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Episode #14 – Bite Size Audio News | An Interview With Stephanie Kelmar & Ro Thomas Schwarz

On this episode, Stephanie Kelmar and Ro Thomas Schwarz, two of the founders of KidNuz, a 5 minute news briefing that sparks curiosity and gets kids talking about about trending news and critical issues. We talk about the news format, storytelling, crafting your voice, distributing audio to the classroom and opportunities around audio for kids and families.

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Episode #13 – Monetizing Early & Developing Talent | An Interview With Clayton Panzeri & Myles Clifford

On this episode of Vurbl Voices, we have Clayton Panzeri & Myles Clifford, two of the three co-founders of a brand new podcast network called Washed Up Network. Clayton and Myles launched Washed Up Network in early 2020 and have plans to grow their network to over 15 shows. We talk about podcasting, talent attraction and development, monetizing their shows and even ideas around using events to grow their audiences.  

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Way Out Here Podcast | Twitter | Instagram

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Episode #12 – Uncovering UFO Podcast Mysteries | An Interview With Martin Willis

On this episode we have Martin Willis, the host of Podcast UFO, a weekly livestream radio show and podcast. Martin brings years of experience producing audio content in a category that is incredibly vast and has a ravenous audience. UFO’s, paranormal activities, government cover ups and generation defining conspiracy theories are all topics that do extremely well in the podcast format, and so we want to talk to creators to find out what makes these genres so entertaining and engaging.

Martin talks to us about how to approach the topic of UFO’s, interesting sightings through the years, interviewing guests as a host, and the early days of his podcast and live streaming experience.

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Episode #11 – Comedy Podcasts and Crafting The Right Episode Format | An Interview With Kevin Gootee

On this episode, we have Kevin Gootee, a comedian, actor, podcast host and voice over artist. Perhaps best known as the creator, executive producer and director of the series Comics Watching Comics, currently on Amazon.

Kevin has cut his teeth in the comedy space for over a decade. His podcast, Gutting the Sacred Cow, combines his passion for movies with his comedic chops, as he and his guests give scathing movie reviews of the most beloved films of all time. We talk about standup comedy, voice over acting, producing television shows and how all these artistic forms have helped him launch and grow his podcast.

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Episode #10 – Helping 1 Million People Find Their Voice | An Interview With Harry Duran

On this episode I had an amazing conversation with Harry Duran, the host of Podcast Junkies. If you’re not familiar with Podcast Junkies, consider Harry the OG host of a podcast about podcasting. Launched back in 2014 and 225 episodes published, Harry has had incredible guests like John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Jordan Harbinger, and Helen Zaltman on the show.

Harry’s also the founder of, a full service business podcast consultancy where he helps launch, produce, scale and market podcasts for an array of clientele. He’s also a frequent startup advisor, which makes this conversation an important one for us at Vurbl!

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Download Harry’s “Ultimate Podcast Launch Gameplan

Episode #9 – Producing High Authority Audio Content | An Interview With Esther Garfin

On this episode of Vurbl Voices, we have Esther Garfin, founder of the Alternative Food Network. A multi-media brand using audio, videos, blogs and other resources to help individuals build healthy eating habits and stay informed about nutrition.  

We talk about how her entertainment legal background helped her launch the brand, her unique approach to evergreen audio content, and interviewing experts in their field.

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How To Find Esther: About AFN | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Episode #8 – Podcasting For Lead Generation & Growing To Over 1 Million Downloads | An Interview with Kurt Elster

On this episode, we have Kurt Elster, host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast and founder of Ethercycle, an ecommerce consultancy that helps Shopify store owners scale their business. We dive deep into how he’s grown his podcast to over 1 Million Downloads, how to build production processes that save time, and ways to improve your guest interview skills.

Kurt provides a ton of solid advice for new audio creators but I’m positive this advice can help even the most seasoned podcast hosts. 

Do us a favor and tweet at Kurt with your favorite advice he gave in the episode.

