community see the link below. Guy like myself, firmly and passionately believes in innovation & entrepreneurship and I can relate wholeheartedly to Guy’s motto – "If it isn't broken, break it" – there's always a better way. Such a great episode and an amazing mission for Guy and David. Gods speed and safe passage and wish you all the best with the row to the finish in Antigua.

LinkedIn Guy Rigby | LinkedIn

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The Entrepreneur Ship on Twitter (1) The Entrepreneur Ship 2021 (@_Entrepreneur21) / Twitter

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Garry Haywood Co-Founder & CEO, Kinicho Garry describes himself as a Hacker/Hustler with decades of experience building and shipping Digital Products. He has been a software engineer, systems architect & consultant for over three decades. He has worked across a range of industries with a strong focus on applications for data and intelligence. He has worked for blue-chip organisations as well start-ups where he has had both successes and failures as a founder. He has also been a DJ, Music Maker and sound artist for a little longer. He first started playing records and making music in the 1980s. He loved plugging synths and other equipment together to find out what noise they could make. He can still be found creating audio feedback loops using mobile phones and Zoom. He is currently CEO/CTO at Kinicho, an early-stage start-up specialising in volumetric spatial audio. Great episode and an amazing mission, where Garry shares some great stories of his experiences with even Harry Potter to validate the hypothesis to take on the Audio Market and re-define it for the future for all of us. Enjoy!
Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder & CEO Salesflare Welcome to 2022, and pleased with achieving my 70th Episode of The G&T Sessions today, with Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder & CEO of Salesflare. Jeroen joins the show from Antwerp, Belgium where Salesflare global HQ is based, and this was a great episode covering the journey from finding a problem worth solving to building an at scale global software business over the last 7 years. Salesflare, os an intelligent CRM built for SMBs selling B2B, mostly popular with agencies and SaaS companies. Salesflare itself was founded when Jeroen and his co-founder Lieven wanted to manage the leads for their own software company in an easier way. They didn't like to keep track of them manually and built Salesflare, which pulls customer data together automatically. It's now the most popular CRM on Product Hunt and top rated on review platforms like G2 for its ease of use and automation features. Jeroen shares some great insights, his peaks and valleys in a market that is gigantic and growing at pace. Enjoy the episode and welcome to more Episodes in 2022 and beyond…as our plan this year is to achieve 150 episodes at least if we can do it !! Let's go !
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