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Daily dose of encouragement through in depth conversations of inspiration Continue Reading >>
Daily dose of encouragement through in depth conversations of inspiration << Show Less
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Words of Trailer If you need a daily dose of encouragement my podcast is the key. Words of Heart can be found on all platforms,Anchor,Apple,Spotify,Google,Amazon Music,Pandora,iheart radio,Podchaser
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Speak From The Heart Discover the power in speaking what you believe in
Inspiration This playlist demonstrates conversations of inspiration endurance and defining what a true warrior is Words of Heart
God This playlist showcases conversations about God being at the heart of everything. Words of Heart
Health Diagnosis This is playlist showcases how one’s health diagnosis doesn’t define them but serves as catalyst for change & growth. Words of Heart
Podcasters Who Use Their Platform In Positive Ways This playlist showcase collaborations with fellow podcasters who using their platform in a positive way. Words of Heart
TEDx Speakers Making an Impact in the World This playlist showcases a variety of conversations with TEDx speakers whom are making a impact in the world. Words of Heart
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Podcasting Journey Speaking with Wiz Ortero the host of the "Stuck in my mind" podcast about our podcasting journey & personal stories.Overall how we share the same vision to help others through each of our podcasts.
Change fosters Growth Remarkable conversation with Clisver Alvarez about her journey with Bipolar Disorder
Playlist Intro Playlist showcase in depth conversations of inspiration.
Escaping into Nature Had the privliege to speak Aurora Eggert about her podcast "The borealis experience" and how meditation is good for one's well bein
Wounds & Accountability Speaking with Minister Catherine Warren about being a wounded healer & how we should all be held accountable.
Heart to Heart Had a heartfelt conversation with Lexy Davis Host of the "Heart Snuggles" Podcast about what inspired her podcast and how we each use our platforms to spread positivity, love, and comfort.
Empathetic Podcasters across the globe!!! Chatting with Nowhere Man the host of the Nowhere Man podcast.
Heart & Weirdo Trivia Edition In this special collaboration episode I did fun ice breaker questions with Abigail host of the Manic Pixie Werido Podcast. Humorous answers guaranteed to make you burp glitters of enjoyment.
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