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Vince has a range of podcasts ranging from Europe Calling looking at items in the news through weekly soccer podcasts to celebrity Continue Reading >>
Vince has a range of podcasts ranging from Europe Calling looking at items in the news through weekly soccer podcasts to celebrity << Show Less
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Now Everton sacks Rafa Benitez @vincetracy and @ericmalpus discussed the Premier
manager/go/round as #RafaBenitez bit the dust once #Everton
had lost at #Norwich. We looked at the role of the owners who
have spent pots of money but the results have not furthered
their cause. It didn't really help #Benitez when the fans turned
up to protest merely because he had managed #Liverpool. We
discussed the enigmatic #Guardiola who has still to surpass the
number of times #AlexFerguson won manager of the month
during his career. We looked at press announcements that
#Ronaldo is earning far more than #Fernandez and discussed
the woes at #ManUnited as #ManCity march on.
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Manners Maketh the Man Ursula Von der Leyen, the first female president of the European Commission, expressed surprise and raised a hand in disbelief when she found Michel had taken the only chair available next to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan at the talks.
Who wouldn't want to be a footballer @500.000 per week? @vincetracy and @ericmalpus discussed the international matches we had last week with #England defeating #Switzerland, #Wales and #Bales defeating #Austria and interesting games with #Ireland and #Belgium and #Holland playing a thrilling game against #Denmark and #ChristianEriksson on the scoresheet. We discussed the game between #LiverpoolLegends against #BarcelonaLegends and the return of #JeffStelling to #SkyTV. We discussed the rise of the Premier League wages from #JohnBarnes earning 10.000 per week in 1992 to #GarethBales earning 500, 000 PER WEEK for the privilege of sitting on a bench in Madrid!...
English FA Guidance on Heading the football @RobDaniels joined @vincetracy discussing the #Tokyo #Olympic Football Tournament where the quarter-finals will see #Team GB qualify for the Wome's tournament and #Spain in the men's tournament. We discussed the sad death of Andrew Devine the 97th victim of the Hillsborough Tragedy. We had an in-depth look at the new #Heading guidance as o9rdained by the football authorities. In passing we discussed #ayneRooney #XabyAlonso and #FernandoTorres for various reasons. We were aware of several qualifying games for the #ChampionsLeague.
The Magical English FA Cup @vincetracy and @robdaniels discussed the situation where #England captain #HarryKane will hope to give a strong message regarding ·Qatar and the forthcoming #WorldCup. We discussed the problems at #Chelsea and looking at the fact that #Russia is still allowed to bid for #Euro2028. Next we looked at the health issues raised by #KrisKamara from his appearance on #SkySports with #JeffSpelling. We turned our attention to the #FACup quarter-finals and the forthcoming #Wembley venue for the semi-finals. Both #Liverpool and #Manchester have suggested current transport problems are likely to affect attendance at the games. Rob gave us the lowdown on #LaLiga and we finished discussing Internationals and #PremierLeague
RIP Paco Gento Real Madrid Legend @vincetracy and @robdaniels discussed the life and times of #PaceGento, one of #RealMadrid's legends and #JamieVincent from the #EFL. After the tributes we looked at the aspirations of #CristianEriksson and a possible return to #Brentford. #EdenHasard is another player possibly returning to #PremierLeague action. #Everton are ready to rumble with big #DuncanFerguson and we discussed the skills needed in his new job. Rob's #LaLiga roundup brings us up to speed in #Spain and we looked at the #PremierLeague fixtures in our review and predictions for the weekend ahead.
Champions League Semi-Finals @vincetracy and @ericmalpus discussed the forthcoming #ChampionsLeague semi-finals second leg which will see the final two emerge from #Vllareal #Liverpool #ManchesterCity or #RealMadrid. Both games are finely balanced and we will see tonight which teams will grace the final in Paris.#ManchesterUnited will be hoping for better things next year as they completed their home games against #Brentford. We discussed the money involved in finishing in the top four. #Everton went from the ridiculous to the sublime as they defeated #Chelsea and it was another weekend of high intensity as the premier clubs near the end of the season. We predicted the forthcoming games.
Liverpool v Real Madrid in Champions League Final @vincetracy and @robdaniels discussed the sale of Maradonna's shirt he wore when he scored the #handofGod goal. It sold at #Sotherbys for 7million ponds. We developed a theme of how international football impacts on society and I mentioned my son. Andrew, meeting #MichaelOwen and #SteveMcManaman in a hotel in #Villareal. We then discussed the thrilling week of #ChampionsLeague which saw #Liverpool and #RealMadrid emerge as the finalists after thrilling encounters against #Villareal and #ManCity. Rob looked at #LaLiga before we reviewed the #premierLeague games played and predicted the #Premier games ahead.
Great Premier Games Amid the Confusion @vincetracy and @ericmalpus discussed the current outbreak of COVID cases spoiling the Boxing Day Fixtures and find it difficult to uncerstand how events are changing so rapidly. We looked at the referee spat involving #JurgenKlopp and looked at current numbers being published. We discussed the use of the five substitutes and whether this gives richer clubs too much of an advantage.We moved to the involvement in players' wives in political marches and whether they are not allowed to make their own decisions. There have been less games but #ManCity march on with their imperious brand of football. We commented on the qualities of #Arsenal.
Premier League Title Heats up! @vincetracy and @robdaniels discussed the turmoil at #Chelsea where the situation is bad enough after the #Abramovich sanctions have begun to bite. Things are not really helped when the team is playing well. they get a good result in the #Champions League and the fans kick off in #Lille. We discussed #Ronaldo and his situation with #Rangnick and #ManchesterUnited. We discussed the #PremierLeague title race with things hotting up with #Liverpool and #ManCity both likely candidates-. We looked at the #Premier games that were played over the past week. We then made our forecasts for the games ahead and made our wishes felt over who we might want to win the FA Cuo quarter finals.
