Turn Your YouTube Channel Into a Vurbl Audio Station

Want to create an audio version of your YouTube Channel? There are lots of benefits to bringing your audio to Vurbl:

  • When you do, your audience can listen to you anytime, anywhere, in background.
  • Create audio friendly playlists, clips of your best content, and share them with your Vurbl followers and on social media.
  • Earn money! Once you’ve gained enough Vurbl subscribers, apply to be a Vurbl Station Partner and start earning ad revenue.

Here’s an example of what your station will look like:

Station Detail Page
Audio Detail Page

What to do with your Vurbl Station once you create it:

  1. Make any copy edits to your imported YouTube copy and images:
    • Change your Station name (we default the name to be your YouTube Channel name).
    • Change station description and key art.
    • Link to your other favorite stations or stations in your network.
    • Add links to your social media and website.
    • You can also make copy edits to any of your audio files (they are also defaulted to duplicate your YouTube feed).
  2. Upload additional files not included in your YouTube feed. – Give your Vurbl Station subscribers additional content to listen to – try short form, behind the scenes, or supplemental information to enhance your content.
  3. Build playlists like; “Best Audio of 2020”, “Top Interviews”, or “Most Listened To Clips”.
  4. Embed your audio clips anywhere on the web.
  5. Get 1,000+ subscribers to your station to qualify for ad revenue. Reach out to partnerships@vurbl.com and we’ll connect with next steps.

How to get started:

  1. Create an account on Vurbl.com
  2. Connect your YouTube account to your Vurbl account (there’s a button for that).
  3. Your station will be populated with audio versions of all your video content. As long as your Vurbl account is connected to YouTube, we’ll keep it updated – so it’s never out of sync with your YouTube channel.