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A Family of Grace Believing and Becoming the Gospel. Continue Reading >>
A Family of Grace Believing and Becoming the Gospel. << Show Less
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Sacrificial Kindness Our world in filled with bitterness, anger, and malice and people just want everyone to be kind. Not only is kindness an aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit, but biblical kindness is deeper and more costly than just being nice. In this sermon Lead Pastor, Brian Agovino, will unpack the idea of sacrificial kindness.
Growing Patience in an 'I want it NOW!' world The world seems to be growing more irritable, more frustrated, and more impatient with each passing year. Solid dates and times keep shifting closer to, “The sooner, the better.” And yet one aspect of the fruit of the Spirit is patience. Lead Pastor, Brian Agovino engages on how we can learn to grow patience in our lives.
Living at Peace in a War-filled World With a world that seems to be in chaos, anxiety seems to come more naturally to us than peace. In this sermon we investigate peace as as aspect of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives.
The Durability of Joy In week 03 of our series one of our Elders, Aaron Embry investigates the difference and the powerful joy that God longs to grow in our lives through the Holy Spirit.
The Desires of the Flesh vs. Walking by the Spirit In the book of Galatians Paul wants to help the church experience the simplicity and fullness of the Christian life and he sums it up in one simple phrase, 'Walk in the Spirit'. In this Leadp Pastor, Brian engages on the battle between the flesh and the Spirit and start on the journey to living the fullness of the Christian life that God longs for us to have.
The Spirit Arrives: Pentecost This week, Lead Pastor Brian Agovino will intro our summer series on the Fruit of The Spirit by talking about the coming of the Holy Spirit that came to continue the mission that Jesus began.
Run the Race In this Stand Alone sermon, church planter Demontrey Hamilton challenges us on what it looks like to run the race with confidence.
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