How to find Kurt: Twitter | Podcast Website | Apple Podcast | Spotify |  Consultancy 

Episode #7 – Using Your Podcast As A Real World MBA | An Interview with Daniel Jiang

On this episode of Vurbl Voices, we have Daniel Jiang, a brand new podcaster who hasn’t even released his first episode. That’s right, as of this recording, he’s in the editing process of Episode #1 of a podcast that doesn’t have a name either.

If you’re a podcaster, think back to when you were editing your very first episode. The nerves. The uncertainty. The excitement!  And if you’re thinking about launching a podcast, you’ll want to hear how Daniel is positioning his show and how he plans to keep the production as easy as possible.

Episode #6 – Podcasting For A Decade – And With Your Spouse! | An Interview with Rod & Karen Morrow

On this episode, we have a couple who has been podcasting for over 10 years now. Rod & Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast have produced or been a guest on nearly 2,500 individual podcast episodes. They’ve built an incredibly loyal and engaged subscriber base by being two of the most authentic hosts in the podcasting community.

They have some incredibly fun stories to tell and lessons they’ve learned while grinding in the podcast game. I had a ton of fun chatting with them and I think you’re going to love them too.

How to find Rod & Karen: Twitter | Facebook | iTunes | Stitcher | iHeart Radio

Rod on Twitter
Karen on Twitter

Episode #5 -Setting Up A Guest Interview For Success | An Interview With Mandy Balak

On this episode, we have Mandy Balak, founder of The Ace Class community and host of the Ace Talks Podcast. Just listen to everything that’s involved with community; courses and labs to launch and grow a business, a private Facebook group, virtual meetups, instagram lives, workshops, Q&A’s, mentor calls, a resource library, and physical events. And of course an incredible podcast to keep the entire community engaged.

While you listen, be sure to take note of the ideas, tips, tools, processes, challenges and the type of wins that help audio creators build a highly engaged audience – and in Mandy’s case – a physical and digital membership community.  

How to find Mandy: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Episode #4 – Podcast Networks & The State of Audio Fiction | An Interview with Sean Howard

On this episode of Vurbl Voices, we have Sean Howard, co-founder of Fable & Folly, an award winning audio fiction podcast network. With a combination of marketing, advertising & audio production experience, Sean and his co-founder Eli run the fastest growing audio fiction network with genres across sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, thriller & historical drama.

One of their flagship shows, titled; Alba Salix, follows Alba, Farloria’s Royal Physician. As head witch and the only regular staff member at the new House of Healing, Alba has an endless lineup of patients and a bickering King and Queen to please.

Fortunately, help is on the way. Unfortunately, that help is from Magnus, a troublesome young ex-monk and aspiring surgeon, and Holly, an accident-prone fairy herbalist.

How to find Sean: Twitter | Medium | Website

Episode #3 – Podcasts For Community Building | An Interview With Sam Laliberte

On this episode we have Sam Laliberte, host of The Freedom Lifestyle Podcast. Sam is the Founder of, a community that empowers the movement and entrepreneurial shift towards freedom in life and work.

Sam has built a highly engaged community, all while consulting for a diverse client base, sourcing brand sponsors like WeWork, Fiverr & Remote Year, AND selling out two live podcast tapings.

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How to listen to the The Freedom Lifestyle Podcast: Apple | Google | Spotify 

Episode #2 -Sourcing Guests & Podcast Differentiation | An Interview With Edwin Frondozo

On this episode, we have Edwin Frondozo, host of The Business Leadership Podcast. Edwin is a serial founder, award winning podcaster, and advisor to multiple companies. With over 150 episodes under his belt, I want to find out how he’s grown his guest list to include business leaders from top companies like Google, Mastercard, WestJet, Microsoft and more.

How to find Edwin: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Website

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Episode #1 – An introduction to the people behind Vurbl

Vurbl is building revolutionary audio and podcasting technology and we want to bring you along for the journey. In our first episode, we introduce you to a few of our co-founders. Audra Gold, Theresa Tran & Baron Ginnetti.

Audra, Theresa and Baron give us insight into why they’re building Vurbl, who the technology is for and how they got started.

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