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Ending 2021-2022 Our thoughts on the final conclusion to this season Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
Football Wisdom Each week with Eric Malpus and Rob Daniels Weekly updates from the Premier League in UK with Eric Malpus and La Liga in Spain with Rob Daniels Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
Great Matches in The Champions League and much more @RobDaniels @ericmalpus and @vincetracy discussing the issues both in and around football with the focus on the Premier League and La Liga Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
Totally Unacceptable @EricMalpus and @vincetracy discussed
the invasion of #ManchesterUnited by fans who have been
outraged by the shenanigans of the proposed
#ERuropeasnSuperLeague.and the injuries to the police. We
discussed the #PremierLeague sanctions before discussing
what can be done to stop this happening again. There is talk of
#Tottenham tripling the wages of #BrendanRogers to lure him
away from #Leicester and #Guardiola's comments regarding
rotation. We discussed the immoral money being offered to
#Pogba before looking at possibly the best signing of the week.
#HarryRedknapp is joining the cast of #Eastenders!
29th April 2021
Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
Europe Calling News Items from Spain and UK slipping under the radar Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
I'd like to Strangle my Boss The song this week is one I wrote for wrestler Adrian Street which he used each time he entered the's called Imagine What I Could Do To You...I once jokingly played it to a record producer at a major label who commented that the world would never be ready for this ended up on Adrian's many TV videos and paid off my mortgage....that was my answer. Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
Vince Tracy Football Podcasts A weekly look at current events in the English Premier League Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
Don Woods with Vince Tracy @donwoods and @vincetracy discussing items in the uk news which has grabbed our attention Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
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Now the Football Psychologists Mantra @robdaniels and @vincetracy discussed the advent of
psychologists entering the domain of football with #Ancelotti's
son at #RealMadrid leading the way. We discussed the #BBC
and their dismissal of years of football culture as they change
how they deliver the football results. There has been a
backlash against this decision but #Auntie #Beeb always knows
best. Rob then looked at the start of the #LaLiga season. We
discussed the opening games of the #PremierLeague season
and then gave our predictions for the week ahead
Marvellous UK Commonwealth Games #TheCommonwealthGames .#BPprofits #fashion #trends #hosepipeban #floods
England v Germany UEFA Ladies Final @vincetracy and @robdaniels discussed the roasting hot
weather and the effects on crops in #Spain and #Europe before
moving to the #UEFA #Womens tournament where #England
defeated #Sweden to reach the finals on Sunday. The other
semi-final was between #France and #Germany and it certainly
became a hard-fought contest. We looked at the new role of
#MarcusRashford as a guest writer with the #Beano. He is
really working with an initiative to get children reading. We
discussed #LuisSuarez who is returning to #Uruguay. #Ronaldo
is the centre of great speculation and we looked at the general
gossip regarding transfers. Finally, we discussed the
forthcoming #CharityShield.
Supporting Bristol Rovers During Lockdown @vincetracy and @markcarter discussed various aspects of
football in this podcast. We quickly paid a tribute to Eric Malpus
before we started discussing Mark's passion for his club
#BristolRovers. Mark told us about his home city and its two
famous teams of #Bristol City and the Rovers. During the
lockdown Mark has been able to get over to Bristol and follow
his team and it was very interesting to hear about Mark's
travels. We looked at the #LadiesFootball and the #UEFA
#Euros. I think the girls are playing great technical soccer. We
spoke about #ManchesterUnited and their disastrous season.
We also looked at the possibilities of having mixed teams in the
Football Gossip and Manchester United @vincetracy and @davewilliams discussed the demise of
Manchester United over the past season. Yesterday,
#ManchesterUnited put 4 goals past #Liverpool in a trophy
match in #Bangkok. We discussed the influences of #Ronaldo
and the distractions of social media for #MarcusRashford. Dave
just wants to see good honest performances and I think the
#Manchester team yesterday looked far better in its
organisation. We discussed the #EuroLadies competition and
we agree that the ladies are putting together some spectacular
performances and #England must be in the reckoning to win
the tournament after thrashing #Norway 8. We dedicate this
podcast to the memory of #EricMalpus
Are Agents Calling the Tune? @vincetracy and @robdaniels started this week's podcast by discussing #agents #onlineabuse. #Everton #gambling #sponsors #Euro #competition
Exciting Times for Women's Football Sadly, we are still coming to terms with the death of our
dear friend #EricMalpus and I really don't feel inclined to
change things right away. All Eric's friends will know he
will be a very hard act to follow and I thank Barbara Anne
for filling the breach for the moment. We discussed the
#Ukraine Premier League and whether the political
situation makes it unwise to continue the football. There
is the #Euros ahead for the ladies footballers and we
looked at a few angles. #Everton are suspending their
sponsors because they don't want to be associated with
gambling. I ended with a few unusual soccer stories
Nations League Friend or Foe? @vincetracy and @robdaniels discussed #WorldCup
#Qatar. #England #GarethSouthgate
#Hungary #Germany and #Italy. #Wales #Qatar #Spain #Fifa #Haaland #Nunez.
#Marcello #RealMadrid.
A Female Soccer Perspective Sadly, Eric is unable to be with me again and I had a
studio guest offering a female perspective to the game
of football. @vincetracy discussed the womens game
with Barbara Anne from a viewpoint of how women in
Vince's family have enjoyed football over the years. We
looked at the origin of #woensfootball in #England
including a ban,

Later Vince looked at #HarryKane and #Qatar, #Nunez
transfer to Liverpool and #Newcastle's magpie tax
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