Vurbl Campus Ambassador Program

In an effort to drive awareness of our audio platform, Vurbl is seeking partnerships with college students that host podcasts, radio shows, and all other audio content. Similar to Reddit Moderators or Product Hunt Hunters, Vurbl Campus Ambassadors will be provided with the tools to become an audio tastemaker by showcasing your campus’ creatives in a new audio-only platform and build their own following on Vurbl. 

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Campus Ambassador Program Overview

On Vurbl, audio creators will find a home for any and all types of audio. From guided meditations, thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, lectures, speeches, ASMR, sleep stories, sound effects and more. This means that the vast library of audio available on Vurbl needs your human touch to ensure the best topics, creators, playlists and snippets bubble up to the top.

We’re searching for thought leaders, taste makers, campus authorities and influencers that will highlight the best audio from their school. Create playlists, snippet top clips and share widely to your peers.

In return, you will receive visibility and growth for your station and name/brand, training & support, early access to new platform features & tools, campus ambassador community perks and much more.

Vurbl Commitment

We’re prepared to use our substantial platform, email, social accounts, iOS & Android apps (coming soon), and other distribution avenues to ensure the visibility and growth of your personal or branded Vurbl station. This will include, but is not limited to;

  • Occasional homepage placement.
  • Campus Ambassador badge on profile/station.
  • Campus Ambassador station added to playlists, placement in Vurbl curated stations, and other on-site placements to help increase your personal or station visibility.
  • Featured Campus Ambassador promotion on social media, email, blog, Vurbl Voices podcast, house ads, press releases and more.
  • Sticky search results based on targeted keywords. Available soon.
  • Station link and profile of Campus Ambassador on the Category page(s) that Ambassador curates.
  • Ongoing training & support.
  • Additional perks, access, swag & more as we continue to scale the program.

Campus Ambassador Commitment

  • Consistent playlist creation.
  • Consistent playlist editing.
  • Snippet creation to highlight top clips.
  • Recording of audio intros to playlists.
  • Assisting Vurbl’s curation team with category page curation.
  • Assisting Vurbl’s curation team with Vurbl curated stations.
  • Social sharing across Ambassador owned social channels.
  • Off platform and on-campus engagement & outreach.

Campus Ambassador Benefits

As an early Vurbl Campus Ambassador, your growth as an audio tastemaker helps ensure Vurbl becomes a true destination for all types of audio genres & topics. Your promotion efforts will help make Vurbl the go-to destination for all things audio. And as Vurbl continues to grow, your growth as an audio Campus Ambassador only becomes easier.

As your playlists, snippets & stations become known for high quality audio, you become a must-follow curator, giving your station more and more visibility, subscribers and listeners.  As station growth occurs, future ad revenue opportunities will be available to those station owners that qualify, putting you in the perfect position to capitalize on our earliest ad revenue opportunities.

What are we looking for in our Vurbl Campus Ambassadors?

  • You are enrolled as a student or an Alumni of a college
  • You have expertise in an audio genre or industry topic.
  • You run a niche podcast, youtube channel, community, email newsletter, website, radio show/station, or social account(s).
  • You are passionate for all-things-audio and you’re willing to curate the top audio in your chosen genre or topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be training? 

You bet! We’ll have ongoing training available to get you familiar with your Vurbl station, how to create playlists, how to create snippets and best practices to ensure your curations find an audience.

  • Am I limited to one audio genre or topic?

Absolutely not. If you feel you can contribute in more ways than one, we’d love to see you take it on. 

  • Is this a paid position?

This is NOT a paid opportunity. Your station and personal brands will earn greater visibility on the platform which means you may be eligible to earn ad revenue but we cannot promise that will be available to Campus Ambassadors.


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If you have questions about the program or issues with your submission, please email our support desk at;